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Artifact ID: blue milk cups

This is another one of those on-screen artifacts I had a really easy time identifying, because I grew up seeing identical cups in my mom’s kitchen drawer of plastic cups and bowls—except hers were a sort of seafoam-ish green: 199 more words


Crisis, What Crisis? Midlife Brings On the Sunshine of Your Life

We all know what happens in a midlife crisis. A guy might get to a certain age and realise he must trade his wife in for a younger model. 1,012 more words

Blind Box Monday

In which I pretend I didn’t totally fail to get that other post up last week.


This is probably the most obscure blind box — rather, blind  873 more words

Blind Box Figure

My Top 5 Games of 2017

Ignore the date! It is NOT late March and therefore this article is NOT long overdue.

5. Puyo Puyo Tetris

I’m actually surprised this is in my top 5, but looking back over all the games I played of 2017, this one I’ve kept coming back to. 1,320 more words

Video Games


I have a lot of personas ( well not kind of, some are genderbents too)

Also first drawing is a mouse drawing

I made my Mom play Persona 5

Persona 4 Golden was a bit of a revelation for me. Having never grown up with them, I was never big on JRPGs. My only experience with them prior to Persona was failing to get past the Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts. 2,392 more words

Persona Creation

While silly in concept they have help me with figuring out who i would need to keep in mind while planning my redesign, and how, in the end, would redesign the site. 22 more words