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Persona 5 Digital Pre-Order Bonuses & New Story Trailer

Digital pre-orders for the Persona 5 will be live later today on the PlayStation Network. Digital pre-orders for the game includes “Protagonist Special Theme & Avatar Set.” Show off your allegiance to the Phantom Thieves with a dynamic theme and three avatars that features the very mischievous protagonist ready to take your heart. 181 more words


Firefox Theme: Seaport Summer Hime

The cute WO-Class Kantai Collection (Kancolle), Seaport Summer Hime, is also available as a Firefox theme. She looks beautiful in that big round hat, the very fitting definition of a summer, hahaha. 46 more words


Garb Challenge: Some additions, some progress

As if my original plans weren’t ambitious enough would you believe that I decided to add more projects to my workload? If you said yes you probably know me pretty well. 383 more words

How To Create A Japanese PSN Account In 16 Steps

Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc?  Yakuza 6?  Persona 5 months before release in US?  If any of that peaks your interest, and would love to play any of that then I have created a short little guide showing how to create a Japanese PlayStation network account to access those exclusive or timed exclusive games.   301 more words


Περσόνα: Πρόσωπα & όψεις / Ο Δημήτρης Αγαρτζίδης και η Δέσποινα Αναστάσογλου μιλούν για την παράσταση

Το έργο Περσόνα του Ίνγκμαρ Μπέργκμαν έρχεται στο Θέατρο Νέου Κόσμου από την Παρασκευή 2/12 σε μετάφραση, δραματουργική επεξεργασία και σκηνοθεσία Δημήτρη Αγαρτζίδη και Δέσποινας Αναστάσογλου (με τις ηθοποιούς Δέσποινα Κούρτη και Βίκυ Κατσίκα).


What's In A Name?

Coming up with a new name was a process for me. I wanted something that would have some meaning, but actually make some sense. I mean, if I was going to go to the trouble of actually researching a name, submitting it and trudging through the work, I wanted something special. 575 more words

Journey Map

Above is my journey map of the experience of someone interacting with our Caird Hall model several weeks ago.

Having researched journey maps, most that I found were very corporate looking and based on actual data or opinions which wasn’t really appropriate for what I wanted to produce seeing as I didn’t feel we’d really created a product or got direct opinions from the public about our model because we were too busy asking them what they liked about Dundee when we were actually out in the city centre. 126 more words