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Can I Get a Concrete Decision Please? For 1,000?

Seriously though. Can I get 1,000? Please? No? Well, fuck.

I’ve just been off all day today. I don’t know why. I’ve been taking my medication. 384 more words

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Lava eyes and looking-fires

My skin shivers and cracks

I scream inside for restless light

And instead i lack delight


Light and bright and roamin g eyes my colors fade and bleed and break… 13 more words


Appreciation of WordPress Peeps

I’m glad to be in a mature, levelheaded community of bloggers here. We don’t agree on everything but there is a standard of respect and comradery here that I deeply appreciate. 39 more words

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Fucking health insurance

How the fuck does anyone afford being this crazy?

I’ve been unemployed and on state insurance. Now that I am more okay I’m trying to get a job so I can pay my student loans off, but with health insurance costing $300 a month and it covering nothing until i pay $8000 in my deductible I’m fucked. 62 more words


My Klook Experience

My friends know how fond I am of creating itineraries and researching activities for my trips. Recently, we flew to Hong Kong, and I promised myself that I would do the things I did not do during my first visit. 343 more words


A Bit Of A #Blogging Dry Spell

I am finding it difficult to post these days. Not sure why. Maybe it’s a creative dry spell. At the moment I am doing a lot of commenting on blogs. 27 more words

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No Medicine Alternate Course 

I’m sitting here rocking myself back and forth losing my shit. I’m fighting the urge to down a bottle of random pills and or fly across the country to strangle my friend who was supposed to pick up my Abilify days ago. 630 more words