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sometimes i wish i could welcome

someone else into my brain

tell me

is it reminiscent of theirs

is my rationale

lying outside the boundaries of reason… 31 more words



The runners keep stumbling, their knees torn and red
The rhythms in my head forgot

they were dead
Though my irises tangle and blur up my thoughts… 12 more words



I pour from my lips

I spit and I bite

The red stained glass shimmers in rays of sunlight
I curl my eyelids and iron my gaze… 32 more words



How long have now I slept

While worry-heart within me wept
And rattled the bars of its room
And clashed like a cymbal entombed

What bitter potion silvered my eyes… 44 more words


i write

What is it to

Dissuade the dark?

To slip the snapping teeth their mark
And feast on collarbones, the while
The pouring storming-men go wild.


Big eyes and doesn’t speak – 20th & 21st November 1999

Saturday 20th I’ve felt really happy again today. I hope this lasts. It doesn’t normally which is what I’m worried about. I just don’t want this to end. 687 more words


The Brighter Side

I want to celebrate my birthday today with an upbeat, inspiring poem — and I found this one that fits the bill perfectly.

The Brighter Side… 229 more words