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My Source of Happiness

9 years ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression and I had quite a few episodes of self-mutilation and also I tried to kill myself once. 432 more words


Thankful For You Guys!

It feels like a Saturday but I’m glad it’s Friday. =p

But on a serious note, I can’t believe there’s people who are willing to read my personal ramblings. 172 more words


Endings are the New Beginnings

It started when everything was falling apart. I was clingy and sad, I was lost. I was betrayed by my hopes and dreams, it was dreadful. 773 more words


Staying Thankful

I hope  y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday full of delicious food, laughter, family and maybe a little football too! On a day that tends to be full of a flurry of activity in cooking, washing dishes, traveling or scrambling for the best seat on the couch, we take time to be thankful for our blessings, but it’s often not enough. 298 more words


I Blog Therefore I am

I suppose this should have been my first. The actual first post was a concept fresh on my mind and I had been putting off writing for so long that I had to start with that. 437 more words


Why I have No Friends

The title is a little misleading, because I do have friends. Granted I do not have a lot of friends, the few I have are very close to me. 482 more words


Thanksgiving 2015

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am making this post. Although living by the hashtag #LiveHappy2015, i truly believe every day should be thanksgiving day… 411 more words