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How I Happened

You know what fresh paper smells like? Slightly wooden and musky, slightly bleached, slippery between your fingers, especially when your fingers are only nine years old, which when you are nine years old, seems like a long time. 936 more words


Swollen Eyes.

Who needs blood running through your veins when you have a never-ending stream of tears that stain your face?

Why wish your heart to keep beating when nobody seems to understand its silent rhythm and the beautiful way it breathes? 70 more words



A person who see’s the world for what it really is, all the beauty and the ugly. A person who knows life is only for the one who how to appreciate little things and that joy is only for those who does not fear to be alone. 122 more words



I woke up at 8am, not feeling like a dead person. I’m somehow surprised and unsure why but.. When one isn’t having something bad, one shouldn’t ask questions. 123 more words


Dear Mum,

It was Mother’s day in Nepal yesterday and I actually found out thanks to facebook during my morning scrolling routine! I was already confused last month, seeing all my friends in UK wishing their mothers and I thought I had missed it, only to realize that it was UK’s mother’s day. 174 more words