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Liebster and Infinity Dreams Award

Thank you Kayleigh from Miserable and Magical for tagging me to do a combination of the Liebster and Infinity Dreams award! And thank you Tina from… 1,148 more words


What August has been about

Weekend drive

Twitter active

(I think) I did good in blogging about food

Got back into reading YA

Cheap dates with boyfriend after work

Getting through dreary days… 332 more words


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Last weekend to play in the water. Have a great one! Be back with all new shoots next week.

Free Spirit

Not sure how I feel.

My brother’s girlfriend let me know they’re not coming to the wedding. My initial thought was “I knew it” and my initial feeling was… disappointment? We haven’t spoken in a long time due to reasons but, more because my brother is a judgemental a-hole with a God complex. 282 more words


Sickness within illness...

Well, I’ve officially made it halfway through the second week of school, and with this accomplishment comes the onset of a terribly annoying head cold… As if insomnia, fatigue, and obsessive-compulsive… 321 more words


Part 4.

“I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe I like him. But it’s not like I’m going to do something about it.”

You see, I was used to manipulating people; to make them like me and love me. 152 more words