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What I Managed To Do Today

My day and what I am happy I accomplished.

I had a nice, warm shower because the weather here in Australia has FINALLY decided to cut us some slack. 330 more words


Have Faith in Yourself

One may expect nothing good coming from completely losing one’s mind to madness, and dealing with the aftermath. I often heard the cliches about how I would be a stronger person as a result and I would learn so much through these experiences. 521 more words



A host of events have transpired to bring this post into existence; events which, if it were possible, I would choose not to dwell upon. However, choice itself is a rare privilege afforded to few of us who suffer from this ancient malady, and it is, unfortunately, not a privilege I possess. 937 more words

Food For Thought

2/24: State of ... Exhaustion #crowdfunding #crashspace

I managed to get some energy and go over to storage today. I’m bruised, sore, and in pain. Some of this, if you see my posts on FB, will be a repeat. 914 more words


the curse of exes, part 2

Even though it’s been almost a year. Even though it has been months since we last talked. Even though you care more for yourself than me. 484 more words

LA - February 2017

I took a trip to LA this past week. It was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before. From what I’d heard over the past few years, California was experiencing a drought. 1,371 more words


People change

Since I got home 20 minutes ago, I’ve been trying to decide whether I should write this or not. Because I know there’s a chance one of my friends will read this and I don’t want to upset anyone, I don’t want them to get the wrong idea, but really I just need to clear my mind. 552 more words