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I cannot let Others take the reigns; I cannot

Hand my heart, encaged, to be tamed

I will wall it up and keep it close and safe… 13 more words


A Very Random Post

A thought on Leadership –

I have had a lot of time recently to think on leadership and what it means to be a leader. I was joking with my brother in law the other day and I said some old war hat must have created the corporate system because the structure you find in the corporate world really mirrors the military. 477 more words


BEHIND-THE-SCENES: A streetwear collection photoshoot

Agency worker by day, model by night.
Actually, we should really scratch that second line. Let me make it clear that I am no professional model or anywhere near one. 666 more words


Nine Years

My older daughter emotionally posted Monday, “Lord, get me through Wednesday and I will be okay for another year.” My younger daughter responded, “I’m with you sis ” My three boys are unusually quiet. 731 more words


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I never understood privilege till later in life, but I obviously understood the benefit from privilege because I lived it in many forms. It isn’t until you grow up in your head that you really grasp the fact that the things you take for granted aren’t normal everyday things for everyone in the world. 910 more words


Fog of War

One day it won’t feel like I walk through the fog of war… anymore.

I’ll stand beneath the sun and shine.

I hope for that day constantly. 67 more words


Death Simultaneously 

Death simultaneously is an emotion, an experience, and a thought process I’m too familiar with. Its the rapid change of a mental state from despair to delusional laughing, to crying yourself to sleep. 470 more words

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