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It's that the most you could do? 

I am on the verge of pulling myself up and here I am coming towards you. Oddly, you should be there chasing me.

It is after all, your doing.


The Creative Blogger Award!

Ah, I have been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by Makeup by Makena. Thank you so much for the nomination, love! I also really want to thank all my followers for liking and commenting on my blog posts. 353 more words


Don't pick on me for picking my nose. 

I embraces my bad habits. Well in my mind, they are all not bad but just not normal enough for the public eyes? *defending honor… 169 more words


Bey, I hate waking up like this.

Everyday, without fail – I wake up to my sinuses.

I’m growing tired of my nose rebelling against my body. I would love to wake up and being able to breathe the air clearly. 53 more words


Thrifty going thirty

I’ve never paid much attention to life goals. I mean, I have being vegetarian and losing weight as an ongoing target but not any specific milestone with deadlines. 304 more words


Don't touch my junk

On the bright side of things, I have managed to reduce my intake of ruffle chips until today! I have skipped so many meals that all I want to have since morning is a bag of chips. 84 more words