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Overdue Euro-Trip Ratings (1 - 5)

Airbnb 2
Public transportation 5
Food 1
Sandeman’s Tour N/A
Tourism 5

Airbnb 4.5
Public transportation 3.5
Food 5
Sandeman’s Tour4.5
Tourism 5… 60 more words


Looking for love must not be a priority

I was a hopeless romantic. I grew up admiring celebrity love teams and wished someday it would also happen to me. I once thought that the only way to achieve real happiness is to find your perfect mate, and once you do, you must not let that person go and you will live happily ever after. 416 more words


How can you defend a cheater? Regardless of the sad, soapy or lonely backstory that comes with it, the minute you cheat, you stop respecting the other person. 41 more words


Pin your heart to your sleeve

You don’t realize how much he ruined you until you start talking to someone new. You do not realize how much you miss the way he talked to you, the way he took care of you, until someone else tries to do those same things. 207 more words



Jarring flashes, in between

You are not him,

I am not me.


Current Loves

Dear Anonymous,

Summer has never felt this much like summer before. There are a few things that have made it so. I’m not going to bore you with long descriptions but I do feel like an explanation is needed for some of these. 512 more words