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My Truth not The Truth

Guest Post:

My truth not The truth! A matter of semantics? Maybe?

I’m presenting at a trauma conference next Saturday and finishing up the final touches of my presentation. 533 more words


Charter Lakeside

Have you ever wanted to harm yourself son?” the Doctor asked with seemingly true concern in his voice.

I’ve wanted to die for a few years now honestly… 448 more words


A Meeting

Me: I actually didn’t call this meeting… What the hell is going on?

Annoyed: We feel it is time for an intervention Jason.

Me: Fuck me. 149 more words



Still not but harrowing be the breath
Still not still but my heart beats
I ache to find repose in death
Meanwhile attempting to believe. 60 more words


Houston We Have A Schedule - HarsH ReaLiTy WordPress Blog Schedule

I’ve always hated the idea of having a schedule, but for this WordPress blog I am starting to move towards a routine. I have finally created a schedule and I will also “compress” the book promotions into two back to back days. 198 more words