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Another case of bad timing

There are some things I couldn’t understand in this country. First, why Canadians aren’t fond of eating rice? Second, why cigarettes and cab fares are expensive? 580 more words


Sudden desperate need to prove

That I am me no matter where

Wanderlust; and whither to?

Soldiers wrought of biting wind

The Eastern cold, the northern frost… 33 more words



The shadow on my neck dilutes

The color of my skin;

The beads and shells that twist about

And cling to life within.


A Moment In Time

I saw the look in your eyes inviting me to get closer to you.
I was across the street,
you were smiling —the most beautiful smile I have ever seen from you. 27 more words


lovely cement

Oh, but you didn’t understand

And last time I tried to speak the fears aloud

Everything burned down in front of my eyes

I lost what I cared most about. 29 more words


Well, or not

Spinning shadows stomp about

And play my retinas like violins;

My nerves are shot, my eyelids bleed

Meanwhile my brain grows gaunt and thin.
I long for rest, I desire sleep… 22 more words