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Happy birthday to everyone who is celebrating their birthday this MONTH. :D

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, let me blog this birthday celebs I’ve been this November bc they are part of the… 741 more words


Ah, so what

Life and love are fleeting.

Give more then, and live

Like everyone deserves a second thought.

Grant love gracefully and shyly, with rhythms in your eyes… 26 more words


Q&A Video | Favorite Makeup Brand, Most Embarrassing Moment

Hello everyone! Break is coming up real soon so that means more time to film videos. I’m excited cause I got a lot of new equipment. 58 more words



I am very pleased have to be nominated for The Liebster Award for new blogs by the lovely Megan McCoig, who is a brilliant lifestyle blogger who shares her writings on beauty, travel and her inspirations.  502 more words


The Sunday Currently Volume 6

It’s sunday again and you know what’s up!

It  has   been a very tiring week for me. It has only been a week of working and yet I feel exhausted and pressured. 213 more words

When will I cease being able to repress

The feelings I imprison, I do not redress

Your heart when you spill it like ink in my hands… 19 more words


The Sunday Currently Volume 5

Hello everyone! I just arrived from my one day(literally) stay at Baguio! I was supposed to stay there for the week end but sadly #LandoPH struck the place so I had to go back to Manila before I get stranded.. 287 more words