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Officially Twenty-Four (My Birthday)

June 11, 2017. Aside from this being an extremely late blog post, I just wanted to have a blog up about what went down for my birthday. 32 more words


A NA LCS Weekend

This past weekend, I went to a broadcast of NA LCS, the North American League of Legends pro series. I had tried searching for posts from previous event-goers to help me prepare and know what to expect, but was unable to find any with the level of detail that I wanted. 2,972 more words


DAY 1: Baguio City Hits

May 2017. When you can’t handle the excruciating heat of summer, everybody knows that one of the best places to go is Baguio City, where pine trees are abundant and the fresh cool air can ease your summer stress. 1,236 more words


I GOT CHOSEN! - A Free 2-Day Trip To...

Grateful. That’s what I am!

I knew it would be a long-shot, especially with my history in these kind of online “promos” or “contests”, if you will. 692 more words


Neat Freak

I don’t consider myself a neat freak technically. I have some OCD qualities in my personality, but I think being “clean” is just in me. I was brought up to be clean and lived in an orderly home. 180 more words


Some day

Some day we’ll walk to the edge of tomorrow and leave yesterday behind.

Our footsteps will plant new memories upon the nightmares that once lived here. 38 more words


Father's Day Letter

Dear Pa,

I look up as I type this and saw you watching the usual daily news. If I look closely, I will see wrinkles on your face and your hands. 705 more words