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5 Suggested OOTD Spots in Taipei

Alright, I am one of the guilty users of #OOTD. Hahaha! I love seeing photos of my outfits and I enjoy posing for my OOTDs  (I even have my own trademark OOTD pose lol). 440 more words


Trying vs. Doing: Choose Your Verb

I heard the titled phrase from an acquaintance who happens to also be a teacher. It struck me as an easy “go to” phrase to keep tucked away and ready to pull out when you need a little motivation. 439 more words

Self Help

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Just do it! A good message for today. 🙂 Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.


I need ur help !!

My dissertation is titled ‘Conceptualising Gender in Alternative Spaces: Sexism, Feminity and Boundaries in Club Cultures’. For my study I am aiming to conduct an auto-/ethnographic research study in to dance music subcultures and the misogyny and limitations for women within. 545 more words



No more!

These thoughts are not mine. If they intrude
One more time

I will cut them up and cast them down
Into the furthest depths of the sea; 7 more words


Mindfulness and My PTSD

I titled this post, Mindfulness practice, and My PTSD because I think both a mindfulness practice and an illness can look different for each individual. While the list of symptoms may be similar when it comes to being diagnosed, I have come to find out that the severity of the symptoms, the severity of the trauma, and how each person experiences living with their PTSD can vary greatly. 914 more words


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Another great post from Alexis as she shares her story! Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.

What keeps me busy these past months?

This is not so interesting, haha. I just want to write because my last post here was December 28, 2016 and what is the date today? 578 more words


Loot Crate Dream Crate

Subscription boxes are IN and if you’re into nerd culture at all then you know Loot Crate. But, if you don’t know: Loot Crate is a subscription box service that provides it’s subscribers with monthly boxes filled with about 4-6 (depending on which crate you choose) “nerd culture” items that fit a selected theme of the month. 303 more words