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When you’re with me

I know that you’re safe

That’s why I finally remember to breathe

When I see that green

Gazing back at me.


Dear heart


Let me alone;

Shoo into your windy valleys and courteous oceans. Weep softly somewhere else, for I grow weary

Of drying

My eyes.


Simba's Purpose

Recent Disney animated feature films have been exceptional in addressing issues relevant to today’s society. Frozen, Brave, and Moana have pioneered strong female leads without the need for a prince charming to save the day. 1,029 more words


Something more

Give me scars that paint my flesh
Give me wounds and stitches blessed
With stories, pasts and livelihood

Carve the ivory of me
Slick the canvas with oil and dreams… 11 more words



I can feel the tug at the center of me

Calling me out into




SPOTLIGHT: "SA PLATO's" signature-specialty chicken wings are a must-try!

Get’em while they’re hot!
There’s a brand new resto on the radar and making a hype on the streets of Calamba, Laguna. Word is, they’re serving a classic favorite: their signature-specialty chicken wings!
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Why you should hit up this lit Makati food park -- "Buendia FOOD by the COURT"

Eat, play, drink, repeat, again & again. That’s exactly what you’ll first see on the lot’s walls and find yourself doing when you hit up the literally lit, … 843 more words