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Looking for JOY

Have you watched the movie Inside Out? If yes, that’s great.

If you haven’t, you better watch it. It was really a nice movie, at first, I thought it was a movie for kids or toddlers, but I was wrong. 935 more words

the return

she came home sun-tanned and smiling from her eyes,
red-rimmed with exhaustion
but sparking a new fire-light

she came home clever and leaner
startled by her own steel and her own weakness… 56 more words


Death doesn't want to be ignored

People try not to think so much about death. We all know, however, that death is a looming presence in our lives that we try our best to ignore. 441 more words


I Don't Want To Be Another Love, Rosie

Missed opportunities. Yeah, who likes that?

I was frustrated most of the time I was reading Love, Rosie.  I was screaming in my mind the entire time, because I wanna tell them that they are meant to be together, so just fucking tell each other how you feel. 279 more words


This girl is on fire.

So I decided to do something crazy the other day. I finally pushed through with getting my hair bleached and dyed to look like fire. 22 more words


1:38 AM

Late at night my eyes rebuke
My thoughts and careless doubts.
Unfelt, then, my heart stampedes
And the love-sickness bleeds out.

i miss you.



I am not the first poet
Nor will I be the last
Not the only wordsmith,
Nor will my couplets last.

But my words at least serve to purge… 19 more words