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The Case of That Dress

Photo from WIRED.com & swiked.tumblr.com

I was team White-and-Gold. For an entire day, I refused to see how anyone could consider it black and blue. The closest that I could come to seeing the other side was when I did acknowledge that the dress had off-color tints. 582 more words


Doa Untuk Abang

People said, words came out of your mouth is a simple form of pray;
People said, things we have in our mind regarding those people around us, are simply an unspoken prayer; 566 more words


To the girl who can't get over- CELINE GAO

Moving on is a life long process, but it doesn’t give you the permission to insult anybody and what I don’t understand is why do you have to degrade yourself where in fact you can find somebody whose better than your last. 457 more words


Drawing 2

Can you guess who this is? ;) What do you think of it?


No Escape, Any Longer

Sometimes we get too caught up with our own problems and too obsessed with other people’s facades of incredible experiences. But if you just take a moment to stop and observe, it becomes so clear that others have their own, over-arching problems, as well. 322 more words


Magic Book Time #1

Hello everyone, my day was a pretty normal day for me, I didn’t feel too good, health wise, nothing serious mind you, just a cold that is jumping from person to person in the house. 763 more words


The Only One Who Can Make Anger Feel Like Love

i love him because
even on angry days
with angry words
i still know
i am safe