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What fetid hope that sinks so low

Has crept in on the chilling wings

My silver soul has wept in cold

Distraught for futures yet unknown. 51 more words


5 Tipid Tips for a Long Weekend

“Yehey! Long Weekend!”

That’s exactly my reaction after hearing the announcement for September 25, 2015 holiday, we have 3 days off from work. :D

Most of us will think or plan of what to do, I am person like that. 563 more words


Quick Update - School & Makeup!

Holy… I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve made a post. School definitely took a toll on me for a bit. I have so many updates though! 390 more words


Burning free

I cannot speak for the cache of blood

Behind my throat and voice

I cannot breathe for the hissing flood

Of death within my flesh. … 52 more words



I love books. <3

When 2015 started, I’ve been recording all the books I’ve read. So far in 9 months I already have 15 books in my list. 1,966 more words


God's will - Unemployed no more!!!

Hi guys! So yeah I’ve been ranting for quite some time that I’ve been unemployed for quite sometime now. 2 mos spent abroad + 2 months job hunting… 267 more words


Happy 6th month, blog!

Six months ago, I felt so restless and anxious about something that was beyond my control. At the same time, I was telling myself I can make it through everything and moving on is possible. 665 more words