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Twilight Zone Show Discussed at Personal Audio/Electronic Frontier Foundation Oral Hearing: Transcript Available

As you might guess from our numerous posts on it,  we’re mesmerized by the antics of Non-Practicing Entity Personal Audio.  For those not familiar with Personal Audio, it was in the news quite a lot last year because it seemed to be suing anyone who was someone in podcasting (mostly over… 642 more words

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Treble. Midrange. Bass. Let love flow from chambers of our hearts. The coming of portable audio nirvana. Voluptuous, sumptuous, luscious and beautiful transportable audio. Premier music for the soul. 4,117 more words

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The confluence of portable music AND headphones as a fashion statement AND high resolution music files AND HD streaming services AND the surprising resurgence of vinyl record albums AND turntables AND affordable audiophile equipment AND DIY vacuum tube rolling have coalesced into a music equipment trend hard to name. 198 more words


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From left to right: Sony XBA-A2; Astell & Kern AK100 player; UE Triple.Fi 10P with custom cable; Audio-Technica IM50; Audio-Technica IM03; B&W P7; 6G iPod Nano. 2,453 more words


It's Not Over 'Til It's Over: PTAB's Decision on EFF v. Personal Audio On the Way; Case Against CBS Not Yet Closed

Personal Audio is one of our favorite, uhmm…, …”non-practicing entities” (remember that we promised to try and not use the term “patent troll“….). In 2014, Personal Audio was in the news quite a lot because it seemed to be suing anyone who was someone in podcasting (mostly over… 866 more words


U.S. Patent Office To Decide Whether Patent Troll Company Actually Owns Podcasting

Podcasts are simply the done thing, in 2014: everyone’s taking their modern update on the radio show with them on the go. One company out there, seeing all the dollar signs, now claims that they invented and patented podcasting 18 years ago, and is suing anyone not paying them license fees. 401 more words

One Of The Most Hated Patent Trolls In The Country Just Won A Lawsuit Against CBS

Personal Audio LCC is one of the most despised patent trolls in America today. The company, which is more or less a front for a man named Jim Logan, claims to hold the patent for “episodic content.” It does nothing with this patent other than sue anyone who uses anything remotely like this technology, hoping its opponents will quickly agree to settle rather than shell out the legal fees necessary to defend an infringement suit. 406 more words