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The Evolution of Personalized Audio

Exciting news this morning!  We just picked up the new and exciting SMS Audio line!  This lineup of personal audio is by far the most unique and diverse line I’ve seen in this category in quite sometime.   128 more words


Choose To Chance The Rapids, Dare To Dance The Tide

No matter how I feel about his policy not to sell on iTunes, and I feel fairly strongly about it, you gotta love Garth Brooks.   648 more words


Podcast Wars Big News: Claims 31-35 of Personal Audio '504 Patent Found Unpatentable

The big news this week is that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board(“PTAB”)  recently issued a decision on Electronic Frontier Foundation’s challenge to Personal Audio LLC’s  700 more words

Interesting Tech News

The EFF Just Won Podcasting Back From A Patent Troll

Like podcasting wasn’t already hard enough to turn a profit from…

Podcasters in the United States have spent the past five years worrying about being sued by Personal Audio… 393 more words

Web Culture

Podcasts are safer after the EFF helps gut a patent troll

Personal Audio has been threatening the podcast world for a while — the longtime patent troll claims that it invented the concept of podcasting, and has insisted that some bigger productions (such as Adam Carolla’s) either cough up licensing money or face lawsuits. 78 more words

Policy & Ethics

Twilight Zone Show Discussed at Personal Audio/Electronic Frontier Foundation Oral Hearing: Transcript Available

As you might guess from our numerous posts on it,  we’re mesmerized by the antics of Non-Practicing Entity Personal Audio.  For those not familiar with Personal Audio, it was in the news quite a lot last year because it seemed to be suing anyone who was someone in podcasting (mostly over… 642 more words

Interesting Tech News


Treble. Midrange. Bass. Let love flow from chambers of our hearts. The coming of portable audio nirvana. Voluptuous, sumptuous, luscious and beautiful transportable audio. Premier music for the soul. 4,117 more words

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