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Sennheiser CX 3.00 :Everyday commuting headphones

The Good:

  • Brilliant Sound (plenty of bass)
  • Well designed in-ear bud
  • Blocks out noise well
  • Leaks little sound
  • Very durable

The Bad:


Off topic: personal audio, updated

The price of escape?

I’ve previously written about this topic about a year and a bit ago – however, as with everything, we get itchy fingers and hardware evolves. 1,639 more words


Jerry Harvey Audio Layla - Larger Than Life

In 2013 JH Audio announced the Siren Series of in-ear monitors, with each piece named after a famous rock song about women. Roxanne was the first, with sisters Layla and Angie joining thereafter, and Rosie being the latest addition to the growing lineup. 2,129 more words


Schiit Audio's Jotunheim Amp ROCKS

The synergy of these combos are just so F____IN dynamically gorgeous. The sound is silky, but not too warm & fuzzy. It’s liquid, but not congested. 307 more words

Music Is My Favorite Drug

I love experiencing great sounding music. It’s my favorite drug. The high is everlasting, and the withdrawals are nothing compared to chemicals flowing through my bloodstream. 475 more words


Bowers & Wilkins Debuts Two New Headphones


P7 Wireless

P3 Series 2

I cannot contain my excitement any longer! As you may know by now I’m a huge fan of Bowers & Wilkins as I currently own P7 headphones and CM1 bookshelf speakers. 401 more words

Premium Audio

Campfire Audio Andromeda - Soaring into Space

Established in 2006, Audio Line Out (“ALO”) made its name by building high end audio cables for audio equipment. In 2015, ALO announced the creation of another branch that would be responsible for making IEMs called Campfire Audio (“ 1,927 more words