4 Things to Do Before Applying for a Business Loan

By Mike Bryant

Looking to increase your chances of a positive outcome from a business loan application? Before walking to a bank on the other side of town or going to an online lender, every small business owner should complete these four steps: 358 more words

Small Business

Guidelines When Looking for Personal Loans

A great amount of people discovers it is sometimes necessary for data declare a program for a loan from the bank, whether the amount will be used to invest in an essential purchase, pay for a necessary cost, or merely to provide some space when there is a need to get having access to cash on a short time interval. 313 more words


Popular Community Bank to Open New Branch on Avenue U

We are pleased to announce that Popular Community Bank is bringing an
innovative banking experience to Avenue U in Brooklyn! Our new technology based branch will reveal an attentive plan of our desire to improve how we deliver financial tools and interact with customers.   98 more words

Popular Community Bank

What Should You Know Before Implementing For a Personal Loan

Selecting the right bank to file a personal bank loan with is as challenging as paying the expenses itself. There are important aspects to where debtors should platform their choices before making up their thoughts. 247 more words


How to Recover Your Identity with Help from IdentityTheft.gov

The data breach of the IRS has affected more than 100,000 households. This alarming number has caused many Americans to raise questions about the safety of their most valuable possession, their identity. 179 more words

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8 Tips To Deal With Bank Fees

Do you ever wonder how the big banks continue to make billions of dollars, even in the most difficult economic times?

While they have made millions in interest from various personal financing tools (i.e., credit cards, loans and mortgages), investing in the markets and holding assets in the form of real estate, they easily generate profits thanks to bank fees. 648 more words

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