Options for Your College Grad’s Student Loan

If your newly graduated son or daughter is returning home from college, then you may be considering how best to get him/her started on a path toward independence. 318 more words

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4 Points To Try To Find When Picking a Bank

Locating the excellent bank could be a little bit like locating a needle in a haystack. Although all look the very same on the surface, you’re bound to reveal some major distinctions when you take a closer look. 777 more words


Achieve Your Goals with Smart CD Savings Strategies

An OSB certificate of deposit (CD) account is a great savings tool, providing the opportunity to earn interest and shelter your money. When used wisely, a certificate of deposit can save you in a financial pinch, or even fund your future. 159 more words

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Protecting Yourself From Credit/Debit Card Fraud
 Part 2

At Popular Community Bank, we get you. We know that if you’re like many Americans who are concerned about fraud and identity theft, you already take steps to protect your bank and credit card accounts, including: 559 more words

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April 20th, 2016 is Talk with our Kids About Money

Be sure to circle April 20th, 2016 on your calendar.  It is  Talk with our Kids About Money Day.

This day is set aside to focus on  encouraging and supporting parents, guardians, and teachers to start or continue such talks with youth. 48 more words

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Protecting Yourself From Fraud

According to Identitytheft.info, an online resource for identity theft and fraud prevention, as many as 100 million Americans each year risk identity theft as a result of insecure government, corporate, and retail databases. 387 more words

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Guidelines in Applying for a Personal Loan Online

Loans are a great way to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality. And, personal loans are one of the most flexible loan products available out there. 491 more words

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