Financial Tips for Traveling Abroad

Although the globe may seem more intimate since the Internet has brought many of us closer, there are differences in banking processes, ways to access money, and ways to make purchases in some foreign countries that can complicate your travels. 757 more words

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Popular Community Bank Gives Back to Over 20 Local Organizations

We’ve always been driven by service and giving back. As we continue to work hard to provide the best financial services to our customers, we also look to strengthen the social and economic well-being of the communities we serve. 155 more words

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Achieving Financial Independence

What is Wealth?

To achieve wealth, it’s important to understand its definition. Although income from your job, however large the sum, is important to achieving your goals for wealth, it is not wealth. 659 more words

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Financial Planning for Your Vacation

June’s arrival is sure to conjure happy thoughts of vacation. But your happy thoughts also might be accompanied by concerns about what a vacation will cost. 649 more words

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Tips for a Comfortable Retirement

The dream of retirement usually includes free time to do the things you enjoy. But if you don’t prepare properly, you may be one of millions of Americans who must continue working into their golden years. 557 more words

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Options for Your College Grad’s Student Loan

If your newly graduated son or daughter is returning home from college, then you may be considering how best to get him/her started on a path toward independence. 318 more words

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4 Points To Try To Find When Picking a Bank

Locating the excellent bank could be a little bit like locating a needle in a haystack. Although all look the very same on the surface, you’re bound to reveal some major distinctions when you take a closer look. 777 more words