Personal Banking and its Benefits

Personal Banking or retail banking as it is sometimes referred to, refers to the provision of banking products and services to individual customers (not corporates, SMEs or intermediaries). 474 more words

Banking Benefits

Tips to Open a Bank Account Online

With, reputedly, the fastest growing Internet population in the world in the last 5 years and nearly 40 million Internet users, the Philippines has seen an explosive growth in the popularity and use of Internet services. 577 more words

Banking In Philippines

Savings Accounts - The Usual Suspects

So, because of inflation, we know that we can’t just leave our money in a regular savings account. Your money does grow slightly in a typical savings account, usually by less than 1%, which is barely better than nothing, but still better than nothing. 744 more words

What is Smart Banking?

Smart Banking is a revolutionary new, technology driven banking concept introduced for the first time in the Philippines by the largest foreign bank in the country, Citibank. 381 more words

Banking In Philippines

Inflation - The Hidden Dark Horse

You remember when you were a kid and a chocolate bar cost far less than it does today? This phenomenon happens because of inflation, and the same thing that happens to chocolate bars happens to your money too. 813 more words

First Thing's First - Getting Burned At An Early Age

My interest in personal financials started in my mid-twenties when I realized that working for the Man for the rest of my life might be a bit too soul-sucking, and that I should have a plan to be financially independent as soon as possible so that I have as much time in my life to pursue my own projects and goals, no matter how daffy they may be, without worrying about money. 943 more words