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All Went Back

Do we really need to forget in order to grow? When I try to recall the last time we were together, I can summon only the words he made me remember. 324 more words

ReImagineCork - Contribution & Community

After returning from a two week meditation retreat, coming across ‘ReImagineCork’ – a local volunteer organisation focused on making Cork beautiful by restoring laneways, urban green spaces and derelict buildings – seemed a little two in my face to ignore, having spent much of the break away, immersed in nature. 1,310 more words

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Hi my inquisitive souls.

People with depression would be familiar with this concept of COMFORT FOOD. This habit of eating whenever you are feeling sad generally leads to self destruction in many ways.

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"I don't eat Duck..."

I often say that My Grandad was a man of many sides. Today, in this blog post, I’m going to focus on the side to the man that  1,353 more words

Sickness Again

I’ve been sick this whole weekend. I wanted to get more writing done, but ended up being dizzy and vomiting.

That said, I should be more active by the end of the week.

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A New Approach...

So it has certainly been determined with my first attempt at a blog that I’m an idiot. With my love of the sport of hockey, living in a non-hockey city with few hockey fans, I thought providing a simple and fun approach to enjoying the sport as a fan I would introduce new fans to watching hockey. 323 more words