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NYC Trip - Airport.

Well, I’m back!

My flight was a flight except for when I got on at Dallas to NY and sat next to Mother Theresa and Bob. 929 more words


How We Doin'?

I always tell myself I want to be someone my younger self would think is awesome.

I was an inquisitive kid, I eavesdropped on adult conversations and asked questions so much that my Mom paid me to be quiet on more than one occasion. 167 more words

Word Vomit

Personal Blog Post: Perpetual Exhaustion

Have you ever felt so perpetually exhausted?

Like you’re simply following the course of the waves in life, floating unendlessly and unceasingly? That’s how I feel — 368 more words


Hello Again

So dear readers, if there are any, welcome to my humble blog. As my last post explains I have been MIA for nearly two years. Last time I posted I was moving and going on a cruise. 553 more words

Monday Musings, #33, 2016

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest.  Use both and overlook neither.”

-Alan Cohen

‘Tis a half term break in this household.   35 more words


Snippets of Empowerment

we will resound because we are bound

for paramounts disguised as disaster

resound for we are renowned

our plans are wild but our minds are sound… 53 more words


Journal Entry - 10-23-16

Wolf’s Rain – Gravity.

I just got in a measured disagreement with my sister, and more-or-less told her I didn’t want to see her again due to her recent behavior; though I did make it clear that I would leave lines of communication open, and do my best to reconsider our situation, attempting to accept her or see fault in my reasoning. 544 more words