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Oh my! An update!

A small update from your roving reporter, who’s still bouncing up and down on the new Frost* album… 211 more words

Progressive Rock

My inner child

My psychologist once told me my inner child is too loud, and I replied “I didn’t ASK to be born.” And here I am nearing 30 and I STILL find no joy in being a fucking adult. 583 more words

Forgive and Forget or Forgive and Remember?

When should we do either or, or is it one infinitely that we should follow than the other? I’ve been told so many different things by so many people that I no longer know which mantra to follow. 284 more words


Have you ever just wanted to express yourself on social media about certain things but you know it would be better if you kept it all too yourself? 57 more words

Stay young and free, regardless of what the society tells you

People often ask me why I blog and more active in ig than on fb. For the longest time, there’s not one conclusive answer as to why.But get this: our generation called “millenial” is always expected to follow a certain social norm in life; Go to school. 365 more words

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A Double-Edged Sword

Hope is a double-edged sword.

It gives us reason to live.
A reason to pursue something. It keeps us motivated in order to reach our goals. 38 more words

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