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Bed of Nails

Restlessness is like trying to sleep on a bed of nails. You are extremely tired but every pore of your body is awake and alert. It’s like that in your head. 614 more words


The Drawing Board

I have a big whiteboard at work.  It’s primarily there for notes and to keep myself organized with work tasks but I made the grown up decision to dedicate one third of the board for whatever I want to do with it.   231 more words

Personal Blog


On the different pieces of paper, on the margins of the planner, in the notes in mobile phone – I wrote a lot of sentences which was supposed to be the beginning of this post. 441 more words


Best Free Apps

Netflix – If you don’t already know what Netflix is…where have you been?! Technically, this app is not entirely free if you don’t already have an account already. 452 more words


Couple of interesting facts about AUTUMN...

The cool, crisp days of autumn have arrived. As fall foliage creates a colorful display and kids frolic in leaf piles on the lawn, you may want to pay some mind to a few lesser known facts about this beloved time of year. 366 more words

Personal Blog

Heeeeey guuuurrrlls! So i’ve decided to let a little more of my life go into this Blog because it is initially why i started blogging. I guess It was hard for me to let this be a Lifestyle blog because i was very hung up on what i thought people WANT to see, and that’s not at all what this should be. 354 more words

Simply Shanice

But do I really want to become a journalist?

With my first year coming to an end, I’m honestly not sure if I’ve picked the right major or degree for myself. When I pictured myself as a journalist, I saw myself writing an advice column, creating my own content or becoming some sort of presenter. 237 more words

Personal Blog