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How I Stay Organized: My Planning Routine in 3 Steps

Hello loves! It is a brand new year and so many people are trying to get organized, so I’ve decided to share the very simple methods that I use to plan my life. 258 more words


Quick Update

Hello Lovelys!

Sorry I didn’t post on Tuesday. I was feeling very sick and stayed in bed all day so I didn’t really do anything. I’m much better now, I just need to learn to leave room for, you know, life! 133 more words

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My Media Coursework 

Today was the last day I had to finish and render my opening sequence of my documentary for media. I’ve told you guys before that for media studies I’m making an opening sequence to a documentary about how the representation of ethnic minorities in the media affect young people. 335 more words



भूल से भी न भूलूँ

ऐ चित्रकार

अपने ग़म के रंग

भूल कर

जोड़ा रंगा जो

बिखरी टूटी

खोये सपनों की

मूर्ति पड़ी थी

दुनिया मोहित

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Gillian Welch: Heaven & Hell at the Enmore Theatre

I am a newcomer to American singer/songwriter Gillian Welch, only getting into her music a couple of years ago.  I’d certainly heard of her, and had many friends who were devoted fans, but up until that point my knowledge of her music was minimal. 693 more words