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Do you ever feel as if you’ve got a lot going on, but in reality, you’re not doing much of anything? That’s pretty much how the last week has played out. 866 more words

Personal Blogging

"Good" Friday (?)

In a moment of insanity, at last month’s community garden meeting, I (along with one other woman) volunteered to spend this morning teaching 150+ small children how to plant Easter Bunny food—AKA lettuce—in pots made of newspaper. 279 more words

Personal Blogging


It’s insane.

Recent conversations have been deep. On the borderline of depressing or even morbid. Yet. Is it possible to even feel this light and happy. 150 more words


Tumblr Trial

On Friday, after mocking my English friend, Jonathan, for his fondness of a certain social media/microblogging platform, he replied with the words, “I think you might like Tumblr.” 232 more words

Personal Blogging

Mock Interview, Real Frustration [April 9th, 2017]

One of the most ironic things about college that I’ve noticed so far is how frustrating it can be, and how there is no outlet for your squabbles as a student. 489 more words


First Impressions [April 4, 2017]

Hello there!  Welcome to The Prettiest Odd, a blog chronicling my hopeful adventures as I embark on the rest of my life, one day at a time. 324 more words