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Best Laid Intentions...

This weekend got away from me in a whirlwind that feels otherworldly, as though I existed somewhere outside of my body while Someone Else took control for a little while.  553 more words

Personal Blogging

Procrastination: A Life Story

I find a special level of irony (and aggravation and self-doubt) in the fact that this first entry is about procrastination on a personal level, which was meant to be written last night, but is instead being written in the few frantic minutes before I begin work in earnest at The Agency. 632 more words

Personal Blogging

My 88 Days

If you’re not already backpacking in Australia or planning to soon you probably don’t have a clue what the 88 days are. If you are a backpacker here and you don’t know, then mate have I got news for you. 2,253 more words


Know The Brother Who Tricked The Clues To Reach Out For The Traffickers

The sheds of honour killing and beheading are found to keep the dignity of the family since the days of the partition with or without knowing the true manifestation of the story. 836 more words

First Things First!

It is always difficult to introduce yourself to strangers. I have never really been good at it. Although some think I wreak of confidence and seem comfortable to explore the unfamiliar.

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I know guys. You don’t even have to say it. I know I said I was going to do this follow up a week after the original, but here I am pumping out 2 irrelevant blog posts, but this follow up was no where to be seen. 1,084 more words


The Inevitable

So one of my recent discoveries that I made with a friend, is that I’m amazing at running away from my problems LOL (if only I was just as amazing at running on the treadmill… i guess you can’t have it all). 637 more words