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A Child's Innocence

I could do nothing but sigh. The painful sensation in my head was increasing by the minute. I knew what I needed. Peace. But only screaming children filled my vision. 302 more words


Greetings from a Fuck Up (Me).

Hello, this is quite a different post than the one I’ve promised… But I doubt anyone’s really surprised about it.

So, I hurt someone, a friend. 1,166 more words


Life Update

Hello, lovely people of the internet.

Isn’t it funny how I keep pretending there’s more than one person reading these?


Anyway, I’m here with a life update. 168 more words



As someone who works from home, I rarely take a snow day. Well folks… I just took two—as did (nearly) everybody in the province of Nova Scotia! 535 more words

Personal Blogging

Is it called being superficial or having a low self esteem?


A year ago I felt a lurch in my chest by a comment made by my sister. I was saying something like how my forehead was huge or the how the pores on my nose were big and she replied, “you’ve gotten a lot more superficial.” 158 more words


Curveball In My Morning Routine

What image comes to mind when you hear the phrase curvy girl? I’m going to take a guess and say that you’re probably picturing a… 300 more words

Personal Blogging

Check in Monday

Hi, there!

Welcome to 2017! And to me being a horrible, horrible person with my updates :D

You probably saw my newest Secondary Sunday update, and you probably saw that it was a bit different. 377 more words