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Terminator Genysis

I seen the movie last night. I thought it was cool. I’ve seen all the Terminator movies. Only thing I am stumped on about this current movie is how it’s all set up. 123 more words

Personal Blogging

Jersey Pool

“He had forced himself upon her just a week ago. But as he held me upright in the water, carrying my light body, it was the first time during the whole night I had dropped my guard with him.

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Job Search

I am currently looking for a job. I knew it would be frustrating, but I never knew how some employment makes it hard to get a job! 207 more words

Personal Blogging

Keeping Track

Hello again!

(Do not be fooled, the fact that I’m writing today doesn’t mean this will be a daily thing… it’s just that I haven’t quite figured out a schedule for these) 1,764 more words

Laly Gets Personal

First Entry

I’ll be completely honest with you, I have no idea how to begin this. 321 more words

Laly Gets Personal

Peace & Paradise

I seek to fulfill this craving. A craving that has hit me so hard, that it can’t be explained. People’s lives are in turmoil…with relationships, work, family, and love. 386 more words