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Floods, winter, comics: all in June.

Talofa. I’ve been writing and drawing for the first time in ages. With the former, it’s been five weeks—with the latter it’s been four months. So. 1,086 more words

Willy Walks: Positivity Breeds Positivity

During yesterday’s walk, I came across a piece of white chalk lying lonely on the sidewalk. From the faded drawings that remained nearby, I figured it m had been forgotten by some child in the neighborhood. 248 more words

Personal Blogging

Engrossed in my thoughts.

A new morning, a new ray of light.
It rises above the showdown.
Above the lines of sadness.
And I’ll be here,
Between the mountains, 362 more words


Craving Independence

I don’t know what it was about today, but I could already tell that when I woke up, I was going to be irritated all day. 392 more words

CIU111 Week 3; Your Income & Your Art

I’ve always had a heavily artistic influence on my life, to the point where the concept of living paycheck to paycheck isn’t uncommon to me. My mother is an artist, she went to college to study it and has a long running portfolio that is forever growing and forever taking up a great deal of our living space. 805 more words


The Brick with your Name on It. 

You know how people say they have “walls up” ? Usually when people say this , it’s because they have been hurt many times , and they have now built a “wall” to protect themselves. 303 more words

Personal Blogging