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Hookah Lounge

I looked at the 22 year old man in front of me, with his best girl friend across him. I watched as he sucked in the air from a pipe that extended from a huge curved container next to the table. 620 more words


When It's Always About You

I was nodding my head even though she couldn’t see me. It had been two hours since she had begun talking. The throbbing pain on my cheek from holding the phone so long was a painful reminder of the guilt I was feeling. 1,056 more words


I'm Feeling Patriotic

Okay, not really. But I’m Chilean! and it’s September! so we have to partypartyparty and celebrate for the first time in the year (unless there was a particularly good football match) that we don’t hate our country. 2,828 more words



Who knew that when your wish of being suspended in time is fulfilled, you realize a most vital point you didn’t give thought to prior that moment; the rest of the world goes on.

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A little inspiration does help with the writing and the other night stirred things up nicely. As it happened:

I’m looking at a silver slither of a moon against the dying light; darkest orange, green and blue. 537 more words

Personal Blogging

Crushed Womanhood

“Do you get hit on a lot?”

“Yeah,” I said without thinking.

“They must all be pedophiles then,” he replied. My pride crumbled apart as I looked back at all the men who approached me. 6 more words


Happy Thursday!

Hello there! I have been meaning to post something a little less intense than my first posts (because wow, I needed to get those things off my chest and I’m happy this helped) so now I’m here to wish you a Happy Thursday and reflect upon things that make me happy. 1,179 more words

The Struggles Of Life