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Life Update: Academics.

Hello, I am a shitty person and always forget what I’ve promised to do with the blog.

So here’s a new life update that I was supposed to write in November!!! 1,812 more words


The current state of blogging, as told by Livejournal

Internet fiends today probably have no memory of Livejournal, the dinosaur that may have kickstarted the world of online blogging as we know it. Launched in 1999 by programmer Brad Fitzpatrick as a way of keeping in touch with close friends and family, the social network quickly rose to popularity in the few years following its creation due to its accessibility, customiseable interface, and features which allowed users with similar interests to congregate. 833 more words

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Missing August

Winter doesn’t seem to be rearing its head too much this year, and I’ve never been much of a summer person, but discovering black and white film photography gives old nostalgia to new photographs.


It's Not This Time of Year Without... My Furry Little Christmas Helper

Until this afternoon, I had not scrolled through my WordPress newsfeed since Thursday evening. When I stumbled upon the theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, … 151 more words

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Mornings Awake

I feel content. And for it, I rack my brain harder in the search of inspiration. I do not know what to write. This might be another one of the countless attempts I’ve made this morning where I begin with a few words, delete, type again, and go back to thinking harder. 105 more words


Back In Black

When I was a wee little girl, I was told that a red pen was to be used only for recording debt. Why would anyone say that to a kid… 420 more words

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When I was in third grade my parents took me to a sketchy, subterranean pet store off the food court in Hillcrest mall with no windows and a single, incongruous neon sign bearing some nondescript name like BJ’s Pet Emporium where I would be allowed to procure my first pet, a hamster. 1,462 more words