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Whether you’ve found your ideal plot, designed your dream house and got the planning permission, or, maybe you are just starting to consider your options, the process of designing and building is a challenge. 797 more words

Happiness is derived inwardly when we share love with the world and the imperfect people around us thereby fulfilling our service to a perfect God. … 628 more words

Forgiveness is the spiritual laxative that purges the mind, the heart and the spirit”  Iyanla Vanzant

There is an innate desire to be validated, loved, respected and appreciated. 653 more words

The people you may need in your life yesterday may not be the same people you need today. Listen to your inner voice; they always warn you against the wrong association.  485 more words

My Life, My Lessons

My Life, My Lessons is an account of my journey. Keeping a journal of what I have learnt each day was not alien to me. For years, I’ve religiously kept an account of my experiences and reflections. 590 more words

Circle of influence

Your life doesn’t just “happen”.  Whether you are conscious of it or not, it is carefully designed by God but can be carelessly altered by you.  441 more words

Dear New Friend,

Dear New Friend,

Well, we are a year or more into our fledgling new friendship and I have laughed uproariously, smiled until my face cracked, hung out and did nothing, but hang out, dined, swam, gardened, shopped and chatted about everything under the sun. 454 more words

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