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Understanding Personal Boundaries

Have you ever become uncomfortable or anxious when someone moves too close to you? You’re chatting away to a cute guy who is incredibly charming and funny when he suddenly touches your face. 845 more words

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Just say no

Set up and honor personal boundaries. Yes, you can say “no” sometimes without bringing the world to an end – it really will keep spinning. 80 more words

Revolutionary Self Care

Embracing Personal Boundaries

Given that we are limitless beings with limitless possibilities, are we limiting ourselves when we set personal boundaries? Do we restrict our expansion when we determine and adhere to these boundaries? 140 more words

Self Love

I still have those moments

I feel her around. Like she’s so close, but beyond my reach.

…like we were doing the same things at different times of day,

like I was eating or showering or sleeping at the same time [s]he was… 35 more words


A True Dame Deserves Respect

Have you seen this Pepsi commercial yet?

Two reasons I really love this video:

1. Hey It’s Pepsi! Just because I’m a farm girl doesn’t mean I only drink milk. 916 more words

Boundaries and the difference between pleasing and pleasure.

I recently received a message from a good family friend advising me to consider what sort of content about my life I make public and what I choose to keep private. 1,072 more words