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Setting Personal Boundaries

Have people been challenging you every time you express an opinion? Do you keep agreeing to do things that you really don’t want to do? Have loved ones been demanding more of your time than you can possibly give? 602 more words

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When Honey don't wanna Honey Do

All week he has worked on other projects, most of them have nothing to do with you. He is gone every day and most of the evening helping his new pals or getting stuff ready for an upcoming event. 1,332 more words

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Relationships 301 Part 8: Setting personal boundaries/Killing magical love fairies

In part 8 of the Relationships 301 series we take a look at what personal boundaries are and how they differ from rules in a relationship. 11 more words

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Let Sleeping Dogs Make Their Own Beds

My dog never does, make his own bed, that its. Or so it seems to me. But then, what looks like an unmade bed to me, might like all apple-pie, neat and tidy, the perfectly made bed, to a dog. 134 more words


Can't be Bothered

The circle of friends that I trust and respect has gotten smaller over the last few years. I was struggling with making good choices when it comes to my own tribal members, so I decided to just back off a bit, be myself, and try to remain objective about what was happening in some of my personal relationships. 531 more words

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aren't you tired yet?

It must be exhausting to be you. The ups are way up there and the downs are so low. You’re always telling me how awful your life is, and yet you do nothing to make improvements. 799 more words

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I was shopping for cat food at the local Walmart with one of my friends when a woman pushed her shopping cart past us and under her breath hissed… 234 more words

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