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when your friends are friendly with jerks

Everybody has that one friend, or if you’re unlucky enough, maybe you have a few friends, and they are all friendly with one of the biggest jerks you know. 981 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

why do you Expect it to be Different?

I’m never sure if it’s resilience, that blind, forgiving bitch in our lives called hope, or just denial, that gives people permission to stay in a situation that is just not healthy for them to be in. 2,165 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Emotional/Psychological Banking

You ever get so tired of people? Especially the ones that are always asking you for a favour, maybe dumping their woes me on you constantly? 267 more words


Good Fences Make Good Neighbours (even low voltage ones)

Many cultures have a version of this proverb, so it probably has more than a shred of value. ‘Fences’ are boundaries, and we all have them. 162 more words


#4 Personal Boundaries are a Good Thing

Okay, I exaggerated my Penn Station prowess and downplayed my flyer-hander-outer incompetence. I’m the chump listening to the HRC, NRA, ASPCA, ‘insert acronym here’ promoter for twenty plus minutes. 295 more words


Pushing Through Boundaries. DAY 363

A friend recently posted this T.S Elliot quote on Facebook and it inspired me to open up this particular point within me, the point of setting boundaries for oneself. 3,026 more words

Vixen's Journey To Life

Forts and expression

There are such moments when inside I’m like:
But outside I’m only like:

There are also moments, when I’m smiling widely and laughing so loud that it’s contagious sometimes it just means… that I don’t feel very well. 107 more words