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Making Healthy Boundaries and losing Buttons


I was chatting with a friend the other day and our conversation was about having our buttons pushed. She told me that it wasn’t as much about why they were pushed, but more about how they were pushed. 1,768 more words

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Reclaim Your Life by Creating Healthy Boundaries

Do you feel less joy these days? Does it feel like everyone else owns a piece of you and there is nothing left? Do you dream to have 15 minutes of uninterrupted time so you can reconnect with yourself? 1,835 more words

Life Purpose

Dear World: Please Stop Telling Celebrities They Saved Your Life

Your hands shake. Deep in the pit of your stomach every organ feels like it’s going to explode. Another foot, and then another. The person you’ve admired for so long is now arm’s length away. 957 more words

3 Needs for Genuine Lasting Love

3 Needs: Courage – Boundaries – Respect

During this, the Heart Month, you may not think it is related to courage. And yet courage is directed related to the heart. 607 more words

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Give Yourself Permission to Feel

Emotions are your guidance system. They tell you when your boundaries have been violated. This could involve a violation of your values, your way of life, your sense of integrity or your sense of what is appropriate. 232 more words

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Feel snowed under with the demands of other people? Watch this

Putting yourself first can be hard when it feels like everyone is putting their expectations on you. Here are my thoughts on why it’s important to set boundaries and ensure that your own needs are the first priority. 34 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries

I am happy to report that my sleep schedule is back on track now! 8 hours of sleep looks so good and I have managed to get in to work before 9:30am all of this week except one day when I had a medical appointment. 322 more words