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You be You

Separate your own feelings and thoughts from others.

Be an individual and realize that you are unique, as is everyone.

Another person can not complete you. 28 more words

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love, sorry, can't help you

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday about how to deal with someone that tries to make you responsible for how another person is treating them. When an adult tells you… 94 more words

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Are You in a Friendship or Benefitship?

She looked at me and said, ‘I think you’re starting to develop an attitude and a bad one for that matter.’ I smiled at her and calmly laid down the facts concerning our   749 more words

try getting over yourself...please

A while back I  reconnected with people I originally disconnected from before because I decided at the time that I just could not stand them. Hey, it happens. 1,086 more words

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How To Handle Criticism and Manage Abuse

One of the major things I consider that all social workers working with children and families need to get used to and find ways to cope with and manage, is how to handle criticism and manage the abuse which inevitably will come your way. 664 more words



Infinity is really hard to experience. Math works with it – in fact, math works with all sorts of different infinities – but everything we actually see has boundaries. 1,507 more words

Extinguish the Guilt Flame

Guilt is an emotion that has the capacity to decapacitate. The moment you feel like you have done something wrongful is the precise moment that you have a new job to do, because if you don’t put out the ember, it will start a fire. 287 more words

My 'A' Game