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Feel snowed under with the demands of other people? Watch this

Putting yourself first can be hard when it feels like everyone is putting their expectations on you. Here are my thoughts on why it’s important to set boundaries and ensure that your own needs are the first priority. 34 more words


The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries

I am happy to report that my sleep schedule is back on track now! 8 hours of sleep looks so good and I have managed to get in to work before 9:30am all of this week except one day when I had a medical appointment. 322 more words


Friendship-Mending Orecchiette


What a concept huh? For those of you who grew up in collectivist cultures as I did, lived with siblings, or in multi-generational homes (or even had roommates,) you know how important yet difficult it is to set personal boundaries with others. 965 more words

Lovin' From The Oven

crazymakers and boundaries

I have a couple of these people in my life. They are the ones who leave me feeling off balance after I’ve spent time with them. 531 more words

I don't Write for them, I write for You

I was chatting with a recent reader of my blog when she remarked that she sure hoped when those disordered people read my blog, they figured out how much they were hurting people and tried to get help for themselves. 629 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Don’t say it!!! Don’t fill in that blank!

Because of goodwill, fuzzy feelings and good ‘ole sexual attraction and come on now — it’s the holidays after all… somehow we think it is okay to: 821 more words

Get Real Be Healed