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am I like that too?

I remember telling one of my friends that in writing about personality disorders and bad behaviors, I tended to turn the spotlight on myself and ask those same questions. 1,455 more words

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Deuteronomy: something that Moses and Eliot hushed up

A tiny, black Kitten took a leisurely stroll down a drowsy, prestigious street. Kitten didn’t seem lost or panicked. I would even say that Kitten was rather focused, as if looking for something. 335 more words


I am not that girl

There are days I wonder how that girl gets away with it. I watch as she sashays through life sharing tiny morsels of untruths and lies about this friend or that friend. 1,879 more words

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I have enough friends...

When I heard “I have enough friends…”  said out loud the other day it made me pucker up a little, like I had just bitten into a really sour pickle. 1,596 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

What kind of boundaries do you erect? Finding out is important.

We often talk about setting boundaries in relationships.

They are vital. They’re the bread and butter of healthy relationships.

It’s about saying “no”.
It’s about stating your bottom line. 361 more words

Self Care

10 gentle reminders for every youth minister to help look after themselves.

Over the last few weeks i have been re-reading and thinking about the notion of ‘Self care’ in Youth work and Ministry, revisiting some of Stephen Coveys work on effective leadership, other resources and also hearing from stories of ministry. 382 more words


White cane day/ blind awareness month part one on blindness and comfort level with asking, it's ok to ask and ok to not get an answer

Ok everyone! Have been really looking forward to writing this post and I hope a lot of people read it.

So as you may or may not know, I’m totally blind with the exception of some light perception. 872 more words

Mental Illness