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10 gentle reminders for every youth minister to help look after themselves.

Over the last few weeks i have been re-reading and thinking about the notion of ‘Self care’ in Youth work and Ministry, revisiting some of Stephen Coveys work on effective leadership, other resources and also hearing from stories of ministry. 382 more words


White cane day/ blind awareness month part one on blindness and comfort level with asking, it's ok to ask and ok to not get an answer

Ok everyone! Have been really looking forward to writing this post and I hope a lot of people read it.

So as you may or may not know, I’m totally blind with the exception of some light perception. 872 more words

Mental Illness

Mindful Response-The hallmark of self-care

Victims of Cycles

If I were to ask you what the opposite of love was, what would you say?

If you said hate, you would be wrong. 822 more words

Self-Love: Be Good To Yourself

On The Dissolution Of A Personal Boundary

One of my favorite pastimes when visiting my in-laws in Ohio is to borrow one of the family cars and head to the local cinema to catch a matinée show; it’s how I catch up on the big-screen action I miss out on here in the Big Apple. 464 more words


My Personal Boundaries

Here are my own personal boundaries for you to use as inspiration and an example of one way they can be written. There are many ways to write them out. 800 more words

You attract what you put up with

the compulsion to please others stems from a pattern of behavior that you bring from the past, whenever you feel resentful towards people who seem to be needy and clingy it stems from a self-imposed pressure to bond with them, granted, others assist in establishing it but it is, in effect, you who enact your involvement in interpersonal dynamics riddled with expectations, it is you who project the emotional demands that are smothering you, it is you who make yourself feel as if you owed it to others to humor them and it is you who guilt yourself into reciprocating phony intimacy and faking a semblance of genuine sympathy, it is a choice that have been made and sustained by you and only you, or as Adyashanti puts it: … 10 more words

In For a Penny: The Numbers Game

Charles Lewis III, ranking it up.

It should come as no surprise that as much as I detest reductive labelling in this business we call “play-acting”, I’m not above sharing in some backstage gossip during my off hours. 1,315 more words

Charles Lewis III