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'Tis the Season

Yesterday I went out for a Thanksgiving dinner to a very nice restaurant (there were a great many open, but this was the only one that said a cancelled reservation would allow them to seat our party of three), where every table was filled with happy patrons, and an excellent chef and kitchen staff prepared some wonderful food, a delightful waitstaff brought out our meals quickly and pleasantly, the service staff kept tables cleared and dishes clean, and the managers oversaw everything with efficiency, good humor, and a warm and welcoming attitude. 862 more words


The Power of "No"

Do you ever feel a knot of resentment building inside of you when someone asks you to do something and you feel you have no choice but to say yes? 832 more words

Personal Growth

Remove Your Label

This is beautiful and true. So very well done. 

If you want help removing your label consider buying my book on Amazon, Me and My Shadow, move from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom… 121 more words


It is 10 o'clock in the morning, on October the 24th, if you want to know.

There’s this adage about how when you ask God for patience, he puts a bunch of annoying stuff in your life to test your patience. I guess the general idea is that virtues don’t magically plop down from the sky so much as grow, sometimes slowly and painfully, through experience. 803 more words

Saying Yes to No: Understanding Personal Boundaries 

During week one of saying no, I expressed a want to be better at time management, but it wasn’t until this past week, week three of understanding how to say no, and trying to put this want into action that I got really frustrated with myself and recognized some things seriously needed to change. 815 more words

Daily Life

when your friends are friendly with jerks

Everybody has that one friend, or if you’re unlucky enough, maybe you have a few friends, and they are all friendly with one of the biggest jerks you know. 981 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

why do you Expect it to be Different?

I’m never sure if it’s resilience, that blind, forgiving bitch in our lives called hope, or just denial, that gives people permission to stay in a situation that is just not healthy for them to be in. 2,165 more words

All Kinds Of Advice