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I am who I am no matter who you are

I had not noticed this was a huge part of who I am until I began creating personal boundaries for myself. I am who I am no matter who the other person is pretending to be and that’s not something I will ever change about myself. 1,285 more words

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Losing my Anonymity

REM lost their religion. William Shakespeare lost doubt. Edgar Allan Poe lost his mind. I’m over here wondering if I’ve lost my anonymity even though I’m not interested in figuring out where it went. 964 more words

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Breathe in Life

So often we let our life run us, instead of us running our life. It’s critical we make ourselves a priority and take the time for the things that fill us up-that connect us to a bigger, more joyful reality.

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Mr. Tinder

Today’s story is brought to you by Tinder (not sponsored).

I was on Tinder during the early weeks of summer. Not looking to find anything serious, just wanting to meet new people, grab some drinks on a patio, a summer fling. 614 more words

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Mr. Piece of Ass Part 2

If you have recently read my blog about Mr. Piece of Ass, you will understand where this is coming from.

I was sitting here, doing my work when my SnapChat notification goes off and it’s a message from Mr himself. 472 more words

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Piece of Ass

I believe the title says it all. We all know that one person who treats every woman as a piece of ass and not an equal. 490 more words

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Strategy--don't leave home without it.

I’m not much of a strategic person, at least not naturally.  I sure appreciate those who are, though.  On that continuum, I probably tend more toward the “see problem, fix problem” rather than “anticipate problem and prevent it” end of the scale. 719 more words

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