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Professionalism vs. Personality : How Personal Branding and Social Media are Married in the Public Relations World

Have you ever gotten curious and just “Googled” yourself? What did you find? Were you proud of the results or were some of them…shall we say…cringe worthy? 1,064 more words


Simples !... Escolhes a pessoa de acordo com o que ela significa para Ti !

As nossas decisões baseiam-se no que a marca representa para nós. E, é exatamente a mesma coisa com as pessoas. Não é a qualificação ao nível académico, a experiência ou o título da tua função que contribuem maioritariamente para o teu sucesso. 569 more words

Convincing the social media 'unbelievers'!

I distinctly remember the day that a fellow L&D professional mentioned twitter being used as part of her own self-development. I listened attentively and thought fleetingly that I really should check it out. 410 more words

One Key Differentiator In Winning New Business

I want to debunk a common myth about business development meaning rambling about your products and solutions in front of the prospect. The answer is NO! 629 more words


Keeping Your Personal Brand Safe Over Spring Break

By: Sophia Ciancone, @sophiaciancone

Spring break is finally here. Ping has been packed and the salad bar line long. Students are ready to set off and enjoy a week of carefree relaxation and fun. 282 more words

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Growth Hacking your Personal Brand

We are flooded with information from the internet these days. Everyone is vying for three seconds of your attention – product marketers, friends, cousins, grandmothers, and every imaginable individual you might encounter. 807 more words

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