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Why I Decided to Stop Branding Myself.

I’m not a commodity. I am not consumable. I am an experience. There isn’t just one thing about me that you should appreciate. Sitting here and curating my thoughts and activities to appeal to that consumption was something that made me entirely uncomfortable. 675 more words


To Future-proof Your Career Or Business.

Our mind often takes us in different directions, we see risks more clearly than opportunities, and we can introduce results easier than what can be expected of us. 177 more words


BTB: Becoming The Brand.ish

What is “The Brand.ish”? What does it mean? These are questions we’ve already received before even publishing our first blog post. As aspiring professionals, it seems fitting to question the validity of a marketing blog being managed by undergraduate students. 472 more words


If You Can’t Sell Yourself, How Do You Expect A Recruiter To?

Do you know how many times a recruiter hears, “just get me in, and I can sell myself.”?

A lot.

Hey, I’m all for confidence – more power to you. 757 more words


Personal Branding and Professional Writing

The modern, interconnected world has many perks, but sometimes I crave a simpler way of life: a world in which people don’t have to submit to online self-promotion to elevate their potential in the job market; a world wherein personal branding only exists for business empires, not individuals. 1,154 more words

Professional Writing

Divination for the week ahead.

In order to grow, you must now separate yourself from parasitic relationships. Who is it that sucks the life out of you with their presence? How are you supposed to… 761 more words


3 Benefits Of Personal Branding Strategy That You Should know

Branding come along with various perspectives that people have about it. Some think that it’s for celebrities and some think that it require Professional working. But factually, it’s not as complicated as some of us think of it. 358 more words

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