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UA Maker CTE Web Design Performance Task — Personal Branding

A color that represents me : Blue 

A feeling that describes me : Easy-going

A living thing that describes me : Hamster… 266 more words

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UA Maker CTE Web Design Performance Task: Personal Branding

1.A color that represent me is:Purple and Brown

2. A feeling that describe me is:Stress and Happy… 154 more words


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3 Things That Represent Me:

  1. Blue
  2. Music
  3. Guitar

Personal Branding:

I want people to associate me with Rock music and playing instruments when they look at my personal brand a. 100 more words


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  1. What you would find on my page would be things like the mta and alot of info on math and algebra. you will alos be seeing red white and green which are the color of the flags of the  ones that are the colors of my flag.
  2. 38 more words

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  1. A color that describes me is Blue
  2. A feeling that describes me is Calm
  3. An object that describes me is a Dog
  4. Associations that I want people to think of when they see my name is 
  5. 147 more words

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The 3 words that represent me are black, fast, and swagmaster.

When people hear my name I want them to think fun, exciting, and memes. 125 more words


Just a Sliver of Us

Who are we?

That is not so much a question as it is a mode of being. We are in flux. Each of us. We are these things called people, in a condition called alive, on a journey inside a body; and we call that a life. 440 more words