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Public Relations and Life

I am not oblivious to the fact that my posts have been nothing but varied topics related to Public Relations and Communications.Theory does get boring after a while, I do realise. 781 more words

Your LinkedIn Profile –How You See Yourself For Others To See & Find You

One of the best things about being five foot tall and having a son who is over six feet tall is the endless array of short jokes. 592 more words


Insights on Public Relations

If you have ever tried your hands at exploring my previous blogs, you should already know that I am a student of Public relations. It is strange how 3 years back, I was absolutely oblivious to this term. 681 more words

Unlock The Power Of Reputation

We frequently do research to form an opinion on our potential business partners and clients. But, how much research do you perform on your own reputation, how you are perceived? 98 more words


Networking: Quick tips to elevate your presence 

Does the idea of networking at a mixer sound forced and unnatural? When I first graduated I quickly grew bored with going to events and trying to force a conversation with complete strangers, but honestly, I was taking the wrong approach.  838 more words

How to Rock your Flats at Work

I am so over heels. Unless it's a special occasion and all I have to do is sit around looking at my poor tortured toes (seriously, who invented high heels and thought, "These look like a good idea!"?), I'm not wearing them. 632 more words


The S.M.A.R.T. way of Personal Branding.

It has almost been a month since I set out on this new venture of writing blogs. The response that it has been receiving is overwhelming. 778 more words