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Membandingkan Personal Branding Dengan Pencitraan

Apa yang Anda pikirkan ketika mendengar kata branding? Kalau bagi saya pribadi, kata branding meninggalkan kesan sebagai sesuatu yang keren dan profesional. Sebaliknya dengan kata pencitraan, yang meninggalkan kesan sebagai suatu sikap munafik dan penuh kepalsuan. 404 more words


The Sooner You Unfollow Celebrities The Better

Let’s face it…

We all love to see our “Followers” number grow on Twitter, and we love to see how many people engage with our content on our social media channels. 683 more words

Personal Branding

Just how well are you telling your story?

When I graduated from California State University at Fullerton, it was the best of times and the worst of times. In California, we were experiencing rolling blackouts in the midst of the Enron Scandal. 531 more words

Non Fiction

Have you heard about personal branding?

What’s the most popular quote in all branding industry? It’s hard to decide, but I will go with the one used really often “Brands are people.” Shortly speaking that means: just like the people brands have identities and personalities. 233 more words

Your Professional DNA

Reputation is built on performance and how your expertise, unique qualities and bugs are perceived. It’s your professional DNA. It’s the story that you bring to the world and it’s knowing what is moving you forward and what might stall you. 30 more words

Per Frykman

Who is Tuan.

My passion for Business started when I was a younger. I remember going to the local bakery shop with my parents to purchase small baked goods. 352 more words

Personal Branding

10 Secrets to Master Your Personal Brand

1Like everything else about you, your personal brand is unique. Honing your brand is about taking control of your image and fine-tuning it to reflect who you are, where you have been and where you are going. 1,222 more words