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3 All-Star Methods to Market Yourself

I’ve recently been heavily involved in the end of college job search that every graduating student faces and as I’ve been applying and searching for jobs I’ve learned a lot about personal marketing. 571 more words


What I learned in Social Media Marketing SIXTEEN

Social Media Marketing class at the University of Northern Colorado has been a great opportunity for me to build my personal brand and gain valuable knowledge that can be applied to business settings. 537 more words

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My 5 Tips for Tackling Social Media

During my spring semester of 2016 I took a Social Media Marketing class at the University of Northern Colorado. I had no idea that I used to be such a social media caveman. 1,281 more words

Personal Branding

How to Build a Personal Brand?

“Always be yourself … do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

My parents like to tell a story from my childhood. 539 more words


Brand your Business Effectively

Brand management was a chimera years ago. I had a lot of discussions over the course of several years about the importance of a Brand role and the impact it can have in the #socialmedia ecosystem with many people (and I bored them probably too much!).  91 more words


A Course in "Tweets", "Hooting" & "Endorsements"

Ah… the overwhelming feeling of social media, the numb feeling of social media withdrawal. The millennial need to overshare. All of these occurred due to a semester of Social Media Marketing, of which I am most grateful to have taken. 697 more words

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Never Crowded On The Extra Mile.

Richard Branson wrote that it’s never crowded along the extra mile. So true and it’s the same road that leads towards being remarkable and unique. … 64 more words

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