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To Achieve your Potential, Actualize your ideas.

What is an idea?

It’s simply a thought which comes up in your mind.

From the definition, an idea can be seen to be a very minor thing but in real sense, you can’t achieve your goals without an idea. 361 more words

Personal Branding

Freelancing: What’s in an Invoice?

Invoices are the lifeblood of a freelancer: they’re how you get paid! So what needs to go into one?

What you’ll want to make is a template, that you can re-use as you (hopefully) do more work for the same client, or that you can repurpose for use with a new client. 646 more words

Personal Branding

Summer project 1 - GAIQ Certificate: Check ☑️

Regardless of some experience working with the Google Analytics, I still find the necessity of understanding the Google Analytics systematically.

In fact, the learning process to complete the GAIQ certificate cleared out my misunderstandings about GA :oops: Specifically, the course of GA from beginner to advanced level has helped me: 76 more words

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Catching the attention of your dream client ain’t easy, you have lots of competition. So the million dollar question is, what can you do to b create a brand that gets noticed? 380 more words


8 Simple Tips to Build a Stronger, Better Personal Brand

Let’s be honest, Personal Branding can be really, really confusing, especially if you’re new to it. But that’s no reason to give up, is it? And don’t say “social media is not the right platform for the field I’m in” because… 1,480 more words


The Most Important Thing

What do top-performing people do every day that other people don’t?

Hard work? Reading? Exercise? Meditation? Nope.

Here’s what you should be doing every day whether you’re a baker, a pilot or in any line of work. 1,527 more words

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The Importance of Being Known

One of the worst things in the world for any human being is to not be known… we call this loneliness.

In the world of branding and real estate, one of the worst things in the world is to not be known… for anything. 232 more words

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