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personal branding, Episode 1:

What Is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is a way of clarifying and communicating what
makes you different and special—and using those qualities to
guide your career or business decisions. 233 more words

Personal Branding

personal branding, Episode 2:

Start Building Social Credibility

When you engage people with confidence, authenticity and purpose, you
are certainly on the road to building social credibility. It makes it easier for… 683 more words

Personal Branding

Sistematización, el arte del siglo 21

Tiempo de Lectura: 3 min, 35 Segundos.

Desde hace varios meses me encuentro realizando investigaciones sobre el comportamiento humano, sus pasiones, motivaciones, capacidad de razonamiento hacía los impulsos, para desarrollar mi libro, esto lo utilizo para englobar los pilares fundamentales que he descubierto para lograr el balance perfecto en nuestras vidas, que son: salud, dinero, relaciones sociales y metas de vida. 823 more words

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The Lazy Days of Summer? The “No Crazy” Days of Summer

At the beginning of July, I committed to blog every day and to encourage you to engage in significantly more social media activity. This is my 31st blog in a row.  1,167 more words

Personal Branding

How to Make Managing Your Social Media Easy

I hear this so frequently when chatting to people about Social Media. They are worried about the fact you just don’t get that 5-10 minutes here and there during the day, to stop what you are doing and do a quick post to your social media accounts, plus the issue of having to post it to every account separately? 183 more words

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Job Hunting? Here's how you can stand out.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, job searching can be very difficult. The job market is still tight, and competition is stronger than ever. 747 more words


Is it Time for a Business or Personal Branding Makeover or Update?

Technology and social media are rapidly changing. Strategies for networking and personal marketing have also changed. Small business owners, networkers and those in sales roles need to adapt and update their approaches. 936 more words

Personal Branding