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A New Chapter (10 of 365)

I’m writing this sat cross legged on my new bed.

In my new home.

With my partner lying next to me while he watches WWE. 294 more words

365 Days Challenge

2017 - a LIBERATING year gone by

After writing a short para on the year gone by for the past few years, I decided to change it up with a #personalchallenge to reflect on every moment of #2017. 261 more words


My Final Night (9 of 365)

Tonight is my final night here. Everything I own, save a few bits I’d forgotten, is packed up and stacked into the bathroom ready for the big day. 92 more words

365 Days Challenge

#MeToo my story (8 of 365)

When the hashtag #MeToo swept through my social media I read the stories and sympathised with their tellers in my own silent way.

Unfortunately, too many of us whether you’re male or female have similar stories and experiences. 126 more words

365 Days Challenge

1 Year, 100 movies, challenge accepted!

In search for something new this year, I am going to go through and watch the whole of the AFI 100 Greatest American movie list from 2007. 38 more words


Mark fucking Zuckerberg

Ugh I just can’t with this guy. Human andoid penis has announced that this year’s ‘personal challenge’ (he’s such a douche he has to invent seriously indulgent maturbatory corporate speak titles for activities he engages in) to figure out what the fuck Facebook keeps getting wrong with itself. 371 more words

The Post of Stolen Time (7 of 365)

Well, I’ve kept this up for a week. Congratulations to me, I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far.

I’ve stolen some time from other (admittedly, more important) tasks, to come here and write again. 171 more words

365 Days Challenge