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Scotland's Politicians just don't get it.

Scotland is to help train Syrian women who are involved in the peace process.

Nicola Sturgeon announced that the Scottish government would work with the UN to offer female peacemakers training in negotiation and communication. 168 more words


Screwing The Civil Servants

Hatchet man Osborne is really scraping the barrel to feather his (whoops) the Tory nest.

First he attacks the hand that feed him aka business. … 122 more words


Vital Numbers

How many ex-servicemen can still quote their service number?
Yet can’t remember their mobile phone number.

Yep, that would be me.

When I want a number of great importance I ask the wife. 560 more words


The people spoke and . . .

Government officials remove more than 6,000 names from petition calling for no confidence vote in David Cameron

But the petition has still received more than 188,000 ‘genuine’ signatures – easily passing the 100,000 threshold for the motion to be considered for debate in Parliament. 114 more words


Tories Attack The Hand That Feeds It.

Fury over Osborne’s £11.6bn business ‘payroll tax’
Business leaders have been left reeling after George Osborne announced a £11.6bn “payroll tax” and removed hundreds of millions of pounds of support. 421 more words


Home Grown Terrorists

We cannot ignore the threat of home-grown jihadis.
Terror suspects were arrested at the rate of one every day for the past year, a House of Commons committee was told yesterday. 168 more words