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Windows 10, oh the joy!

Just to be fair I am running a XPS gaming computer 2.20GHz processor with 16.0 GB Ram, GeForce GT 640M graphics processor. I updated to windows 10 last night, and I must say I love the update. 343 more words

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News from UK

MPs to be age checked.
(Although it’s unclear if that is their physical or mental age.)
PRIME MINISTER David Cameron is looking to ensure that adult websites, the sort that MPs like, will abide by age verification standards and make sure that fumbling punters are of adult age. 359 more words

Current Affairs

Our "Lords" and masters

The corruption just keeps on mounting up as does the abuse of the system.

A government containing child molesters, dope sniffers, prostitute using, fraudsters, self-serving, and porn watching at a rate of 250,000 times a year on parliament computers. 168 more words


Breaching An Islands Defenses

Some 2,000 migrants (illegal immigrants) tried to enter the Channel Tunnel terminal in Calais on Monday night in an attempt to reach the UK, operator Eurotunnel has said. 313 more words


The enemy within

Pick any country in the world and there is some sort of conflict or internal upset going on. Only some aren’t violent but still involve attacks on a person or persons. 824 more words


It's all about the money

The spreadsheet for last years expenditure is in and it is in the black.
That’s good news isn’t it, no red anywhere has got to be good! 248 more words


Pilot Holes

Do you know what it’s like to watch someone doing something terribly wrong and yet you can’t look away?

That “I can’t believe he did that” moment? 1,131 more words