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Cars, Bicycles, Pedestrians.


I have lived in Los Angeles for twenty four years, to this day I cannot understand why some lunatic decided to give pedestrians right of way over cars. 370 more words

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#Tigers and orang utan are important but what about the #Indigenous people?

Sound of an approaching motor bike broke a long reflection on the devastation caused by fires that have raged across Indonesia’s peatlands in recent years producing suffocating smoke haze across the region. 1,023 more words


This is Manchester !!!

Panoramic snapshots of life in Manchester’s multicultural Cheetham Hill Road

On this blog I do my best to keep away from political events and areas of life that can only affect people in a negative way !!! 118 more words

Nigel Borrington

Leaving Windows 10 for Linux

My transition to Linux Mint.

The End Of  Windows 10

First I do say that Windows 10 wasn’t terrible, but it has some major issues which I will tell before I talk about Linux. 559 more words

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During this last week I have learnt the value in not under-estimating people, on this particular occasion it happens to be my sever year old son. 173 more words

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A good bit of intolerance...

Yesterday, I lost some followers on Twitter because I had dared to suggest that the Scottish parliament should not be suspended for the rest of the day but to carry on as usual. 234 more words

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