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The Cheese

No good deed goes unpunished sayeth the cynical.
Except this time it went rewarded.

A simple electrical job for another i.e. disconnecting a fridge from the storage batteries on their boat was achieved with a little bit of scrabbling round and the removal of a fuse they didn’t even know they had! 117 more words



A decade-old oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico could continue spilling for a century if left unchecked, according to a government report obtained by the Associated Press. 258 more words


Difficult to comprehend

I got taken to see a fine art and antiques auction yesterday for no more reason than my friend wanted company. So tucking my weeks pocket-money into my ‘purse’ along I went. 615 more words


Sat in a chair

Once the ground stopped swaying, sitting in an armchair isn’t too bad an experience is it?

I sometimes find it hard to swap from the boat to dry land but curiously not the other way round. 151 more words


Silver Techo-nerds

I wrote about this a while ago but didn’t publish it as I thought I was being unduly harsh.

I’ve always thought that them younger than me were into technology BIG TIME and somehow my generation got caught up in technology but mostly didn’t actually want, need, or even like high-tech. 315 more words


Why "Old Electronics" Are Better

Yet another argument only this time from someone to me.
He had taken his 13 month old CB in for repair.
Actually taken it to their service center in the UK, a drive of about 40 miles for him. 436 more words


Gentle Rain.

Sat, mulling about life, listening and watching the gentle rain fall.
I awoke to it’s gentle sound. slowly, with no pain.
You may know that feeling. 215 more words