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Who's going to win?

NATO against Russia.
Or more appropriately
Who’s going to lose?


NATO always take a narrow view on things but there will be another party that will be positively salivating at the chance to join in. 191 more words



Sung by a pair on a busker’s pitch
A gentle guitar and a voice so clear
I’ve heard it before in all of its forms… 119 more words


The Swallows Called

Just after dawn it was the patter of their tiny feet on the roof that woke me. Their calls soon mounted up as their numbers increased until I looked out of our window to find the sky full of them looking for low flying and pond skipping food in the marina basin. 137 more words


Death comes wearing a suit

This is the POS I’m talking about, MP Iain Duncan Smith.
The work and pensions secretary who hates the sick and disabled.

He is the Tory (Conservative) SOB relentlessly going after all the sick and disabled in the UK. 372 more words

Current Affairs

If I were a criminal

I’d be thanking you all.
The lawyers, courts, politicians, human rights, EU, and civil liberties groups. You make a criminals life soooo easy.

As for health and safety? 687 more words


UK Immigration Control Failed

Right, the government have failed.
We all know that and it seems now they are going to do their usual trick of “If you can’t beat it, ignore it”.  152 more words

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Too old for new tricks

Born a LONG while ago when computers filled rooms with punched tape programming and that new fangled magnetic tape, I wasn’t so much worried about the technological world as “wary” of what it may become. 981 more words