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Overreactions to UCI Attempted Flag Ban?

In this opinion editorial from the LA Times, UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman responds to his earlier comment on the UCI student council’s attempted flag ban. 513 more words

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Congress Takes Up Email Privacy Reform. Again.

Two related bills, one apiece in the upper and lower chambers of Congress, were introduced today aimed at reforming email privacy. They mark another attempt by the nation’s legislative body at reforming the requirements that the government must meet to read your digital missives. 389 more words


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How do people see Photography, Commercial or Creative?

How do people see Photography and creativity?

During my time here, in the WordPress blogging community the one thing I have loved the most is to see images and posts from around the planet. 586 more words

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The Interview tops YouTube's list of popular videos

Getting hit by hackers who may or may not be from North Korea isn’t the worst way to drum up interest for a movie: “The Interview” is currently at the top of YouTube’s “ 177 more words

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Now Sony should make a movie about how they were hacked and how the United States cut off North Korea from the Internet for a day.

The Drone That Could Save You From Drowning


They’ve earned something of a reputation for being buzzy little floating boxes of annoyance and privacy invasion, and the hordes of people unwrapping them this week… 150 more words


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Love this, instead of thinking about how they are going to be bad. Some are looking to the future with how new tech will save us, not spy on us.

Ups and Downs

I’m sure all of you have heard, in some way or another, this saying:
“Life is like a roller-coaster”

That is 100% true, and makes especial sense to me as I sometimes reflect upon particular events that have stirred strong emotions in me. 187 more words


Alabama state representative to name anti-discrimination bill after Tim Cook

Alabama state representative Patricia Todd announced today that her upcoming anti-discrimination bill will be named after Tim Cook. Todd plans to introduce the bill, which would prevent the government from discriminating in its hiring practices based on points such as sexual orientation, in March. 133 more words

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Good job.