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B-Roll of U.S. Fish & Wildlife's Drone Vaccine Program

In August, we brought you news of the plan to save the black-footed ferret by aerially bombing their prey with pellets.

Now, we have video of that effort. 182 more words


Delta Airlines Flying Almost 3,000 Toad Tadpoles into Puerto Rico

Wednesday night, nearly 3,000 undocumented citizens will fly into Puerto Rico to be unleashed on the island nation.

Fortunately, they’ll be invertebrates at the time. 140 more words


Massive 14-Lb. Lobster Caught and Released in Bermuda

That’s a whole lotta lobster!

A charter boat company in Bermuda caught a whopper of a lob-stah — weighing a massive 14 lbs. — the night after Hurricane Nicole moved through the area. 219 more words


WATCH: Baby Elephant 'Saves' Drowning Human Friend Who Is Not Actually Drowning

There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant with really pure, albeit misguided, intentions.

When Kham Lha, a baby elephant living at The Save Elephant Foundation… 153 more words


Dear Lord Watch This Great White Breach a Shark Cage

We’re not quite out of shark season yet, so here’s one last video to keep you out of the water until next fall.

YouTube channel Gabe and Garrett is largely known for family-friendly stuff, but this week, their dad’s harrowing video of a great white shark breaching a shark cage near Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula is going viral. 257 more words


WATCH: The Hidden Epidemic of Snakes Getting Stuck in Beer Cans

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It’s a sad tale, one as old as time.

Snakes across the globe frequently wind up getting stuck in cans — beer and otherwise — because their scales only run forwards, not backwards. 158 more words