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Is It Starting Over Again?

In 1965 I worked with several local black workers in Pineville, SC. The events at Emanuel AME church upset me. However, it took this message from one of those workers who risked her life to fight racism in the community around her to realize how terrifying it must be to see the world going backward to the horror she lived through as a child. 168 more words

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Retrospective of June

In the sweltering, oppressive heat and humidity that came with June, I read 8 books.

And for my goal of reading 100 books in 2015, I’m now 57% toward completing that goal, and with only half of the year gone. 34 more words

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Confederate Parades

Ah, it didn’t take long for the Confederate parades to begin. Please don’t watch if you are offended by obscene language.   I remember smaller parades in front of my house in South Carolina… 41 more words

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...then three come along at once

When I started my deeper research for this biography in 2010, one of the things I did was trawl the Web for manuscripts of George’s that were up for sale. 498 more words

George Calderon

Commemoration (to be continued)

The organisation of a public commemoration of George Calderon’s sacrifice on 4 June 1915, and the experience of the form it eventually took, have raised a huge number of questions in my and other Calderonians’ minds. 1,004 more words

George Calderon


Both Constance Sutton (Astley) and Nina Corbet (Astley) knew only too well the nervous and physical effects that anxiety tended to have on Kittie.

But Kittie had her own well-developed pattern of techniques for coping with it. 384 more words

George Calderon

Could the Holocaust Happen Again?

“It couldn’t happen again!” As a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement I feel that although there have definitely been gains since my experiences in 1965, we seem to be sliding backward holding on to those gains by our fingertips. 400 more words

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