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Retrospective of August

During the month of August, I read 7 books. This brings me just over the 3/4 threshold of my goal of 100 books in 2015. 13 more words

Personal Commentary

In Praise of the One-Hour-a-Day Writing Schedule

For years, I had an extremely rigid writing schedule: I wrote 2 times a week for about 3 hours at a time. I’d usually do two days writing and one day editing, and I’d write somewhere around 4-5,000 words a week. 659 more words

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A Lion of the Civil Rights Movement Passes

Today we lost an important civil rights leader, professor and visionary: Julian Bond.  We need new leaders to take on his work.  Few have his courage and determination.  This is a great loss.

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Retrospective of July

During the rather warm and muggy month of July, I read 10 books. And, oh yeah, I moved, too, which involved lots of book rearranging. I’m within a palpable distance to my goal of 100 books for 2015 with an ahead-of-schedule 68 total books. 7 more words

Personal Commentary

Why Worry About Protecting the Right to Vote

I have a Canadian friend who frequently asks me why I am so worried about people losing the right to vote even though they are legally able to do so.   154 more words

Personal Commentary

White People 101

My husband was surfing the net and found a program called “White People.”  Knowing my interest in civil rights, he recorded it for me.  Tags: documentary, drama, series. 203 more words

Personal Commentary

Dialogue at a dinner

SHE: Who is this man you are talking about?

ME: He’s Edwardian.

SHE: Is Edwardian? Surely you mean he was Edwardian?

ME: Well no, he is Edwardian. 13 more words

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