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From Manuscript to Published

Throughout the past year, I had been asked to read and provide input on the manuscript that would become¬†A Boy Named Trout by Mercy Strongheart… 86 more words

Book Review

Group of Sneaky Squirrels Wanted By Toronto Store for Stealing Over 40 Candy Bars

Luke’s Grocery in Toronto, Canada, has a rodent problem, but not the kind¬†you would expect.

According to The Toronto Star, a group of squirrels are boldly skittering into the store and stealing candy bars off the shelves. 271 more words


Granny the 100-Year-Old Wild Orca Is an Example of the Life SeaWorld Whales Are Missing

Along with SeaWorld’s Tilikum, the world lost another notable orca whale this week.

Granny, believed to be as old as 105, is missing and presumed dead. 363 more words


WATCH: Confident Lynx Reminds Skiers He Owns the Mountain

Sure, humans have covered mountains in chalets, ski lift and slaloms, but animals still own the wild.

One lynx in Colorado decided human beings needed a humbling reminder of who really owns the peaks. 71 more words


WATCH: Snake in Toilet Interrupts Brett Eldredge's Tropical Vacation

Talk about a morning after!

On New Year’s Day, Brett Eldredge awoke to find a snake in his toilet.

The country music star was celebrating the arrival of 2017 on Staniel Cay Island in the Bahamas when he encountered the uninvited local slithering around the porcelain bowl of his getaway abode. 118 more words


WATCH: This Moose Wants to Race, Unless You're Chicken

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Psst, you down for a little action? A little rubber to asphalt, hoof to pavement fun?

Then we have just the moose for you. 146 more words


The Dreaded Resolutions

January the first, an arbitrary day for fresh starts and new beginnings; a day that springs new hope. For a lot of people this new years carries the same habit, New Years Resolutions. 487 more words