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World's Last Male Northern White Rhino Joins Tinder to Find Mate

This article originally appeared on Time.com

(NAIROBI, Kenya) — The world’s last male northern white rhino has joined the Tinder dating app as wildlife experts make a last-chance breeding effort to keep his species alive. 239 more words


9 Precious Cheetah Cubs Rescued from Being Sold Into Illegal Pet Trade

Cheetahs are entrancing, powerful and endangered. They need to be protected, not turned into pets.

Unfortunately, there is a demanding illegal pet trade in the Arab Peninsula, which buys up to 300 cheetah cubs a year, according to the… 320 more words


Penguins Have Knees and 9 Other Important Facts to Know on World Penguin Day

Happy World Penguin Day!

As usual, all the penguins on this Earth have shown up in their black-tie best to celebrate the occasion. Along with giving a hat tip to this majestic (and sometimes silly) bird, this day was created to raise awareness about the number of penguin species that are threatened by things like habitat destruction, overfishing and pollution. 557 more words


Help New Girl's Lamorne Morris Protect These Bachelor Penguins on World Penguin Day

It’s World Penguin Day! A perfect day to help the penguins of this world, and you’ll be in good company if you do.

New Girl… 192 more words


WATCH: Chill Bear Just Looking for a Little Bro Time

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If what I have gathered from male friendship movies (that aren’t Deliverance) is correct, men like to pass the time together meaningfully staring off in silence. 104 more words


WATCH: River Monsters' Final Season Will Be the Biggest, Deepest and Most Extreme Yet

For eight seasons Jeremy Wade has gone hand-to-fin, face-to-face with some of the weirdest, wildest and most wonderful creatures on this planet. Now, for his final season, Wade is going even farther. 113 more words


WATCH: Orphan Baby Kangaroo Needs a Ride, and Any Pouch Will Do

Is this the cutest (and most persistent!) young hitchhiker or what?

Meet Terri. Much like the word for a baby kangaroo — that would be a “Joey” — Terri’s name is unisex. 148 more words