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[VIDEO] Gordon Moore: Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of Moore’s Law

This April marks the 50th Anniversary of Moore’s Law. Three years before co-founding Intel, Gordon Moore made a simple observation that has revolutionized the computing industry. 42 more words


NEW ARTICLE – 2015-04-15

Many people use the Internet daily but few understand what it is and what happens when they click the “Enter” key. This article presents… 943 more words


As PC sales fall, Intel eyes the data center as its next big hope

If you needed another reminder that the personal computer business is continuing to slump, look no further than Intel’s flat first quarter revenues that it blamed on people being uninterested in buying PCs. 477 more words


The Innovators - Walter Isaacson

The INNOVATORS is a comprehensive play by play history of the personal computer. From the original conception of a machine that would perform tasks such as calculations, process words and create art in the mid 19th century, to the renowned history of Microsoft and Apple, the INNOVATORS provides an incredible insight into the minds of the brilliant individuals that formed what would become the computer industry. 267 more words


Old tech blending in a new tech world

When I have to whip something up fast, there’s nothing like the power, ease and comfort of a desktop computer with a keyboard of choice. 688 more words

NEW ARTICLE – 2015-03-27

Samsung looks desperate! After surpassing Apple by at least a year technologically and coming out with smartphones that offer more advanced technologies and functionality, the latest iPhone 6 are selling like hotcakes. 708 more words

5. Samsung Note

Asus Transformer T300 Chi

Asus has worked hard to move upmarket. Making low-cost no-brand PCs is not good business. Today Asus wants to been seen as a maker of affordable, good-quality hardware. 554 more words