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#WritePhoto – Waiting

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week: Waiting… It’s that time again Waiting… Can you feel the pain? Waiting… Don’t know what you gain Waiting… Crying like th…

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Osborne 1-First Portable Computer

Computers nowadays come in all shapes and sizes from a smartphone to the super computer Mira.

An essential requirement nowadays is that computers are portable. It may be hard to believe but the history of portable computers goes back 37 years, even when I write it ’37 years’ I can’t  believe it . 357 more words


Meet the Microcomputer—The initial Personal Computer

This post is in recognition of the early inventors, technicians, programmers, and operators of the huge mainframe computers which gave way to the early microcomputers. Personal computers (PCS) in vogue today, contrary to belief, didn’t spring up and into the hands of teens and young adults who presume they are the only computer experts. 418 more words

Author Lyn Mims

Check out IBM'S Computer -It's smaller than A Rock of Salt

Looks like there will come a time when we would not be using big computers, tablets and laptops anymore and it might happen sooner than we think. 142 more words


Week 9 - Smartphones

In the past, our important data was stored in personal computers.  Nowadays, all the same information and more are stored in the little computers we carry around constantly, our smartphones.  281 more words

Macintosh, NeXT, & Anime

As many will see from this blog as I write more and continue its growth is that it is mainly technology oriented along with connections to anime. 659 more words


My Hardware Journey With PC Gaming - My First New PC in Seven Years, Coming Soon (TM)

I have had my current computer for 7 years. What a long time for me to own (roughly) the same system.

Now, granted, it is not just any computer. 1,162 more words