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October 2 1988 A room with Jasani and Ashraf

Popular Heights in Poona was made up of two towers of flats overlooking the river and right beside the burning ghats. Part of Hindu belief is that the dead need to be burned and their ashes placed in the river, so burning ghats are always located next to the river. 990 more words


Beware of con artists

I got a phone call this afternoon from someone with a very bad fake Indian accent.¬† By Indian, I’m referring to the country of India. 508 more words


Starlog #189 April 1993

As I recall, “The Lawnmower Man” was about a mentally deficient man who mows lawns being turned into a genius by a scientist using computer technology. 34 more words


Finals are rough with ADD.

That’s just an excuse. No, no it’s not. Must build a PC.


Got Rid of Some Nasty Java "Adware"

Recently had a technical issue with Java. Mac OS no longer supports Java because Apple considers the Java-sphere too unruly, rife with malware and viruses. However, to run old Adobe software, I need it. 583 more words

Before the Apple Watch There Was The Hewlett Packard Calculator Watch, Before That, The Seiko Watchman TV Watch

Before the Apple Watch, there was the Hewlett Packard calculator watch. And before that, there was the Seiko Watchman TV watch. A curator from our  Museum of American History talks about the evolution of wrist tech on Smithsonian Science News

via Smithsonian


Technology blues

Adios to my Dell Desktop Computer

My desktop PC has crashed and burned. The “blue screen” of death appeared with a sneer and took away my companion. 425 more words