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Audrey: Dream Traveler[Part 2 of 2]

As Audrey left the man who only identified himself as The Guide, she walked down the hallway of the building where she had met him.  The last thing she recalled was going to bed, and she was really not clear as to how she got to this building. 2,400 more words


An Insight on Personal Conflict & Stress 1.1

I don’t think am the only person who has ever come across this form of struggle in Life…Humans are super complicated and here goes my Favourite line of all time, “Everybody is Fighting their own Demon in their Own level of Hell and it all comes down to perspectives.” and all this Smiles we see around cover the biggest internal conflicts, only that others are brave enough to face their Demons and smile while for  others its a little bit difficult to smile and put a brave face. 541 more words

Love Romance

One Giant Leap for Jade - Part 2

Jade’s father dropped her off at Kyoto Station. Jade hesitated on leaving the can as if gravity had increased for a moment. Her father looked at her with knowing eyes. 1,407 more words


History - Revision Notes

Image: West Sands, St. Andrews © Welcome to Scotland
Excerpt From History by John Burnside
St Andrews: West Sands; September 2001
as we flew the kites… 920 more words
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During our lifetime, research suggests we will meet as many as 10,000 people. Of those 10,000, we may be lucky enough to surround ourselves with people we can trust, have fun with, and build life long relationships. 588 more words

Conflict Management


There are some things in life that are bigger than the individual. Sometimes we don’t understand the selflessness it takes to put others in front of oneself, and we question the way life has treated us. 808 more words

Conflict Management


There is a wound you cannot see,
Buried deep inside of me,
And it spreads through like a wave,
And it traps me like a cave. 71 more words