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I feel like I need to introduce myself.

Hi. I’m Heather Meadows, the absentee blog writer. I can’t believe it’s been fifteen days since our last post. 945 more words


Losing My Childhood Version Of Romance

When I was little, I used to daydream about the kind of romance I would have when I was “older.” My inspiration for these fantasies came from TV shows and romantic comedies where the girl always got the guy, or the guy always swooned over the girl and they somehow ended up together in the end. 816 more words

Great Tips To Help With Internet Marketing

So, you have decided it is time to do some Affiliate marketing. This is really quite exciting, right? With these easy-to-use tools, you can begin building your website and creating your Online marketing business. 28 more words


Journal 1 - Connecting Student Lives to Tuesdays with Morrie

Students connect with a text when they are able to relate the content to their personal lives and make deeper, more personal connections. 309 more words

Student Teaching

On Religion, Relationship, & The Extremes

I’ve been in a place of extremes lately. I was in a church history class last semester, and the main thing I took away from it was our tendency to go to extremes. 993 more words


Loving Life and Laughter

A loving Legend

Legends say that the hummingbirds float free.

They carry our hopes for love, joy, and celebration.

The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that… 67 more words