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Day 7: The Eye Contact Experiment

Dear Friends,

Much of our winter retreat has been focused on internal practices, seeking the root of compassion in our own hearts. It is so important to connect to our inner source of wisdom & strength, and to know by our own investigation that the wellspring of loving kindness and compassion is infinite, limitless, boundless.  531 more words


What lessons can marketers learn from the highest-paid YouTube Stars of 2016?

It used to be the case that celebrities gained fame through performances on the silver screen or the small screen. With the meteoric rise of YouTube since its inception in 2005, the platform represents a new forum that’s making stars out of people who have the right combination of charisma and talent. 485 more words

Your Audience Your Experience

Some Writers Just Speak To You (Podcast)

A reader writes to ask whether I like Cicero more than certain other authors.  This leads to a general discussion about what draws us, almost unconsciously, to prefer some writers over others.   62 more words


Waste Not a Single Greeting

Waste not a single greeting
Planned or chanced

However, meeting
Smile, reach a hand,
Exchange a hug
Look up, look out
Kneel and look
Into the eyes of child…

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Just Saying...

Romantic Relationships and their relation to Gogol's americanization

The Namesake Chapters 5-8

As one grows older, they are forced to make important decisions. Where will they be continuing their post-secondary studies? Where do they want to live? 1,324 more words

Cultural Identity Crisis

The Namesake Chapters 1-4

As a first-generation immigrant – moving from my homeland Algeria at the young age of 4 – I have lived most of the life I remember in a country whose culture was foreign to me. 1,296 more words


Everything in Moderation

The subject of human connection and interaction has been coming up a lot lately in the last couple of weeks. I’m witness to a world that is much more comfortable hiding behind the guise of a cell phone or computer screen. 203 more words