"In Giving You Will Find"


I am officially 21 years old Haha even though in America I am not even 20 yet! Strange, but Taiwan is amazing and we had another great week! 962 more words

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Pairing Homemade Dumplings and S'mores


It was transfer week! I am officially done with “training” Haha but I’m pretty sure the goal is to always be learning new things, so I guess you are technically never done with training. 1,044 more words

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More Than a Rain Poncho

Miracles on miracles on miracles!

Miracle #1: So our friend Huang Yi Ting fell off track for getting baptized and had stopped responding to our texts. 933 more words

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A Man With No Clothes

Hey friends!

Quick Hong Jia Jun update for all those who are interested! We have met with her twice this week! Highlights including teaching the Plan of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ, and she set a baptismal date for 2/16/19. 705 more words

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An Long-haired English-teaching Vegetarian

(Everybody good!?)

This week, I really just want to tell you about one specific person. Her name is 洪嘉君 (Hóng Jīa Jūn).

So about a week and a half ago now, she walked into our English class with her cute almost two year old daughter. 956 more words

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Missionary Works is Filled with Miracles


(Nî huì lĕng ma?)
(You’re able to be cold?)

This is the question that people have been asking me for weeks. Because it’s been 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’ve still been wearing my short sleeves and crocs. 1,001 more words

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The Savior's Season

聖誕快樂! 🎄


We had Zone Conference this week. We talked about our favorite names/titles of Christ. I encourage you all to find the name of Christ that means the most to you and share it with someone you love. 142 more words

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