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One for sorrow - 2 October 2016

He’ll always be my one for sorrow

My magpie, corvid, skulking black crow

In my mind I try to run

To hide, to move, to scream, to overcome… 44 more words


House of Leaves: The Trials of the Labyrinth

Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves is a peculiar beast. Upon the completion of my very first read-through of the notorious novel, it was quickly and appropriately placed among my private collection of books, that is the ones which I am inclined to treat as some of my most prized possessions. 2,663 more words

83. Leap of faith

On his right hand Billy tattooed the word love and on his left hand was the word fear
And in which hand he held his fate was never clear. 613 more words

Our Story


I don’t want to be admitting this but I think I’ve stewed on it for long enough. I might add that this recent experience has made me aware that I might have some issues to work on. 376 more words


desperation to be rescued

Disclosure: tangents may occur.

Please bare with me as you read this. I am not a writer, blogger, or really a person who expresses their emotions. 934 more words


The Phoenix

There is an anger bubbling inside me that wants to come out. It’s an anger that wants to be a catalyst to propel me forward into something. 307 more words

This Is Now

Going up got me down this morning

Maybe it’s the fact that my Wellbutrin prescription ran out and I’ve not gotten around to refilling it. Or could it be that after two-plus weeks in a foreign country  and close to six weeks on the road prior to that, I am terribly homesick. 604 more words