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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho with Wine or Peppermint Tea (or Wine)

It is my personal opinion that when I take the time to read a book it should give me something. It should change me, grow me, challenge me, or allow me to experience something new. 220 more words


Identity: Ministry, Marriage, and Family

An observable pattern in ministry often reveals a pathology in the leaders: many ministry marriages and families fail to the point of discrediting or destroying ministry, and many ministry leaders ignore the more important and fundamental foundations upon which kingdom leadership rests. 896 more words

2017 Is The Year To Be Powerful

If I were to ever get a tattoo, which I can assure you I won’t because I hate pain, this is what it would say: 791 more words


Awakened to a Waiting Destiny

Throughout all my grade school and high school years the only things I could think of that distinguished me in any way at all from my classmates was my… 872 more words


Get the Glamor Out of Ministry!

Glamour, from as early as 1720 , “magic, enchantment” a form of sorcery that projects spiritual influence upon the mind and perceptions, “to cast the glamor.” In English we find grammar in medieval applications to “any sort of scholarship, especially occult learning.” This from c. 2,584 more words

Honor and Inheritance

Honor releases anointing. Dishonor always limits us from receiving what Jesus has sent us.

Honor releases what Jesus sends through leaders. Dishonor limits what He sends us. 658 more words

Kingdom Ecclesia

We know that Ecclesia has definable application to the entirety of the kingdom, as it is in any given moment internationally, a reference to kingdom citizens en mass as it were, as the dwelling place of Holy Spirit wherever they assemble in ways identifiable from a kingdom perspective. 1,887 more words