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The Discipline of Repentance

Consider the terms “discipline” and “repentance.” Neither is part of a “fun package” from Disney. Both concepts remain fundamentals of kingdom discipling and personal transformation. 1,797 more words



To find truly selfless people is rare. “Claiming the right to one’s self” enters the list of spiritual complications near the top, and the kingdom needs people pumping blood with a servant heart. 1,842 more words


Apostolic Shepherding, Part 2, Jesus, the Good Shepherd

John 10 details Jesus discourse about the Good Shepherd. In this discussion, Jesus makes obvious His own role as a shepherd in great contrast to the prevailing view of shepherds and sheep in His generation and culture. 1,159 more words


In 2015

License Plates

I went into open vision about 2015: I was holding old license plates, some rusted to the point at which reading the numbers became difficult. 1,750 more words


Defining Moments

I’ve been noticing a phenomenon that applies to many of the great things God has called us to do in life. I get an amazing picture of what God wants to do, get an exciting start, and then meet an unexpected obstacle and suddenly feel like giving up. 207 more words

Being A Conqueror

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Night Dreams

I used to brush my teeth, put on sleeping shorts, climb under the covers and hit a 7-8 hour black zone called sleep, after which I’d open my eyes and go brush my teeth again. 514 more words

Practical Stuff

You're More Fun than You Think

There were three of us. It was a cold, gray morning. We sat on the patio furniture outside of Starbucks. The streets had not yet filled up with the daily buzz of traffic and hardly a soul was to be seen in the surrounding shopping mall. 677 more words

Personal Destiny