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Equipping the Saints

Paul opens our eyes to God’s leadership strategy in Ephesians 4. Jesus leaves earth, and He bestows five different kinds of leaders upon the kingdom that function to prepare and position the members of His Ecclesia. 570 more words

Blacksmiths At Ziklag, A Message for Brasil

“I have created the blacksmith who fans the coals beneath the forge and makes the weapons of destruction. And I have created the armies that destroy.” (Isaiah 54:16) 2,523 more words

How To Maintain Focus in a World of Swirling Distraction

Jesus says, “When you pray, enter into your closet and close the door.”


This cannot “go without saying” because some people have stopped praying, measured down their intensity in intercession, or simply redefined intercession as “intimacy” in a way that leaves them lying around emoting instead of engaging. 456 more words

Pace Setting with Champions

When Roger Bannister broke the impossible barrier and ran a mile in less than 4 minutes, he had a pacesetter. The pace setter was tasked with helping him run four laps at less than a minute per lap on a quarter mile track: thus, running a four-minute mile. 1,161 more words


The physical sense of this word simply means, “to cast a shadow, or envelop with shade.” The metaphoric sense may include concepts of “being surrounded by a condition or a person’s influence,” or “losing significance or appearance because something or someone gains greater attention so as to diminish attention given to something else.” 2,058 more words

Restoring the Sound of Glory

Isaiah saw the Lord elevated upon His throne with the hem of His robe filling the temple. He saw the burning ones – seraphim – and the Glory filled the temple. 2,275 more words

The Called-Together Ecclesia

While this is the most common launching pad of meaning for the term “ekklesia,” the meaning should be considered a bit more technical in nature than the sum of its parts. 438 more words