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Episode 119 - What Would You Change First: Your Circumstances or Yourself?

I continue to share the different activities included in this team assessment tool I use with clients when they are looking for a fun way to deal with their challenges. 597 more words


Episode 115 - This Simple Decision Making Technique Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

This is one of the exercises I use with my clients. It’s used all over the place but the rarely use it as a tool to design the life we want. 749 more words

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Episode 112 - What ends up heavy as a ton of bricks but we rarely notice we are carrying it?

It’s my shameless attempt at a riddle inspire by what happened to me playing baseball tonight; and a years old memory.

Watch the video to find out what happened. 1,311 more words

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Episode 96 - The Amazing Power of Innocence

“It will never be done…It’s impossible…”, said the director. A few years later, a couple rookies made it happened. They created a Microsoft Excel version of a pricing model that was considered impossible to mimic in MS Excel. 515 more words

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Episode 88 - If They Can't Explain How I Helped Them Transform, I Failed

I walk into my manager’s office. The HR person lets me know my role is being eliminated.

Later on, my manager says, “I’m sorry, I hard a difficult time defending your contribution.” 907 more words


Episode 86 - One Straightforward Strategy To Transform Yourself & Your Country

It’s so ridiculously simple that you’d realize you already know it.

The difference? You are probably not applying it because it’s so simple that you think it’s easy. 1,109 more words


Episode 84 - One Interesting Exercise To Neutralize Stress

Just wanted to share an experience I’m going through right now that is different from what I have heard before and it may be of benefit to you. 626 more words

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