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Bahaya besar di maksiat


Dari Asy-Syaikh Muhammad bin Shalih al-Utsaimin rahimahullah berkata:

«أثر المعصية سيئ، وربما يعاقب الإنسان بعقوبة عظيمة وهي الإعراض عن دين الله» 24 more words


Malaysia Youth Minister Syed Saddiq filling up petrol prompts advisory against phone use

National oil company PETRONAS has advised the communications team of Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman not to use mobile phones when near petrol pumps. 319 more words

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Who are you going to deliberately make your tomorrow agenda?

We all must have come across the statement that if you want to walk faster; walk alone but if you want to walk far you rather have someone to walk with. 470 more words


So, I decided to give myself a present

Giving presents is said to have a positive impact in building and maintaining love and also as a positive reinforcement.

Hence, I got myself a present which is quite expensive, and I might seldom used but I really wanted one. 200 more words

Personal Development

Resisting Death is resisting Life: The importance of the Life, death, resurrection cycle.

I was struck this week with the utter profoundness of my own consciousness. I saw myself as atoms and energy organised as complex forms. In this form I felt that I was the universe looking back at itself. 893 more words

Personal Development

Bullying and it's Origins

I’ve always struggled at being around controlling/domineering/narcissistic types of people. I think this comes down to having a distant relationship with my father who is a Narcissist. 460 more words

Personal Development

Stories To Live By: The Golden Buddha

Back in 1957 a group of monks from a monastery had to relocate a clay Buddha from their temple to a new location. The monastery was to be relocated to make room for the development of a highway through Bangkok. 280 more words