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Learning How to Code | Thanks to Start.ng and FlutterWave

I recently started learning how to code. That’s the surface gist. Lol.

Anyone who knows me would know I have always had a thing for technology and while I have delved into different aspects over the years, one would wonder… 236 more words

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The 2,500+ Mile Hike I'm Making Today

I got up this morning determined to go hiking. It’s an end-of-summer hike I’ve been planning with my kids for weeks. It’s thousands of miles. We’ll be back tomorrow. 306 more words

Personal Development

Here's how your thinking might be flawed...

As we all know, most of our thoughts and reactions are automatic. Think of all the times when you’re watching TV and your mind randomly drifts into that project you haven’t finished at work, or think of when you instantly get annoyed at that driver who isn’t moving when the traffic light turns green. 1,220 more words


And Then Some...

Are you familiar with the quote that says, “There’s never a traffic jam on the extra mile”?  Or, how about the phrase ‘and then some’?  What does ‘and then some’ mean to you?  1,394 more words

Personal Development


We are in our way to get some Loyalty to our selves. Once Awareness has been well understood and accepted by each one personally, it’s time to move to the next step. 439 more words


Yes, it's a sh*tty world. Here's how we'll fix it.

     It’s 2019 y’all. Let me say that again… IT’S 2019. Why are we still having issues with equality? Why are we still having issues with acceptance? 585 more words

Personal Development