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"No-Fail" Friday: Afraid not

Although this week’s post had a lot to do with handling success, there was a bit more to it than that. It was about that underlying sensation that often accompanies a groundswell of good fortune, even when you’ve been working hard for it for as long as you can remember. 459 more words


Day 5 / My First 'Coaching Client'

So, my makeshift life-coaching session went well! Now, the guy I’m working with is a good friend, and anything we’re discussing isn’t outside of the scope of what I would usually give him advice on or try to help him out with. 813 more words


Keeping Score: A Three-Point Scorecard for Growth

One time during an intense all-night battle of real-estate prowess, my friends conspired to cheat against me in the game of Monopoly. Every time I turned my head, one of them took a hundred dollar bill or swiped a house off of Marvin Gardens or Atlantic Avenue. 619 more words

Army Of Hope

As simple as ABC but don't forget D!

A…accepting who you are as being ‘good enough’ in this moment but always wanting to achieve to your full potential.

B…begin, you can’t achieve any goal without taking that first scary step into the unknown. 19 more words

Life And Learning

The Look of Reflection

How vulnerable are you to an overload of envy about the success of others, especially people you know well?

An article in the December issue of… 357 more words

100 Days of Code: Round 2

Here we go again! I know what I’m in for this time, which makes me wonder if I can do it again. I also had the advantage of my son’s naptime last go-around, but not this time. 614 more words

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