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Red faced. Short breathed. Hot-tempered. 

If those are the images you get when you see the word aggressive, I’d like to challenge your thinking. When I think of being aggressive in my own life I think about taking action. 970 more words

Mental Health

Mental Images Create Things (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Paul Scott

Founder & Owner of: Oaktownvibes

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

The reason we never arrive is because we don’t realize that we are already there. 746 more words


The Caterpillar And The Butterfly

“The little caterpillar finds certain strange stirrings going on within himself. The old green leaf he lives on, no longer seems sufficient. He becomes discontented, but – and this is the vital point – it is a divine discontent. 36 more words


Addiction of Mind Games

The past few days I’ve been a victim of the mind games of duality.

It was hectic and chaos.

The mind tempted me with emotional games. 637 more words

Personal Development

How to Experience Wonderful Fulfilled Life

Good day happy people, I hope and trust you are all doing great. I would like to share few tips on how to experience wonderful fulfilled life. 282 more words

Inspirational Motivation

Donald Trump's "Top 10 Rules for Success" -Rule 2 "Never give up"

Never give up. You can change and you could also move around but never ever give up.

I know people that are very smart. They went to the same school of finances with me and I know other people that aren’t smart and those people who were labeled as not smart are the top people in the industries today. 66 more words