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Being Yourself

As you go through life you have probably heard a lot of people telling you to “just be yourself”. But have you ever found yourself wondering how do you “just be yourself”? 182 more words


Management 101 : Bad job with a Good Boss is better than a Good Job with a Bad Boss!

People management is probably the most difficult job in my opinion.  What I meant is for someone who is passionate about people management. What happens to someone who are not passionate about people management and when they are asked to suddenly manage a set of people who are experienced (May be 10+, 15+ years) and /or are a bunch of Alpha’s? 687 more words

Personal Development

Being Different and Getting Over It: How To Accept and Improve

Everyone’s different: we flock together and become friends mainly because we have common interests. For example, the only reason why we’re close to our acquaintances is because we support the same sports team. 679 more words


Why I'm Willing to Have Coffee With Anyone


My fellow Entrepreneur contributor Gene Marks recently published Why I Don’t Want to Have Coffee With You. The title of his article caught my eye because those words perfectly sum up how I felt for years, and still feel from time to time. 772 more words

Personal Development

Make The Most Out Of Your Life With These Useful Personal Development Tips

Personal development is easily considered a key to personal happiness. Those who are happy with their lives and themselves as an individual are more likely to live longer and be healthier. 475 more words

Self Improvement

Top Notch Personal Development Tips To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Where are you going in your life? Do you have any idea where you are and where you are headed? These are crucial questions and can only be answered by looking at your own personal development. 535 more words

Self Improvement