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In October I delivered my first public speech on happiness, mind management and personal development. 232 more words

Personal Development

4 Tips on Finding Your "Passion"

And Lessons I Learned After I Abruptly Left My Corporate Job of Four Months

I changed my major five times in my undergrad. I tried about four different diets since I was a teenager. 1,312 more words

Self Care

Doing it for the likes?

I do my best not to judge other people. Probably because I have spent a large part of my own life feeling judged. However as a society we are generally quick to form opinions of other people, whether it be about their looks, lifestyle or behaviours. 872 more words


Question of the Day – No. 207

Why do you think humans are social animals?

Looking forward to your answers,



Bangkit Asal 1 (Halim Yazid)

Nak bakit asal ambo nk royak sikit,
Adik kakok klu nk kenal skali ni gak nyo bulih,
Diri ambo gelar Halim bin Yazid bin Awang Teh, 338 more words


The 365 Day Writing Challenge

In fall of 2012, I decided to finally start a blog and take creative writing seriously as a profession and as a therapeutic creative outlet. It was the best decision I made and I am so thankful for respecting my soul’s calling. 271 more words