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Know God in a Year #65 Questioning Beliefs can be Healthy

(continued from Friday)
The church service breaks up and the people, inflamed by their self-importance, grab Jesus and take him out of town to the edge of a cliff intending to throw him over, (the first step in a stoning), when suddenly they can’t find him. 226 more words

Good And Evil


I landed back in Australia on Saturday night after a 5 week trip home to the UK. The departure terminal changed at Heathrow and I had to rush with all my bags on the tube as the trains were cancelled. 328 more words

5 Lessons About Hard work from Pawel Poljanski's Viral Photo That Got Everyone Talking

On the path to success you’ll need essential characters such as discipline, determination, passion, commitment, grit, that will enable you to achieve your goal, fulfil your dreams and become a person of excellence. 409 more words

7 great personal Development tips you should know about.

The idea of personal development is to enhance the quality of lives and aid us in reaching our goals and aspirations and being the best version of ourselves. 45 more words


the stories we tell and keep

I started this blog post a while ago. Today, there is a new moon in Leo and Leo season has started. It’s a little easier for me to write about such deep spiritual and emotional matters since things have lightened up a bit (although the house these Leo transits are going through is not a light one (8th house)). 3,147 more words


When the going gets rough...

It’s hard, when we’re on a journey towards feeling better about ourselves, to accept the rough times that come our way. I mean, the whole point is that we feel better, not worse, right? 520 more words

Being Human