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Residual Income

Residual income is when you have money coming in from work you’ve only done once. Yes, that kind of income exists!

Royalty is a type of residual income. 268 more words


Sacrificial Giving

This weekend we remember those who gave their lives in the service of our country. The brave men and women who stepped forward with the knowledge that they might sacrifice their very existence for a cause they came to support. 573 more words

Daily Quick Reads

Happiness, upset, expectations, good intentions, Inner Riches event and Abe


# 1 – 

# 2 – Short and to the point from Dr. Sue Morter….

Upset Lately?

What are you trying to control? 457 more words

Personal Development

Leverage or be leveraged

In my previous post I explained leverage income. Leverage income is when you’re a business owner and you make money off of other people’s efforts. That may have rubbed some people the wrong way because of the words “make money off of other people’s efforts.” Those words don’t sound fair. 345 more words


In a healthy ... society ...

In a healthy relationship, in a healthy society, all entities benefit from each circumstance, each action, and from the values which are held by those entities and by that society. 11 more words

Universal Unification

Work life balance

The topic of “work life balance” is quite broad, and it comes with a spirituality component which I will not be addressing. I believe spirituality is a highly intimate need and every person has a unique way of fulfilling that need, hence my views on the matter would be obsolete. 595 more words

Life Coaching

21 Toxic Habits That Ruin Our Relationships

Take a moment…

And picture the people you love more than anything.

Perhaps it’s your parents, best friend, partner or children.

You’d do anything for them right? 1,935 more words