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How to $ave Money for 20 somethings

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! Wait, wrong dream. Today I’m sharing a few tips I’ve used to not only build some capital but to keep my earnings from flying away. 1,497 more words


Boundaries, Setting Limits & Cutting Ties

In friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and with acquaintances either online or in reality, conflict can either be healthy or dysfunctional; you must learn the difference. 940 more words


The Death of Worrying About Death

Death….so morbid…

Whether it happens quick or drags on too long, it is morbid…

Death is also inevitable…it is how this life will end for each and everyone of us… 387 more words

Personal Development

Interpersonal pain, Frankl's dread of ageing, and Momo


If loss is delusion because possession is delusion (at least of some abstract “things” like time) … what about the abrasiveness of interpersonal pain? 521 more words

Mental Health

Love connection

Over the weekend, I was invited lead an intro to meditation session at a beautiful little spot in Atlanta. During the Q&A, the topic of how mindfulness shows up in our everyday lives came up. 395 more words


Why It Is Good To Feel Bad

When I notice how the general perception of negative emotions is, and how is being dealt with them, I cannot help but wonder. It seems, generally speaking that we do not want to feel bad, and therefore get away from any negativity as soon as possible. 837 more words


Are you bold enough for success? Personal Power Mastery minute by Douglas Vermeeren

Success comes to those who pursue it with boldness. You can’t hesitate and hold back and expect big things to happen in your life. Excuses and hesitation rob more people of success than strategies or understanding. 33 more words

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