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Joy and happiness have nothing to do with each other. Read here how not knowing this sabotages your life choices.

That I lived for the longest time in limbo and dissatisfaction was because I intermingled those two words — happiness and joy — those two words have actually nothing, and I mean really nothing to do with each other. 616 more words

Personal Development

The Quiet

Post-lunch. I’ve always disliked this time of day-it always feels too quiet and empty at home. I relate it back to my childhood when my parents would always take themselves off to bed for a nap- Dad usually for a few hours. 526 more words

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Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

The summers at Plan A are pretty freakin’ hectic and with the end of summer approaching, I find myself struggling to put work aside to hang out with my family for a week of holidays.   450 more words

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Can You Pass The Perception Test?

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment, in other words, the way our brain make sense of the world. 102 more words


Learn the Tarot with Chris

Welcome to the home of learn the Tarot, here you can get to know what I do and book readings and sign up for the best course on Tarot. 291 more words

5 Hard Steps To Take When Your Friend Hurts You

Being with friends, whether best friends, close friends or casual friends, no matter how much fun it is, sometimes has its snags. Friendships like any other relationship can often be slightly tricky, depending on how close you are your friend are. 629 more words