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Family Reunion

hello~ im so sorry i havent wrote since my last post
(If actually was reading)
and you know, actually my english is not very good… 569 more words

Am I invisible?

So there is this guy, I talk to him all the time (well at least I used to), so a while back we were messing around and decided to start dating, we were dating for like a month and I started to think he was getting clingy, I don’t know I mean he always wanted to be with me, he always wanted to talk and hang out and he always wanted me to tell him that I love him and what I loved about him and a whole load of rubbish. 179 more words


When one of us gets married;)

We were late!!Yes we were late for our best friend’s wedding!We never intended to but you do know how time and circumstances snaps one’s plans ,don’t you? 711 more words

Personal Diary

DiGRA 2015

The next major DiGRA conference to take place in European soil will start tomorrow in Lüneburg, Germany. There are several interesting dimensions to this year’s event, including its chosen theme on “Diversity of Play” and the research papers that highlight the multiple phenomena that bound together games, cultures and identities (sometimes in problematic, as well as constructive ways). 85 more words

Game Studies

My mom's way:)

Things so many,instances sliding by through my memories and I’m in a dilemma of which one to choose and tell you how my dearest mom instilled values in me,made me the very person I am today,the thoughts that keep me awake,those of guilt at the slightest lie I would have told,those of happy dreams she created while narrating stories,those lessons that helped me to forgive people and just to remain the person I am making me feel perfect with all my flaws,She’s always told me to stay positive,the times I had the least hopes and jabbing pain of failure,her words were the pacifiers.So out of the many let me tell you the one she made me independent and instilled the seeds of Do-your-work-on-your-own. 714 more words

Personal Diary

How to avoid post-election melancholy or the eternal sunshine of the young Indian heart.

On a cold grey London day, when the white thick clouds guard the Sun and melancholy looms in the air, threatening to penetrate into and capture sensitive minds, my own rebelling mind eagerly escapes far away into the past: Kerala, India, 2001. 629 more words

Personal Diary