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Sebaris garis

Dengan pena tebal orang pernah menulisiku

Kemudian mereka bilang itu salah, lalu menghapusnya dengan keras

Penghapus tua itu sungguh kasar

Secarik kertas

Pernah seseorang berkirim pesan melaluiku… 145 more words

Personal Diary

Nurses Diary: Love

Recalling how my day went and remembering my patients situation made me realize how amazing love is.

While I was about to take the input and output of my patient at the end of my shift, I asked the wife of my patient if how many times he urinated (or had bowel movements) during my shift and if she recorded it on the monitoring sheet. 412 more words

Personal Diary

Writer's Block

If anyone has been reading my blog, they would have noticed that I had not posted anything new for a while, not that I have a very famous blog or something, that people would keep checking… insert disappointed sigh here. 130 more words

Personal Diary

A snippet of my ride

Pause!! Something that we often forget in the hustle of the very important life.

Today I decided to pause, to give a break, to know what it is like to have patience and wait!It turned out well as I noticed many things that would normally go unnoticed into the thick fade of the mist. 742 more words

Personal Diary

The Big Lie Americans Tell Themselves

On October 17, 2014, a 17-year-old black man named Laquan McDonald died after being shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer named Jason Van Dyke. 594 more words

Personal Diary

Sony RX100: pocket, meet camera

Sony RX100

Photography is an interesting thing – many interesting things. Take cameras, for example. For some people, cameras and lenses appear to mean perhaps more than the actual photographs they are supposed to use those equipment for. 715 more words

Personal Diary

Finding Me: Chapter IV (Bring Him Home)

This is to say thank you to the hand that held me back from my tumbling fall, when once I was a tipsy lad at the feast of life. 673 more words

Personal Diary