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May Day 2015: Like Sheep Herded by Pigs

Even though May Day was selected to commemorate the Chicago Haymarket Martyrs in 1886, the United States government has always tried to discourage its celebration. That banker or stock broker who yells “get a job” at the New York May Day parade probably doesn’t realize that, in France, “International Workers Day” is an officially recognized public holiday where all non-essential employees are required by law to be given the day off. 1,240 more words

Personal Diary

Story from the trip-part 1

Who doesn’t love family outing and when the family consists of 20 different individuals grouped into nuclear families and then resonating at the same frequency decides to meet up and travel and have a great time together,I assure of unlimited laughs,quirky quotes and witty statements. 950 more words

Personal Diary

Protest and the Fog of War

In Stendhal’s classic novel The Charterhouse of Parma, a 17-year-old Italian nobleman named Fabrice del Dongo, who is wearing the stolen uniform of a dead French hussar, wanders haphazardly onto the field of The Battle of Waterloo. 1,753 more words

Personal Diary


A sudden friendship, a sudden discovery of similar interests created my bond with Paulami Duttagupta, compiler of the book Marijuana Diaries. I liked being with her, I liked hanging out with her, which prospered my love for her. 1,184 more words


The Long Goodbye: A Tribute to My Mother

I haven’t posted in a while because of overwhelming personal problems. Among them is the steadily declining health of my mother. It’s been several years since she was stricken with two coincident illnesses, both competing to snatch her mobility and independence. 2,566 more words


Nursing Journey

Cleaning up my stuffs, I was reminded of when I took the board exam a few months ago, prolly my most dreaded exam.

People often described me as studious, honestly, I am not. 2,018 more words

Personal Diary

Does Bradley Cooper Ever Actually Fire a Rifle in American Sniper?

Two of my more widely viewed reviews of 2015 are the Australian film “Tracks,” about the Australian explorer Robyn Davidson, and “American Sniper.” A question came to mind. 337 more words

Personal Diary