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Rediscovering my makeup and blogging mojo

It’s been 2 months since my last blog post and it feels scary to even attempt writing again.

Initially tired from the move back home and then absorbed by my new job and trying to regain a social life in my homeland meant that I had much less time available for my previous favourite past times: playing with make up and blogging about it. 541 more words


Getting It All Together


Yes, I keep disappearing. I think I am FINALLY adjusting to this whole second shift schedule. It’s kind of weird. In a way, I like it, because I don’t have to get up immediately and get ready for work. 514 more words

Personal Diary

Feeling very ILL! :(

12th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I was not feeling very great. I am feeling giddy and seems I will fall now. Everything is moving in front of me. 119 more words

Personal Diary

Harvey Weinstein's Reign of Misogynistic Terror

That Harvey Weinstein is a sexual harasser as well as a fat, gross pig — think Chris Christie as the head of a Hollywood studio waiving his dick at any available young woman — has always been Hollywood’s worst kept secret. 504 more words


October 9th, 2017 | Break in the Drought

10:30 a.m. Woke up late this morning. I didn’t have the little hands of Alexander shaking me awake this morning. He has spent the last two days with his grandfather down in Kending visiting his great-grandmother. 354 more words

Personal Diary

The Best Years of Our Lives Punching Nazis

Whenever any debate on social media about the ethics of “punching Nazis” comes up, I often think of a scene from The Best Years of Our Lives… 867 more words


New segment: Through the key hole

I can’t always come up with actual writing and most of what I write is poetry currently. NaNoWriMo¬†is on the horizon and my energy is in my planning for that wonderful month. 266 more words

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