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Hey Sis,

I don’t know why but I feel a throbbing urge to slip this by you today.

If he’s really serious about ‘flying high in life’ like he claims, he’ll be concerned about your flight skills as well. 165 more words


The NightTerror of Denied Dreams

I just saw a brief promotion for the ‘Tough Enough’ series, featuring voice-overs of the “contestants” saying how much they want “this” and I was thinking about what they might’ve meant by “this” so I began writing: 319 more words

Independent Wrestling

Thinking about the past on Day 27 of #NaPoWriMo

I Took the Road Not Taken and Found the Other Path.

The road not taken was beneath my feet
The grass was not trodden down… 279 more words

Family/Mom Poems


Its amazing how when you look up at a reveres personality, all you see is the money, the glory and fame and forget a lot about where they came from and what they were doing before they became who they are. 258 more words

Getting Started

60 Day Challenge

What’s it going to take to make a change? What are you going to do differently from your previous attempts? How can you effectively measure your own success? 253 more words


Life lesson: Introspection [part 1]

Almost a month since my last post, doh! Forgive the lapse; I had some time off for summer vacation with my family and I just never felt like I wanted to be apart from them! 579 more words

Spirit Guides

Does Size (of dreams) Matter?

Growing up, I had many dreams of what I wanted to be or how I wanted to look etc.  We are taught as children to dream “big,”  that we can be anything we want if we work at it.   891 more words

Personal Growth