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Would I even notice the absence of cream in my coffee, once my mind had let go the idea of it?

✎  Wayne K. Spear | January 18, 2018 • Essay… 795 more words

Personal Essay

About Death

Michael Weeks at forty-two years old: he spends his evenings in the company of his wife, his children and his dogs. He’s fulfilled by his career; his relationships are steady; his hobbies, rewarding. 768 more words

Personal Essay

The unexpected pleasure of eating during pregnancy

Throughout my adult life I have eaten and drunk exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. Although, this is not actually true. I thought this was the case, until I fell pregnant. 489 more words

Personal Essay

Wasting Away -- A Love Story Based on Gluten

“Does this have gluten in it?” I once worked for a Starbucks in the immediate San Francisco area and hearing, “I’m on a no gluten diet because gluten is bad for the body.” was nothing new to me. 541 more words


Tales From The Desert

I finally took a serious look at Medium.com publications.

My intention, of course, was to submit Waking Life to a pub.  I want to find people like me who enjoy reading about a good film. 1,175 more words

2+ Years in 5 Minutes

While Eating Ant Bums has been gathering dust in the ever-growing expanse of the internet, a lot has changed for me. I’ll give a quick summary here (with all the best photos, of course!) before we get into the good stuff – the “what’s next.” 511 more words


Small Town

I have the unique experience of being born in the city, raised in the suburbs, and having a house in the country. I can look at all kinds of living situations as an outsider and insider. 372 more words

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