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Fibro Fog

Last week my husband and I celebrated “Happy Patsy Doesn’t Have Cancer Day”.

Or we would have, if I had been feeling up to anything at all beyond lying in bed and listening to my audiobook. 1,377 more words


In which I determine the fickle nature of my blogging habits.

Part of the reason I can’t give up blogging is because I need a space to write. This much I’ve known. Since I don’t keep a regular journal anymore I need a place that’s as easily accessible as a notebook where I can sort out my thoughts. 1,083 more words


The Absence of Reason in Cats

Cats don’t understand that, although you are obligated to feed them, you are not obligated to feed them at a time of their own choosing. This is evidenced by the conversation I had with my own feline this morning. 22 more words

Personal Essay

A Children’s Crusade in Reverse (Slaughterhouse Five in review)

It ends with drastic acceleration as the protagonist, imagining beyond the film he has just seen, presuming that “Hitler turned into a baby” (Vonnegut 75), swiftly followed by all of humanity moving in reverse and decreasing by number until all that remained were “two perfect people named Adam and Eve” (75). 510 more words



So, I’m back from my three-month hiatus and all I can say is it’s been rough. I decided that this will be my first piece I write because not only will it bring some sort of final closure to probably the hardest three months of my life, but I also wanted to give someone out there who might need it a little bit of hope and a guarantee that there is light at the end of any tunnel. 1,235 more words

Be Your Best Self

From the Balcony

by Ropafadzo Mugadza. Ropa writes of her childhood friend and coming of age in Zimbabwe. Photography by Dari Depriakhi.

ZBC was the only channel that was left on Zimbabwean television, unless you could pay for cable.   624 more words

Personal Essay

Querida Angelita

Angela Morales | Michigan Quarterly Review | July 2018 | 24 minutes (4,016 words)

When Angelita arrived on our doorstep, she’d been living in the United States for only a few days—hours. 4,294 more words