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Nuclear Power - by Melissa Ballard

A writing mentor, Richard Taylor, said recently “What do you do with the shit in your head if you don’t write? Hit a supersize bag of cheetos and a litre of Coke?”  So many reasons to write. 125 more words

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Being Me

For the longest time, I really didn’t like myself. I knew, intrinsically, that somehow I was not the child that my parents wanted. That’s a hard cross to bear. 991 more words

I Want Too Much From This Life, God, and More.

Somewhere it’s said that humans will always want more when the best thing we can do is be content. I believe that it is a dangerous saying that makes us our deepest longings seem like nothing worth enough to really address. 476 more words


Wednesday's Nonfiction: An Anonymous Life is Still a Life

What has ever happened to living a quiet life and finding that meaningful? There is such a garish trumpeting about people and events, about what is deemed commendable or abominable and it often drags lives into the grit of the fray, the spotlight of adoration or scrutiny. 2,210 more words

Strange Attractors | University of Massachusetts Press

Strange Attractors | University of Massachusetts Press
— Read on www.umass.edu/umpress/title/strange-attractors

Forthingcoming work in this anthology in March 2019


Three Books, Three Days: Here's What I Learned

Are you a reader?  I mean like, are you mad about reading?  Do you read a lot?  At least a book a week?  If you’ve found this site, I bet you are.  2,626 more words


A Love Letter to Antidepressants

by Georgia White. This piece appears in Boshemia Magazine: BODIES. 

At the Museum Brandhorst in Munich there’s an art installation, comprised of rows of shelves two metres tall and nearly nine metres long. 689 more words

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