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Pressing On

Remember how I said in an earlier post that the only to develop a thick skin is by experiencing rejection? Let’s keep it real–it hurts, friends. 1,421 more words


An Ode to Sale Shopping- Saving Every Penny One Sale At A Time

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Shopping is my cardio!”

Have you ever experienced the rush of a good sale? Well I have and let me tell you, the rush is exhilarating. 347 more words

Personal Essay

The Jetties Aren't Made For Yoga

The jetties are not made for yoga. Gargantuan boulders, some the size of a small car, stacked one on top of the other in impossible configurations. 719 more words

Four AM Thoughts: On Self-Acceptance and a Two-Year Trajectory

Sometimes I still have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes. As I sit writing this at 4AM on a Monday morning I know that three floors below me in our unusually hot kitchen, there’s a cupboard containing five different boxes of chamomile tea. 2,158 more words


The Drought Diaries


By Eilene Lyon

August 1, 1936, Saturday
July has gone, and still no rain. This is the worst summer yet.

— Ann Marie Low…

913 more words

Do It Yourself

by Izzy Rogers

I am in a DIY shop in Islington. I have been standing at the counter for around seven minutes. I cannot remember why I am here. 1,386 more words


Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

This piece was originally published on My Period Story.

Recently I found myself googling health insurance. As I was trying to compare plans for the perfect combination of dentistry, podiatry, and whatever other ailments I thought might pop up in the next few years, I was struck by a thought – ‘Urgh, I am such an adult.’ 794 more words