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Creative Counting in Cribbage

By Eilene Lyon

“Aren’t you going to count your pairs?”

“Oh yes. Pair, two. Pair, four (cupping breasts), plus a pair of legs, a pair of arms, a pair of ears…” 54 more words

Personal Essay

Unfinished Business

Someone said to me once, half-joking, but only half, “you will end up an old woman in Greece…”

Only when I recently unearthed photographs of the years I traveled to that country did I unexpectedly recall that voice in my mind. 1,439 more words


The Sexist Censorship of Simone de Beauvoir in Translation

Simone de Beauvoir is a renowned feminist icon and French Existentialist philosopher. She worked amongst the likes of Camus and Sarte. She didn’t spear-head dyed armpit hair or Miley Cyrus’ nipple tassels, but rather did something almost greater than that; her corpus of feminist, ethical and political writings articulately attacked the passive sphere of ‘imminence’ which females have been relegated to acceptingly- everywhere apart from Matriarchal tribes. 1,713 more words

I'm Maybe Definitely Not Who I Used To Be

The internet will tell you what you are, how you should live, and who you’re supposed to be. If you let it, that is. After a few weeks of sleepless nights due to unexplained insomnia my usual rock solid cynical suit of armor was worn down so far that I let the internet tell me all the things. 825 more words

Ice-Scream Treats and Friendships

Ice-Scream Treats
It is ice-scream treats
and unsaid words that
bloom into internal
bleeding. Red flows in Red
You see Blue. 

I wrote this poem in my poetry class when my tutor gave us a task to write a poem as dense as I possibly can. 646 more words

Personal Essay

Bride at Eleven.

If I were asked, “What is one thing you’d change and experience in the past, if you had the superpower to do so?”

I’d probably answer, “Nothing. 814 more words

FriYAY Supplement

Time Out

I have posted previously about the importance of taking time and the impacts as well as benefits blogging can hold for mental health.

I did not intend to be absent for so long following my latest posts, but as a result of exploring such intimate trauma, the cathartic release was accompanied by a period of unpublished contemplation.  353 more words

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