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Soul Food

Since the Gnome and I took up gardening in a serious way, food has sort of taken over my life. It all starts in January when I sit down with the tall stack of seed catalogs that have been filling my box for the last month or so. 397 more words

Living On The Diagonal

Patricia A. Nugent: From Ugly to Mean

Travelogues don’t typically interest me. I cringe when I ask someone (just to be polite), “How was your trip?” and they give a blow-by-blow of the sights, activities, and food. 1,755 more words

Social Justice

Tobey Kai Sings Who Are You?

Tobey Kai Sings Who Are You?

There are certain news stories that one watches on the news that can really touch one.

It happened to me tonight while I was watching the local news. 234 more words


When My Blue Pen Stopped Working

In elementary school it was almost always forbidden to use a pen in class.  The only exception was when we were writing essays and got to steps four and five: revising and editing.   607 more words

Personal Essays

Music Sunday #11

I’ve been feeing quite lost lately. Figuratively, not literally. I know where I am physically – behind my desk, trying to process and make sense out of every thought that pops into my head, trying to translate every feeling and every bit of energy going through my body into some sort of readable and coherent piece of writing that will allow me to at least know what I’m feeling before I even get to make any sense out of it. 218 more words


I met a fabulous person on the bus who bonded with me over Star Wars..

A new medium article is live! Be sure to hit the clap button at the end if you like it and share the link.

Click the below link to read it. 15 more words

Published Articles

Paul Christensen: Europe's Heat Wave

Here’s what you give up in a heat wave here in southern France. You don’t leave the house much, since the paved streets can reach well above one hundred degrees and melt your shoe lasts. 1,497 more words