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What would you do?

A horde of past shenanigans at the hands of PR practitioners has left the ethical standards of the profession in disarray. A study undertaken for the… 375 more words



I printed off the syllabus for my Advanced Composition course and scanned it with my eyes. At the top, it stated “Remixing Identity: Theories of Remix, Race, and Ethnicity.” Sincerely confused, I confronted my friend and Google to see what information I could discover about this strange term, “remix.” My friend was no help and Google bombarded me with rap tracks that I had no interest listening to. 2,637 more words

Personal Ethics

why offshore banking is a good thing

this article in today’s guardian caught my eye  in which the writer, nigel green, founder ceo of deVere group, the world’s largest independent financial consultancy.  so, we all know he is putting his money where his mouth was. 175 more words

Karenza T. Wall

Ethical Remixing?

What is the purpose of remix? To completely copy a section of Lawrence Lessig’s book Remix and Identity, I’m just going to keep it simple, vague, and  broad and say that its purpose to dedicated to “enabling the future.” After all, people’s opinion about what remix actually is and the ethics surrounding remix seem to be “simple, vague, and broad” so I would suppose that the reasoning behind remix should be something similar. 512 more words


To Remix or Not to Remix

Long story short? For this class, I have no problem remixing. For personal use, it’s also find. For the public, I’m not sure. (For more information or to find out why Isabelle holds these views, please scroll down. 866 more words


Making Spiritual Assumptions

Back in October, we introduced a new writer at Christianity 201, Josh Ketchum who blogs at Life in the Kingdom. I thought I would share one of his recent posts here, as this seemed like a good way to help kick off a new year! 637 more words


paris in the fall

i am making a conscious decision to not watch or read anything about the attacks in paris. i refuse to contribute to the fear and degradation imposed upon us by the people who committed these atrocities; whomever they are. 60 more words