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Year 23, Day 5

In my About page, I note that I’m flexitarian. This is a person who eats a predominately plant-based diet, but bends every now and then. 788 more words

Clean Fifteen

Personal Code of Ethics, Part Two

Part One of my Personal Code of Ethics can be found here.

According to the PCE website, the next step is this: “Second, think about what you believe. 387 more words

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Personal Code of Ethics, Part One

Awhile back, I posted an entry about this website.  It includes a list of steps to take to write your own personal code of ethics.  336 more words

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Article: "Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices," by Ron Carucci

Article URL: https://hbr.org/2016/12/why-ethical-people-make-unethical-choices

Another find from my “personal ethics” search.  This one seems to be more focused on “business ethics” rather than “personal ethics,” but it’s still an interesting read, and it does make some good points that do not apply solely to a business setting.

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Disagreement About Ethical Test-Taking

My Christian Theology II midterm exam took place Thursday at 12:30pm.  At 11:30am, I met with a couple of my friends for a last-minute review session. 588 more words

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Working Patience

Some have described me as patient, especially during the child-rearing years. Admittedly, most of my pursuits require a level of patience. One sees so little of this virtue demonstrated among the populace these days. 820 more words