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paris in the fall

i am making a conscious decision to not watch or read anything about the attacks in paris. i refuse to contribute to the fear and degradation imposed upon us by the people who committed these atrocities; whomever they are. 60 more words


The Miligram and Stanford Prison Experiments: Schemas - Moderation or Destruction

This is a revision of an assignment I wrote for a Social Psychology class in college. It reminds us to be mindful of our actions and the schemas we create. 661 more words

Anti-social Behavior

Professional Ethics or Personal Ethics ? DILEMMA!!!!!

“Knowing the difference between wrong or right”

I’m very much confused with this meaning of ethics. Right or wrong depends on each person. In that sense we will have multiple ethics.

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Kids in the Snow

No child was ever out there shivering in the snow, but I never stopped hoping. Not hoping, exactly. Envisioning. When I was about nine, I maintained an internal storyline, of a girl sleeping out in the cold in my family’s backyard. 1,736 more words


Lessons from Moldy Raspberries

Yesterday evening I went through four or five large boxes of moldy raspberries, attempting to save the untarnished ones to freeze. These boxes were leftover from a food bank (presumably no one took them because of the mold), which were previously leftover from the grocery store. 551 more words

Poverty And Development

The Art, Science, and Ethics of Persuasion

“With great power comes great responsibility”

– Voltaire –

Brace yourself, things just got real…(personal)

…It’s story time…

When I was 12 my middle school decided to pick out certain kids to go on a leader/follower field trip.  698 more words

Career Development

Sexual harassment, professionalism and lessons (not) learned

I wasn’t at all sure what I could add to the cacophony of outrage instigated by the puerile remarks of a bunch of hooligans (highly paid hooligans it seems) broadcast by a Toronto television station after one of their female reporters decided she had had enough with the sexist and sexual harassment in her workplace (anywhere she is reporting from). 511 more words

Personal Ethics