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Sitting tight and getting my priorities straight

So, I got the job offer last week. Friday, while I was running errands, the recruiter called me and let me know that the company wanted to bring me on as a contractor first, then potentially hire me permanently. 999 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Being realistic about my next steps

I had a good conversation with a recruiter the other day about a new job opportunity that sounds like it would be a pretty good fit for me. 441 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Settling in for the winter

It’s going to get cold this weekend. Low double-digits, so I hear.

Good. I prefer the cold weather. I sleep better when my bedroom is cold and I have a lot of blankets on top of me. 713 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Sleep makes everything better. No sleep makes everything worse.

Even when I’m having a good day, and I’m getting a lot done, and I’m interacting with a lot of great people, if I’m tired, it’s no good. 525 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Time changes are always interesting

We moved our clocks back yesterday. That means I got an extra hour to sleep, work, do whatever.

Usually, it throws me off. And this year is no exception. 227 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Break it down, and get it right

I’ve noticed a very different way of doing things, now, than I used to follow before.

In the past, I wanted (needed) long stretches of time to think things through, figure them out, and then gradually move through them. 178 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Concussion From A Player's Perspective

As highlighted previously, concussion is a serious issue for rugby league players, with regulations only recently being introduced. Prior to these regulations, there was little protecting the players from serious injuries after being concussed. 242 more words

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It's bad enough when you've gotten hurt, but when you're told you have to keep going... that's the worst. Especially at the level that pro rugby players are at. Me? I was my own worst enemy, pushing myself to go-go-go, despite being hurt. I didn't know enough about my own condition to realize I *was* hurt. And so, the issues built up... and they didn't resolve, till I'd nearly lost everything.