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The symbol for NO WAITING we see on our roadsides very much epitomises our present age. Everything in a rush. Everything wanted instantly or preferably, sooner. 962 more words

... Kassim Reed should be Recalled from Office [#religious bigotry]...

.. this kind of stunt must not stand ..

.. Reed displayed religious bigotry in firing his city ‘ s fire chief , Kelvin Cochran , for being a Christian . 89 more words

Personal Opinion

Are you a closet Christian?

Many folks like to keep their faith in Jesus private. They avoid any declarative statements about their faith in public discourse, even if they are some of the most assertive people about every other subject. 643 more words

Personal Faith

Nailing Your Colours to the Mast

When I was in my teens I belonged to a bible class known as Covenanters – not dis-similar to the Crusaders but these groups were attached to a church. 810 more words


Back in the late 1960s I was a keen motor cyclist. I remained so until well into the 1980s despite having a desk job and it was not until I encountered the sootier rain of West Yorkshire that I realised I needed to rethink my personal transport. 514 more words

FAMILY ~ First Things First

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Joshua 24:14-28

On December 23, 2006 Rev. Dr. Robert Gibbs said these words to Andrew and me, “The marriage of Andrew and Sarah unites their families and creates a new one. 746 more words

Jesus taught gentleness. Peter caught it.

I’m the rabble rouser.  I have enough grit and mettle for all of the Twelve. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. It doesn’t take much to really tick me off or to make me happy. 1,102 more words

Personal Faith