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Blessed Charles De Foucauld-1st December 2016

Saint of the Day for December 1

(September 15, 1858 – December 1, 1916)

  • 1. A child from a Christian home (1858 to 1873)

    Charles was born in Strasbourg, France on September 15 1858 and was baptized two days after his birth.

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Feasts And Commemorations

"Have mercy on me, oh God..."

I know a lot of things. It comes with the territory. God speaks to me. He reveals His truths to me. And He puts me in positions to hear and to learn of things. 615 more words

Devotional Messages

Moved by Compassion - again

What an awesome Sunday!

I know that many who were at our Grace Church meetings in Chichester and Bognor Regis  on Sunday found the talk extremely moving. 687 more words

Grace Church Together

Enjoying God's Presence

The Bible is clear that God is with us at all times: “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13v5). That’s pretty good news for Christians everywhere! 283 more words

Grace Church Together

Religion - For The Old And Weak

When discussing God with younger people, I have often heard the words: “I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll think about God when I’m old.” You may have heard “manly” men say that religion is only for women or the elderly, hinting that strong people do not need God, religion is only for the weak (in their eyes, women are weak). 809 more words

Social Media 'Rules' of Engagement for Christians

Fiery storms break out on Nigerian twitter without notice. The most virulent tend to be those involving social issues with the hot button topics being identity, gender, sexuality, marriage and pastors. 1,172 more words

Personal Faith

Walking on water - stopping the traffic

(WARNING: some of this blog’s content could be upsetting)

Inspired by “Life”

One of the things Jo and I were most inspired by during our recent trip to India was meeting Keith and Ramona, who run the… 881 more words

Commission Churches