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The Challenges Of Being Somewhere New

We’re enjoying living in Woking, and not only because of starting at The Coign Church. Of course there are lots of challenges moving somewhere new, though most of mine appear to be food related – for example: 366 more words

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Where is God When I'm Lonely?

A question for the ages! How easily dissatisfied humans are when they’re lonely. Thankfully, God knows exactly what to do with us when we’re feeling that way. 621 more words


The Secret of Success? Omo, Na God!

Sometimes when successful people are asked to give advise to those aspiring to their kind of success, the common response of “it is God” can be very unsatisfying for the listener. 808 more words

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Hello Woking!

It’s taken longer than we expected, and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, but this week we finally arrived in the awesome town of Woking. 622 more words

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Mentoring Needed

I recently had a great week with two mentors of mine and two young men I get to mentor. We built a retaining wall and it took everything we had, from wracking our brain for problem solving to every ounce of strength we could muster. 808 more words


The Making of the Presidential Victory

The last two years of U.S. politics are summed up so succinctly in the book’s introduction that from the outset, you have a good idea where… 538 more words


The H Word: The Overuse and Abuse of the Word "Heresy"

Recently, I was reading a book on faith and theology from the local public library. I’ve been able to get back to reading about faith and theology as a hobby rather than academic “work”, and I’ve been loving it. 1,223 more words