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Lessons From Tolkien: Good and Bad Grief

This is my first blog post since my older brother Tevis died back on September 19th. His passing has left a huge hole in me and I am going through what they call the ‘grieving process’. 899 more words

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Abraham, a true friend of God. My friend too!

My name is Abidah. Believe it or not, I have been a servant of Abraham for over 100 years now. No one has been with Abraham as long as I have been, not even his wife Sarah. 717 more words

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Convincing Proof of the Resurrection

What historians often forget is that Jesus interacted with hundreds of people over a forty day period following the resurrection.  Although Jesus allowed Thomas to see and touch the scars from his crucifixion, these encounters went beyond the twelve disciples.  264 more words


When we worship, God fights on our behalf!

The story of Joshua and the fall of the walls at Jericho.

I’m a minister in the Tabernacle, a priest. My grandfather was Aaron. My name is Phineas. 1,142 more words

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contra Crumpton: Faith and the Church

This article is the second part of my response to Jennifer Crumpton’s video on feminism and Christianity.  As I said in the first part, Crumpton addresses three cardinal problems in her video: faith and experience; the nature of faith; and the nature of God.  981 more words


A Prayer of St Benedict

Grant to me, O Father,
most holy and most merciful,
wisdom to understand Thy intentions with
regard to me, a heart to share Thy feelings, 61 more words

Reading St. Paul

There’s a lot I don’t understand when I read the Epistles of St. Paul.  This shouldn’t surprise me, given his background.  The man was utterly brilliant, and he had what sounds like the equivalent of a doctorate in his Hebrew studies, as well.   305 more words

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