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Little Wooden Boxes

I like to study the everday objects on display in museums and my favorites are the small boxes and containers used to hold all manner of things: keepsakes, love letters, poison, cosmetics and so on. 905 more words

Personal Favorites

The James Taylor Album You Don't Know - One Man Dog


Play Chili Dog here, one of our favorite tracks, and note not only the clarity and spaciousness, but the PUNCH and LIFE of the music. 670 more words

Good Records

Living Within My Means

I’ve a multitude of excuses
to avoid the questions of excess
It seems facts exclude reason
for the truths I choose to extol

From the beginning I was misguided… 46 more words


No, Thank You

You want me to follow your rules?
You want me to follow your orders?

I say, “No, thank you.”

You want me to hide my true self and everything about me for your own facade. 294 more words

Personal Favorites

Mistress of the Seasons

I’m feeling a change in the weather
tears falling like it must be rainy season
permitting new growth
when the sun is ready to shed its light
on paradise


Essential Reading: ‘The Art & Craft of Cabinet-Making’

We don’t know much about David Denning except that he wrote four books about woodworking in the late 19th century, was traditionally trained and had strong opinions about the craft. 368 more words