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This is how I am:

I have my doubts,
I get overwhelmed with fear,
But I’m not backing down from this fight.

I second guess my decisions, 292 more words

Stream Consciousness


I am not quite sure what is it about my writing that drove me to the fear of letting others lay eyes on it.

Maybe it is in ink, that finally the truth slowly creeps up and maybe the truth won’t ‘set you free’ like how the quotes have been saying; maybe it entangled you even more. 103 more words


I’m living proof
one can survive youth
afraid I’ll die an unsung hero
doomed to be a forgotten heartbeat
drowned out in a sea of poetry
singing solo to a duet



I start typing here

type here

type here

But I can’t seem to get the right words to say what I feel inside, to express the thoughts spiraling in my mind. 399 more words


Better Not to Know Better

I’m leavin’ it all up to you
to do what you’re gonna do
I have made no promise to be kind
not knowing
whether you wear the shoes of friend or foe


When Duty Calls

I don’t play games for sport
I’m simply not that sort.
I don’t shed tears frivolously
I have an honest smile.
Laughter lends itself indispensable… 29 more words



Took a ride through innerspace
– by the moment of two as one –
In attendance, hoping for insights
– got so much more than I bargained for – 25 more words