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My thoughts bounce from past to present to future
interchangeably factual & dreamlike
fictional, delusional or hopeful
winging it day by day
… establishing order of the chaos …
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To the world:
I am a face. I am a person. I am a stranger without a name.
I am one without a backstory. I am one without a history, because no one knows it yet. 296 more words

Personal Favorites

Listening in Depth to Airto's Masterpiece - Fingers

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This is without a doubt the BEST ALBUM the man ever made. On top of that, this copy really has the kind of sound we look for, with an open, fully extended top end that gives all the elements of this complex music room to breathe. 839 more words

Good Records


The phrase “…emotionally unavailable…” always raises red flags, from those who have learned better. The minute where you feel as if you can never get a hold of the person who means the most to you is the minute you question whether they are as devoted to you as you are in them. 552 more words

Stream Consciousness

In Star Wars…Your Head Canon Is All The Matters

There…I said it.  All that matters is head canon.  The Last Jedi is on its way right?  (Yay!)  With it will come countless analyses, deconstructions, and evaluations (myself included).  2,609 more words

Star Wars

More Soft Wax Available Now

Katy has been hard at work making soft wax, and she now has 53 more tins to ship out immediately. Tins are $12 each and are available… 101 more words

Vintage ‘Cheesecake’ Postcards for Your Shop

Years ago I visited a well-known tool collector and was completely charmed by a series of 1910 postcards that adorned his stairwell. Each postcard featured a modestly dressed woman posing with a tool. 273 more words