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I Survived Duke

By: Connor Lenahan

The first stop on this summer’s family vacation brought us to Raleigh, North Carolina, and, out of general interest, the campus of Duke. 293 more words

Boston University

Vacation Time

By: Connor Lenahan

Class and work take their toll. Time to get out of Boston for a few days and relax. Spending a holiday and some more with my family without a care more than the Unbreakable post streak is a beautiful thing to look forward to. 22 more words

Personal Favorites

King Curtis: The Bacon Master

By: Connor Lenahan

I’ll come right out and make this simple: this kid Curtis is my soul animal. Holy wow, is this not the most charismatic and incredible child of all time? 152 more words

Personal Favorites

The Magic of Time

Memories you have, good or bad, always want to be returned to. Whether it’s to change what happened with something new or to relive the moment, the days you have in your life are always wanted to be returned to. 207 more words

Personal Favorites

Doomed Love

I wasn’t planning on this. Falling in love with you was the last thing I wanted. Because I know our time would have to come to end. 220 more words

Personal Favorites

Someone walks into your life and suddenly everything seems brighter, problems seem small, and the hurt or pain seems to disappear. That broken heart of yours starts to mends, the constantly flow of doubts starts to get smaller, and the real smile that never got to come out as much starts to constantly be present. 27 more words

Stream Consciousness

Personal Favorite: Jordan 1

Back when I was in high school I was really in to sneakers, I kinda still am. It’s just something about how many different styles, colors, and designs that they come in. 161 more words