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Raise Your Glass - It's Jacob Arend Day!

Three hundred years ago today, Jacob Arend (1688-1744), a journeyman cabinetmaker in his brother’s workshop in Würzburg, wrote a letter and hid it in a magnificent Baroque writing cabinet. 447 more words

Personal Favorites

The Hardest Part of Being a Hobo-American

Note: This is a codicil to the entries I wrote called “Cut the Cord.” Part one is here. Part two is here. The entry below will make more sense if you read those first. 311 more words

Fairy Tales

Clear skies help me see through
you and your bad intentions.
And once again,
you failed to mention how
your mismatched eyes
cant keep up with your words. 42 more words

Lyrical Things

Dear Me (of the Future)

I hope you have found a way to be happy without needing distractions to avert your attention from any emotional or mental pain.
I hope you have found a way out of your physical pain and the chains that once tied your feet to the ground. 447 more words


Live from the Philippines

I write to you from a house in Baguio City. There are five puppies and one rooster outside that will wake me up in a few short hours at exactly 6:00 with an incessant, obnoxious crow and some subsequent barking. 314 more words

Personal Favorites

Personal Favorites: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The year was 1977. George Lucas was looking to get away from the States as he always did while a film of his debuted. That year, the release of a major film of his,  1,664 more words

Personal Favorites

Beautiful Chaos

She yerns she yerns for her work to be poured down someones throat and consumed in a way like no other…”This is great”he said, “No, I mean this is great”. 606 more words

Late Night Thoughts