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Yes, We're Getting Awfully Close To The Edge...

Are Your Planets Aligned?

Close to the Edge in Stock

A word of caution: Even our Hottest Stamper copies can sound problematical unless your system is firing on all cylinders. 928 more words

Personal Favorites

Who will be your witness?

My muse wears many faces
masculine in nature,
he balks at leading questions
on the witness stand,
side-stepping self-incrimination
come the Judgment Day



With a Discerning Eye

If I were a betting man
Beyond dreams
Beyond illusion
Beyond wrongful conclusions
Beyond girlish behaviors
Beyond loving thy neighbor
Reality takes a backseat to fantasy… 7 more words



Fever accompanies illness or desire
at opposing poles of magnetism
– rejection or divine attraction –


Balancing Night with Day on Joe Jackson's Masterpiece from 1982

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Night and Day is Joe Jackson’s masterpiece. It’s simply WONDERFUL from start to finish. This is adult popular music that belongs in any serious thinking person’s record collection. 569 more words

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Clothing-optional Caption Challenge!

Tune-up your think melons and caption this painting.

The painting is 17th-century and by an unknown Italian artist. The companion painting featured unclad blacksmiths.

–Suzanne Ellison

Personal Favorites

“What a Day for a Daydreaming Boy”

Heavy traffic on the pathways
circling thru my brain
distortions & contortions
following a parade of thoughts
to the bands playing in my head
melting the ice in my veins… 29 more words