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Being Frugal While in a Relationship

I was single for a good long time. Pretty much my entire life actually, until I started dating my current boyfriend. We’ve been together for just over a year and my love of personal finance and dedication to debt eradication is definitely a big part of our relationship. 909 more words


Fannie Mae – Supporting Homeownership Through Mortgages

The federal national mortgage association, better known as Fannie Mae, is an integral part of the mortgage industry. Here’s an overview on Fannie Mae and what it does. 460 more words

First-Time Home Buyers

I Have a Positive Net Worth!

Never in my life has this been the case. Growing up I never had more than $500 to my name and I always spent it. And once I got to college, forget about it. 667 more words


Smart saving

(This side note is to acknowledge that it has been nearly six months since my first post, and I get that that’s terrible. The only way I see to move forward is to keep writing! 400 more words


San Diego: Traveling on the Cheap

Well, after months of waiting my trip to San Diego has come and gone! I saw friends, I saw a seal and I saw just the tiniest bit of sunshine. 820 more words


How to Teach Children to Be Fiscally Responsible

My youngest nephew just celebrated his sixth birthday. It’s amazing how fast they grow up! Not knowing what kids want these days, I decided to tuck $25 into a birthday card instead of buying a gift. 398 more words

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Companies - They are Just Like Us!

It may surprise you to find that some of the common metrics used by creditors to evaluate your financial health are similar to the ones investors use to evaluate a company’s financial health. 415 more words

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