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Pros and Cons of Cutting the Cord

We are rapidly nearing the end of 2016 and a lot has transpired for me and my family this year! My wife and I decided in February that we had outgrown our home with our 2 kids and it was time for a change. 416 more words

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Goal: Pay Off All Student Loans Deadline: 30th Birthday (October 2020)

This, falling and getting back up, being tempted, giving in, resisting and progressing, feels like training.

There’s a reason why I just ignored the student loans I had to take out for grad school. 644 more words

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Second Thoughts About the Emergency Fund

I just want to be smart with my money. I want to be well informed and make wise decisions that will ultimately help me reach my goal of financial independence where I have the freedom to determine how I want to spend my time and energy.   452 more words

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Rude Awakening

Yesterday at lunch, I read about how a blogger retired at age 34. His name was the Mad FIentist (FI for Financial Independence)and he had a lot of great advice to offer and even had an excel spreadsheet that he created to show people how they can plan their road to an early retirement. 482 more words

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Feel Like You're Flushing Your Resume Down the Toilet?

One of the frustrating things about the job application process is figuring out how to grab and hold the attention of a potential hiring party. It’s difficult to figure out what to say about yourself, as well as the skills and experience you possess in a way that makes you stand out from the many, sometimes hundreds of applicants that are vying for the same position. 603 more words

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