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My Investment Non-Strategy

In my previous post, I talked about setting up my accounts to automatically invest in shares of the Philippine Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), so I guess now would be the perfect time to share my investment strategy, especially with all the recent hullabaloo of the stock market possibly entering a bear market… 1,117 more words

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The Goldsmith Who Became a Banker

If you have some imagination, go back a few centuries to a Europe already old, but not yet progressive. In those days, money was not used much in everyday business transactions. 1,713 more words

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My net value went down

Very bad news to report.  I am broker than before.  Since my last paycheck in December until my next paycheck,  I’ve managed to gain more liabilities and/or lose more assets. 340 more words

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Throw Back Thursday - Debt Repayment

(Edit: Due to some technical difficulties, Throw Back Thursday is late. My apologies)

It’s that time of the week again, Throw Back Thursday. One of the best ideas I’ve had yet, even though it’s not totally original. 427 more words

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Know your fraudster: 8 types of card criminals

The crooks specialize now, from malware coders to mules

Published Jan. 26, 2015 for CreditCards.com

By Karen Haywood Queen

You open your credit card bill and see a bogus charge. 2,049 more words

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The gift fund

After the fiasco of buying Mrs Lakendary’s friend a gift for her birthday, I told Mrs Lakendary we need to have a serious chat about gifts and how we are going to tackle it this year. 534 more words

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Should You Increase Investment Contributions with the Markets Down?

Market drops cause many people to reduce contributions to 401k accounts and other retirement accounts.  They may also hold off on sending money into taxable investments like mutual funds, holding money on the sidelines to “wait for a good entry point” or “wait for the markets to settle down.”  The trouble is that market moves upward happen very quickly.   853 more words