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Getting Your Financial House in Order Pt. II – Spending Habits

Each one of us is a unique individual, with unique spending habits, and this post is going to cover various pitfalls and strategies to develop and maintain disciplined spending. 439 more words

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Why I Got Myself Insured


“Life insurance plans are useless!”

That’s what I would have told you if you met me 3 years ago. I just had my first job, I wasn’t spending all of the money I was earning, and a family friend was an agent for an insurance company.

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Getting Your Financial House in Order Pt. I – Emergency Funds

Up to this point we have covered some of the major, essential tools in our financial toolbox. Today, we are going to look at how to build up our financial house. 338 more words


This Is What Systemic Risk Feels Like

Chaos, plummet, turmoil, crash, Black Monday.  These are just a few interesting words I picked out of todays financial headlines.   “Wow!”, I can hear you exclaim, “It must have been a really rough day!”  My response; “It sure was.  372 more words


Credit Cards Pt. III - Responsible Usage

Here we go – We have a credit card, and we’re using it; but what are the best ways to optimize our rewards and credit score? 511 more words


Credit Cards Pt. II - Choosing a Credit Card

So you have made the decision to apply for a credit card and start building credit; congrats!

As you begin your research you will soon realize that there are a great many options to choose from. 321 more words


The Dow Plunges 531 points and I Momentarily Turn Into Mr Burns

Friday’s headlines were filled with news of the beating the stock market was taking. Examples of the headlines: “sell-off turns nasty,” “Dow plunges amid China and Greece worries,” “Dow plunges as Apple nears bear market” and so on. 409 more words

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