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How to Begin Recovering Financially after Divorce

Having been through a divorce, I know how draining it can be, emotionally and financially. Today you can find me at Guyvorce sharing a few tips to get your money back on track.

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Hobby or Business?

The IRS’s Hobby Loss Rules puzzle many people, especially those rocking the side gig. A general rule of thumb is that if your business is profitable for two out of the last five years, it’s a business. 35 more words

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How to Choose Individual Stocks

There is some pretty good advice that says people shouldn’t bother with individual stock picking. Instead, they should just accept the fact that they cannot outperform the markets and buy well-diversified mutual funds and try to come as close to the returns of the markets as they can by keeping fees low.   982 more words


Why 2016 Will Go Down In History

Something big has recently happened. And not many people are talking about it.

Like companies and individuals, even federal governments sometimes need to borrow money. They borrow money by issuing what’s called a… 289 more words

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Want a Better Financial Life? Stop what You're Doing.

Everybody comes from a different economic and social background.  Some are born to loving parents who dote on them.  Some are born to parents who give them nothing.   951 more words


Are Summer Camp Expenses Tax Deductible?

The school year is ending and parents across the country are getting ready for the annual tradition of sending the kids to summer camp. It’s a pricey proposition. 331 more words

When a Problem becomes Apparent

When you don’t have any savings, it’s not yet a problem.
It becomes one when you don’t know how to save money and you wonder where it all went. 300 more words