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Transition and Finances Part 1: From Student of the Arts to Practicing Artist

Art & Money Matters Mondays:

It’s officially Fall 😒. I’m not too excited about it but this seasonal change causes me to think of transition…in my creative life and personal life. 338 more words

Where does your cash flow? Three things every woman must know about her personal (or family) finances.

You wouldn’t keep filling a pitcher with water if it was leaking like a sieve, would you? If you did, no matter how hard you worked, your efforts would be futile. 581 more words

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No Spend October- The Spending Fast is Back!

October is TOMORROW. It’s going to be a busy, busy month for me. I’ve signed up for a lot of catering events and I’ve got a bunch of work for the non profit to organize and execute. 546 more words

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Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

Honestly, this is one of my favorite parts: the values ladder. It’s a concept expressed by David Bach that I first read in Smart Women Finish Rich, though it is also in his book Smart Couples Finish Rich. 544 more words

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Dividend Tax - Osborne's Regime Change

On Wednesday 6th April 2016, the way in which dividends are taxed in the United Kingdom will change. The question is; will this be better for your back pocket, or will it leave you cash strapped? 693 more words

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Achieving short and long term goals through financial coaching and DMP

We first met Sharif P. in September 2012. At the time he was struggling with collection debts, managing his credit, and establishing a savings account. Fortunately, for Sharif, Apprisen had a financial coaching program available. 430 more words

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Practical Tips To Start Saving Money - Part II

The topic of money is a delicate one. Some talk about openly but many still consider it as taboo. Whatever your view is, there is no denying that money affects many aspects of our life. 992 more words

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