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Recyclers Grow Poor. Reusers Grow Wealthy.

A hundred years ago, everyone was a reuser.  When you bought things, you would usually take your own containers to haul them home, because you would often need to buy a container if you didn’t.   925 more words


What's in Your Family Financial Emergency Plan?

Today I was boxing up some old tax returns and sending them to the attic.  Considering that I had some returns in my main “important things” paper box that dated back to 1989, it was definitely time to do this.   1,022 more words


5 Reasons Why You Need To Put Off Your Early Retirement Plans

According to a popular Money Talk Show in the Philippines, ANC on the Money, most Filipinos see long-term as just 5 to 6 years. The truth is, long term should be at least 15 years. 572 more words


February 2017 Financial Report

Last month’s reports are a bit late but rather late than never, right? I was done and dusted with the reports but the past week or so I wasn’t as productive as I’d liked to be. 684 more words

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Do You Make Decisions to be Rich or Poor?

Most people think of the income spectrum as going from rich to poor.  They also think of people who have mansions, exotic cars, and expensive clothes as rich.   1,151 more words


Raising Kids to Invest

I first got interested in investing from watching my father.  Each day he would copy down the closing prices for his stocks from The Wall street Journal… 906 more words


3 Things to consider when Investing

Investing your money is a serious business. After all, it is your hard earned money and there’s nothing better than to find a “vehicle or instrument” where you can “park your money” and let it earn a little more. 415 more words