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Tell Your Money Where To Go

          Main reasons why people don’t do budgets because they find it boring, unnecessary, they don’t have time, find it difficult or lack the confidence in making money-related decisions.  386 more words


Keep that cash in your pocket!

Saving was one of the areas I used to struggle with because I wanted instant gratification. Over the years I have learnt to be disciplined. I now plan for most of my spending and it is more satisfying as I won’t be left out of pocket. 504 more words

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3 Steps to Rebalance Your Portfolio

Portfolio rebalancing is the process of reducing a portion of your invested assets (e.g. stocks or bonds) and increasing a different portion so the overall proportion of your various assets stay on track of your plans. 522 more words

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Bond Index Funds

How do bond index funds work? They’re not as easy as stock index funds. Stock index funds own shares of each stock in the index in the ratios found in the index. 784 more words

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Pay Down Those Credit Cards, Before Rates Rise Further

With the holidays behind us, now is the moment to wipe out balances — before interest rates continue their climb.

Published: January 12, 2018 at 05:30AM… 71 more words


Will Home Equity Loan Interest Be Deductible In 2018?

The answer…………it depends.  It depends on what you used or are going to use the home equity loan for.  Up until the end of 2017, borrowers could deduct interest on home equity loans or homes equity lines of credit up to $100,000.  354 more words

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Why rebalance your portfolio periodically?

Thank you for the warm response to my asset allocation and the portfolio suggestions posts. In this post, I want to introduce another important concept in managing your personal finances: rebalancing your portfolio. 432 more words