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between darkness and light

It’s been another week of being stretched and prodded at physical therapy and then gingerly navigating my way through Junior’s Gym alone.  Recovering from an injury has created a whole new routine in my life of calculating what I am able to do now that I have been physically forced to put my ego aside. 580 more words

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How Can Wellness Evaluation Help In Reaching Your Life's Target?

Wellness Evaluation is not everything about dieting. It is a process through which personal goals are achieved.

An individual can easily reach his/her target through the unique process provided by an expert wellness coach.

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The pleasure of living through the pain.

It’s been ten days since I injured myself gravely and I have been scanning my body daily for signs of improvement. I can see definitive advancement from the first eventful day when I implored Bertina that… 673 more words

Strength Training With Chris And Bertina

Oh, Miguel! What am I going to do? "Reposo, reposo, reposo ... y ANIMO!"

I am staring up into the brightness of a single, exposed light bulb that hangs from the ceiling amongst beads of sunshine piercing through holes in the zinc roof… 1,000 more words

Strength Training With Chris And Bertina

Dear Journal, sometimes I feel like there is this extra weight pressing down on me...

Bertina kept the challenges flowing this week with lots of surprises in our fitness itinerary. While wall sits are nothing new, I wasn’t expecting a 35 lbs barbell on my lap… 573 more words

Strength Training With Chris And Bertina

Maintain a Steady Fitness for the Lifetime with the Support of a Personal Trainer

Like everything else, good health and steady fitness are also the habits that you have to develop in a strategic manner. You can’t achieve permanent fitness in one stroke. 376 more words

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The happiest days are these.

Happiness matters to me. My health matters to me. I want to feel energized and strong. It’s not youth that I want. It’s more mature than that. 637 more words

Strength Training With Chris And Bertina