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Dr. Way's Personal Fitness Journey

One of the challenges of being a physician is that time is always at a premium. It is difficult to carve time out of the day to exercise and it’s very easy to pick up quick meals which are usually not very healthy for you. 353 more words

Spring 2017 Outdoor Fitness Classes

Hey All,

Just wanted to make a quick post outlining my new classes for May.

Outdoor Fitness Classes are where I started my fitness journey when I was sixteen. 208 more words

The Big Picture

When it comes to our fitness goals or any goal for that matter, we tend to only focus on that end picture…that picture of us crossing the finish the line or standing on top of that mountain. 191 more words


Sorry this month’s post is a tad bit behind schedule:

Simplicity– the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

Considering the meaning of the word, it tends to feel like a loaded word. 434 more words

Everyone's doing it! (Suspension Training)

From TRX to Onnit Suspension rings there’s a mess of Suspension Trainers out there. Ranging from about $50-$200 you can essentially take your workout with you everywhere you go. 40 more words

Hong Kong - The Perfect City For Yoga

Yoga has made a tremendous growth in Hong Kong over the past few years, going from just small, independent trainers and studios here and there, to our current-day cult followings of Lulu Lemon or PURE Yoga. 343 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Finding A Personal Trainer

Here at FAC our main objective is to help all our clients to attain not just their ideal body, but also an ideal lifestyle, and we understand that sometime it can get pretty difficult doing it on your own. 334 more words