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Being a Fit Nurse

There was a time when I was in really good shape.  This was thanks in large part to the fitness program that was included in the Air Force JROTC program I was in as a high school student.  725 more words


The Importance of Mobility

Mobility refers to our ability to move freely without stress on the body. Our flexibility is dependent on the range of motion of our muscles. The two are not the same, but are not mutually exclusive. 38 more words

Lose It! App

I started using the Lose It! app on my iphone last week. It makes a difference.

In just a few days I’ve come to recognize that I eat way too much even as I view my consumption as healthy and moderate. 286 more words

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Gettin' the real "skinny" on my fat numbers

I don’t feel as fat (note: I said “as fat”) as the standard charts say I am. These charts are used by doctors and they’re usually pretty firm in their opinion that the charts are right. 617 more words

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Why Personal Trainers Make Business Sense

The New Year is upon us. You’ve set big goals for your business this year. There is no doubt that while it won’t be easy, you will work towards achieving those goals. 540 more words


Strength Gains without Weight Gain...

In my youth I was in a hurry to get big and strong. In my middle age I’m struggling to stay strong and get smaller (not smaller really, but lean; I’m not interested in huge muscles as much as strong ones too)! 600 more words

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12 Supportive Gifts For Friends Or Loved Ones Dedicated To Fitness Or Weight Loss This Holiday Season 2017

Showing your support to your loved one or friend who is trying to lose weight or get fit is so important. The support of our family and friends can sometimes make or break our decisions. 757 more words