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Flutter Kick, Dolphin Kick, Eggbeater, Look Ma No Hands

Hello there, this here is The Old Wolf once again with an update for my physical fitness. This week’s update is for my Aquatic Calisthenics Class. 383 more words


Learning to breath, I’ve been doing it wrong for forty years

This here is the old wolf with another update on my personal fitness. Sorry for not posting last week there were some family issues that needed more attention than a blog post. 327 more words


Wet pool noodles Fun in the sun, or Chinese water torture?

This here is the Old Wolf with another update on my personal fitness journey.  This week’s discussion is about my aquatic calthesincs studies with Coach Rick.  414 more words


Keeping My Balance and Looking good while doing it

Hello this is the Old Wolf once again with another weekly update on my fitness. As the title says this week is about balance. When I first started in Tia Chi class I had no balance at all, when tried to pick a leg up for a move I would nearly fall over. 213 more words


Treading water in the deep end, Oh no a Cramp

This here is the Old Wolf, with another update on my Fitness. As I stated in my introduction this week’s post will be about my Aquatic Calisthenics class. 229 more words


Reality and Me all Capeless

Reality and Me all Capeless

Fennel Steuert


We are Here:  Done!

Spoilers?     A few plot points


This novel explores the complex ramifications that even tangential fame can have on our relationships through a teenager named Finbar (Fin), who finds himself the star of a reality show about personal fitness. 452 more words


Fit Happens!

Color Runs and other such things!

It’s one of those mornings, where the clouds have not yet departed, it’s kind of damp, and a little chillier than you’d hoped, but you’ve gotten up early, you “prepacked” your gear and you even carb loaded the night before.   483 more words