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Outdoors Personal Fitness and Long Trails | Melissa Kay Thompson

Melissa Kay Thompson is a personal trainer who likes physical fitness, healthy style-life, adventures, hikes, and backpacking. We are going to share lessons from her long trails including the #AppalachianTrail. 14 more words

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Morning entry #39

One more entry and I’m already more than a third of the way (or about) towards running everyday! I ran at 8 AM today, feeling pretty good after having woken up a little anxious. 21 more words


Morning entry #37/38

Ran at 8 AM, giving me a little time before heading into work. Not much to say besides the fact that I missed my entry yesterday due to me mulling over some things. 44 more words


Morning entry #36

Ran at 8 AM, almost 9 this morning. Feeling good because I can run the full distance without stopping, but I’ve noticed when I do that, I also get side stitches. 71 more words


Morning entry #35

Got up at 8 to run today.. about two hours before I have to head in to work. (Yes, on a Sunday) My ankle is still giving me some slight pain, but I feel too damned good starting my day off with a run that I can look past the small annoyance that is my ankle. 131 more words


Morning entry #34

Woke up around 6:30, ran around 7, came home, showered, and then proceeded to weigh myself stark naked. I’m at 149 lbs. (So I was a day late from yesterday to hit my goal) Naturally, I should be happy, considering I’ve lost over 50lbs since the last year and a half, but I don’t trust too much in the scale, and I’d rather trust my gut. 142 more words


Morning entries (31/32/33) + Weight loss update (with pictures)

So.. before anyone gets the wrong idea, I did not miss my past three days of running everyday, like I said I would 33 days ago. 390 more words