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Indefinite Detention, a threat to your rights?

This travesty of law states that the Executive branch can detain anyone associated with terror organizations indefinitely and without trial. Does ‘anyone’ include American citizens? Yes. 66 more words


Progress, and a Review of "Red Queen: the Substrate Wars"

I’ve been plowing through the sequel and I’m about two-thirds done, but that means I’ve been neglecting the web site and keeping readers updated on progress. 239 more words


The Patriot Act and why it's not for Patriots

Passed after 9/11 this bill was intended to strengthen domestic security and the powers of the police to help catch terrorists. Sounds good right? Wrong. Specifically Title 5 of the Patriot Act. 69 more words


"I Felt Like Penny in Big Bang Theory..." - "Red Queen: the Substrate Wars"

A new Amazon review of Red Queen: The Substrate Wars gives it the lowest rating so far, 3 out of 5 stars. But it’s pretty funny, and while the reviewer felt the high-level physics content was too much, he or she does seem to have enjoyed it. 525 more words


More Reviews of "Red Queen: the Substrate Wars"

More reviews of Red Queen: The Substrate Wars.

From Amazon, a random reader says:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent!, January 30, 2015
By A. Shibley (Philadelphia)

552 more words

Scientific Revolutions and "Red Queen: the Substrate Wars"

These two reviews illustrate a conflict that anyone writing science fiction needs to deal with.

The primary driver of any good story is the characters and how they handle problems. 925 more words


Review by Chris Pavesic of "Red Queen: the Substrate Wars"

Book blogger Chris Pavesic has written a kind review of Red Queen: The Substrate Wars:

Red Queen: The Substrate Wars begins with a quotation from Robert Heinlein’s 1950’s novella, …

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