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prepping and $$$$

Guess you’ve all noticed that prepping has become BIG business!  and SOO many of those raking in the cash don’t believe a word of what they say!  1,449 more words


women shooting

This is a blatant plug for the Well Armed Woman shooting chapters.  Carrie started this business several years ago to bring information, gear and empowerment to women shooters and it has EXPLODED.  339 more words


you cannot petition the lord with prayer

So said Jim Morrison, and exactly what does that have to do with this blog?

Recently I posted a blog expressing my concerns, my fears, and asking questions and was immediately blasted about spreading fake news and what was I doing about it.  2,309 more words


White House hints at coming crackdown on recreational marijuana

By Emily C. Singer  read full article on Policy.Mic
February 23, 2017

White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested Thursday the federal government could crack down on recreational… 60 more words



The current political situation is causing a great deal of disharmony, no matter which “side” you might be on.

Don’t think any of us who are preparing, prepping, could ever agree on what would happen and how it would happen, much less when it would happen, so we prepared for as many possibilities as possible.  156 more words


A question of citizenship, Part 1

I enjoy freedom. Freedom to think without penalty, to express without being judged by the law, to follow God without condemnation from religious laws, freedom to choose my friends and to reach out to them. 501 more words

still working on those carry options

trying different style and types of belly bands, some worn low around the hips, some worn more around the waist.  The hip option gives a better draw, but found it was actually hurting my hip on the gun side, think it was hindering the free motion of the joint… 188 more words