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God's love

God Loves You

You are not alone. You were created for a purpose. You were given gifts. You are HERE for a purpose. Today though, I’d like to shift your FOCUS to the ONE who loves you! 193 more words

Personal Fulfillment

Guard your Heart

Be mindful of what you are allowing into your Heart!

Recognize that people may reject who you are, what you you believe, and the choices that you make for yourself.   540 more words

Personal Fulfillment

App Spotlight: Headspace

For those really into the idea of meditation but struggle to start or stick with the process, check out Headspace, an app available on the App Store and Google Play Store. 137 more words

Personal Fulfillment

First Step

My first try at a blog entry.  Where to start?  Many times I have thought, “It sure will be cool when I have a book that is being read by others.” But never have I sat and wrote in a way that can communicate to others.   223 more words


The Best Educational Youtubers

All of us, at one point or another, have wasted away the day sucked into the depths of Youtube. While it’s great to veg-out every once in a while, there’s also a lot that can be learned from educational Youtube channels. 296 more words


Work-Life Balance: A Skill Physicians Can Learn

Note: Guest blogger Donna Baver Rovito is former president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance and Editor of Physician Family, a national magazine developed by the AMA Alliance that explores the changing world of the medical families. 565 more words

Course Selection: Balancing Life and School

At the end of every year, we all go through the panic of deciding which classes to take next school year. Most people choose classes based on the rigor and “impressiveness” of a course, but in order to be a successful student, you must think about many more factors. 237 more words

Personal Fulfillment