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Who Needs Aspirations?

History is littered with aspirational guidance. Aspirations are essential only if you want to get somewhere other than where you are, literally or figuratively. Otherwise, who cares? 636 more words


You Gotta Pay the Cost to be the Boss: Louis Phillips, Entrepreneur

This is a photo of Louis Phillips standing in front of his 4th St. Grocery in or near San Diego, Calif.

I say “in or near” San Diego because, while some of the photos given to me by my mother are labeled San Diego, others are labeled El Cajon or Santee, two nearby suburbs. 325 more words

On Family History

Course Intro

Five years ago on Memorial Day I had a ‘moment’. Since then I have built a curriculum. I call it a curriculum because I don’t know what else to call it. 1,536 more words


Why I Have Started Keeping Flowers In My Writing Space.


First of all, thank you for stopping by and welcome to my author blog!

I have been posting my poetry on my poetry blog and submitting here and there, 322 more words

Author Reflection


Have you noticed events, conversations, comments that have made a significant impact in your general perspective were subtle and unobtrusive? Meaning that profound ‘aha’s’ do not have to come with fireworks. 496 more words


Personal Appearance

Maybe it’s just me, but in 2017 I see a lot of poorly dressed people. Not poorly as in poor, but poorly as in “really? You’re out here in your pajamas?” When I see someone who appears to be older than 20 years walking around in their pajamas, or in clothes that look like they just got pulled out of a dirty hamper, I feel sad. 170 more words

Female Support