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“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”


“Mind is the builder.”

~Edgar Cayce

Reflections On Farm Life

What is my "mission statement"?

I’m back again. Not much happening lately. I’ve mainly been distracted by reading about various social and ideological conflicts on the web and playing lotsĀ of… 426 more words


What Innovations Have Improved Physicians' Work Environment?

Physicians often experience the growing pains of change. But innovative solutions that drive change can also lead to increased productivity, professional satisfaction, and better ways to treat patients. 672 more words

Health Care

Intimacy with God?

I was impressed by the Chabad Magazine editor’s note regarding the
Baal Shem Tov. A man of extraordinary piety and importance who was orphaned at a young age. 124 more words

Bucket List Item Complete! My Visit to A New City With My Dog

A few days ago, I returned from an incredible 36-hour trip to Virginia Beach with just me and my dog.

It has been on my… 2,102 more words

Bucket List

I Don't Want to Be an Author

I hadn’t actually thought much about being an author. Like, being an “I do nothing but write for a living” author. In the last couple years, as I worked retail while also writing my book, I thought maybe being a full-time author would be nice. 405 more words


Back and Forth

“Pendulum: a popular opinion characterized by regular movement from one extreme to another.” This figurative dictionary definition adequately describes what seems to be happening in our society with a number of values considered basic to the well-being of every culture, one of which is marriage. 566 more words