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A Poem about what could have been


Is it better to feel something

Than nothing at all?

What if that something becomes

Everything. Then it’s gone

In absence begins… 80 more words

What is your power, and why should you care?

A time comes when in a world overloaded with information, we can be left with the lingering question of how to find purpose and meaning every day. 196 more words

Personal Fulfillment

The One Page Life Plan

This is an important time of year for making plans, reviewing everything and taking positive steps towards living the life you want and truly deserve to live. 266 more words

Life Plan

How I Found Myself Unemployed -- and Found My Voice

2017 was the year sh*t got real. I had been limping along, half-heartedly pursuing freelance writing and editing gigs part time for the last few years, unable to cut the umbilical cord to the corporate world. 488 more words


The greatest way to live?

Hi fellow bloggers!

This is at the core of anyone who has accomplished anything great, whether the world knows or not. Sometimes greatness doesn’t look or feel so grand. 40 more words

Personal Fulfillment

New Moon Insight by Jamie Partridge

As I am sitting here contemplating the beauty of creation…I ran into this beautiful precise insight:

New Moon December 2017 Astrology by James Partridge

The new moon on Monday December 18, 2017 is at 26 degrees Sagittarius. 1,026 more words

Personal Fulfillment