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501's. My Kind Of Shrinkage

They came from Amazon via UPS. That they still make shrink-to-fit 501’s with a button fly is most gratifying to me. They are made in Egypt now. 213 more words

Sexual Identity

Saturday Miscellany

The buzz around Richmond today centers around Mrs. Clinton’s Vice-Presidential selection, Tim Kaine.  He is well-liked in these parts. Republicans who don’t agree with him respect him as a decent guy who lives by his principles.   393 more words

Health Issues

Top 5 for Friday, July 15, 2016

Sure, I’m two days late but I’m on vacation so it’s amazing I’m posting anything but I figured I could come up with a list while I wait for my turn in the bathroom. 387 more words


Random Observations

Observation #1

Men are gross. The ladies are right about that. Why do I say that? Yesterday, at the Y , I’m getting dressed after my swim. 359 more words

The Weird Reason Women Are Grooming Their Ladyparts

Waxing, shaving, trimming, and otherwise getting rid of pubic hair isn’t anything new, and whatever you do (or don’t do—whatever) is totally up to you/fine/no big deal.  234 more words


Financial Benefits of Primping

by Honolulu Mother

This Washington Post article reports that for women, having a groomed and coiffed appearance seems to bring higher pay, well beyond the halo effect of attractiveness in general. 177 more words

#bringbackthebush, or just tend to your garden however the hell you want. 

I watch Loose Women pretty religiously while me and my daughter sit and eat lunch. This was a bad idea today because one of the topics of conversation was pubic hair arranging, which isn’t really an appetising side dish to a luncheon, or entirely appropriate while an impressionable toddler is in the room, but I digress. 694 more words