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The Fashion Makeover

In view of the fact that so many of ya’ll from up north are moving south, we thought we would bring in some experts on southern lifestyle to give you a makeover and help you adjust to our way of life. 613 more words


Sunglasses Are Easier Than Eyeliner

I started using makeup the summer after 7th grade, when I was 13 years old. There was a girl in my neighborhood who I secretly thought was rather plain, but she could get her hair in those lovely Farrah Fawcett curls, and she wore makeup. 1,241 more words


Sunday Well Spent

In my fantasy, I am drinking French roast coffee made in a French press pot with freshly ground beans. I am eating a butter croissant slathered with butter and fig jam. 453 more words

Catholic Life

Top 13 sailing superstitions regarding bad luck

Sailing superstitions have long been passed along by word of mouth or have been mentioned time and again in movies and books. Following are 13 superstitions that occasionally still find mention amongst sailors today. 840 more words

Sailing Superstitions

Long Hair - Love & Hate Relationship

I have no idea if the love-hate relationship I have with hair is just an autistic thing or if it’s something others struggle with as well. 1,012 more words


Personality is the set of typical characteristics or qualities of a person that form an individual’s distinctive character. This is the reason everyone possesses different personality which let them typically behave and respond in a certain way. 592 more words

Japanese man religiously followed “9 grooming steps” for three years, netted himself a girlfriend

After undergoing a three year transformation, he advocates going to great lengths to be popular with women. 351 more words