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Filling the Well

Imagine drawing your energy for your work life as if you were drawing water from a well.  You lower the bucket and pull up the fresh, clean water you need each day to feel sustained through the ups and downs. 414 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

How Do You Choose to Persevere with Life’s Obstacles?

“If all else fails, perseverance prevails.”

This anonymous quote is important to keep in mind, especially those days when you’ve had yet another interview turndown or your job search is not going as you had hoped. 678 more words

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You Gotta Have Hope

Consider: In terms of your life and particularly your career, are you a person who tends to be hopeful about your future? Or do you tend more towards despair that things will not improve, no matter what you believe or do? 734 more words

Job Search

Retirement Stories

“What are you going to do all day?” was a common question asked of retired friends and colleagues that I interviewed recently about their personal, emotional or psychological approach to retirement. 728 more words

Career Transition Strategies

Are You Drained, Sustained or Inspired At Work?

There is great power in acknowledging where we are in the present moment of our work lives. When we can see and accept the reality of our situation, we can better identify our needs, make decisions about our next steps and appreciate what is going well. 636 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

Decreasing Work Stress Part II

In Part I I gave three tips to decrease work stress: wake up on time, eat lunch, and learn to say “no”. Here are a few additional tips to help you achieve greater ease in your workday. 794 more words

Career Transition Strategies

Job Search Zen – Part One: Perspective for an Oftentimes Hard Journey

Take out a white piece of paper.


What are your gifts?

What have you accomplished?

What is the work of your hands?

Place this on the paper. 116 more words

Personal Growth And Healing