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Perfectionism: Mapping the Vast Interior Part II/Heading South

This is a continuation of a blog about perfectionism that began with a posting March 21, 2017: “Perfectionism: Mapping the Vast Interior Part I/Facing East.” Read it before starting Part II/Heading South if you can. 640 more words

Career Transition Strategies

Surviving and Thriving When the Work World Overstimulates You - Part II

“Sydney” works as a telephonic advice nurse, providing medical advice to a large group of employees that work for a nationwide company. Although she enjoys helping those she advises in becoming healthier, she finds working in a cubical office with other advice nurses to be overstimulating. 822 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

We can all change the world

We all have the power to change the world, and indeed we all do change the world by our mere presence within it. Every thought we think, choice we make and word we speak alters the course of history. 1,142 more words

Human Evolution

We are all a mystery

It’s the most beautiful spring day and I’m sad. Why? I see the happy daffodils, bobbing in the gentle breeze. I feel the sun burning through a cloudy haze, touching my winter-pale skin with blissful warmth. 420 more words

Human Evolution

'Coming out' about ETs

OK, here goes. The reason I wanted to set up a new blog site, separate from my existing frond yoga site, is because I have been experiencing all kinds of strange things over the last few years, which took a turn for the even weirder around a year ago, when ET experiences first entered my life. 1,694 more words

Human Evolution

Perfectionism: Mapping the Vast Interior, Part 1

Clients talk some about their perfectionistic tendencies. They share dilemmas from concrete to spiritual matters as they work hard to set their lives and careers on the right track.  781 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

We only need our own validation

I used to care so much about what others thought about me. I just wanted to be liked by everyone. This meant I moulded myself into the person I thought people wanted me to be, which of course was quite an act to keep on top of, as every person wants something different.   630 more words

Personal Growth And Healing