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Moms and Dads don’t give up on your other career dreams!

As a divorce coach and vocational expert in collaborative and mediated cases that are settled out of court, I have the privilege of supporting moms and dads needing to go back to work, as a result of their divorce. 375 more words

Career Transition Strategies

Surviving and Thriving When the Work World Overstimulates You – Part I

Do noises at your workplace drain you? Do you get headaches or experience eye strain from the fluorescent lights above your workspace? Is it especially difficult receiving feedback on your performance each year? 641 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

Ask Yourself the Big Questions

“What’s my purpose in life?”  “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

I used to think these were THE big questions.  The big questions, the ones to be pursuing about career and work. 884 more words

Career Transition Strategies

“Where for art thou, my self-confidence?” she cries.

Many of the people I talk to about career direction feel they lack the confidence to fully explore their options. They express being overwhelmed by second-guessing, self-doubt, perfectionism and the inability to take action when deemed necessary. 547 more words

Personal Growth And Healing

Sudden and Unexpected Job Loss

At some point in your career you may experience sudden and unexpected job loss.

You may feel overwhelmed with anger, shock, fear, betrayal, numbness and fatigue, or all of these in the span of a minute. 442 more words

Career Transition Strategies