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To know oneself is to heal

A musing, Melinda says; I noticed of lately that when I look at people just walking down the street, going about their business, I am repeatedly seeing in their faces a likeness to my own face, my gestures in their gestures, timber in their voice, of instances of the timber in my voice… As if indicating to me that I am to meet, am meeting some aspect(s) of myself, as if for the first time. 484 more words

Personal Growth

Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quotes

Letting Things Go

Letting go of things at times can be difficult. Well, I know it is for me, but I can’t speak for everyone else.

I watched a television show today called “God Friended Me”. 270 more words

Personal Growth

About Infinite Love

I can’t even tell you anymore of how many versions/forms of love I came across in my life: love you feel for your family, love you feel for your friends, love you feel for your pets, for your crushes, your soul mates, for strangers even, for the world, for nature, for yourself. 430 more words


Grudges and Boundaries

Has someone wronged you recently?  Long ago?  (How) Does it still affect you?  Are you a grudge holder?  Does someone hold a grudge against you? 910 more words

My November Poem

A Poem for November

I’ve been thinking

a lot

about the sheer power of destruction


The Giant Sequoia

is remarkably fire resistant,

though born of flame. 356 more words


You are Temporary


Did you know that everything is temporary?

Your house, your car, your clothes include your gadgets too. How many times have you changed these things? 71 more words