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The Word is GROWTH!

After a lot of pondering and thinking about how I want the upcoming year to be, and what I want to focus on, it became quite clear that there was one thing that was very present in all of them, and that is personal growth. 297 more words

Golf Tips: Devoted, Watchful, Thankful [Colossians 4:2]

My brother in law taught me how to drive a golf ball at a pristine golf course on the Atlantic side of sunny, sunny Florida.  Until then my only knowledge of the game (sport, addiction) was on my PlayStation 2, featuring Tiger Woods and brought to fruition by EA Sports.   558 more words

Personal Growth

Self Awareness

In a world where many (including myself) believe society has become a little too sensitive, we must spend some time reflecting inward, and fostering self awareness. 337 more words

Family + Relationships

Dream: Knocked Over By a Cow

In the dream, I am still married to my ex & he is telling me what to do, how to think, how to be. My mom is also hanging around likewise dictating to me how to be, how to think, what to do. 223 more words

Personal Growth

Have Mercy Upon Yourself

As a child, I remember being told to give others forgiveness for their mistakes.  To bestow compassion and kindness in the face of being wronged by another.  325 more words

Personal Growth

Preparing your heart for Christmas

The Christmas season often catches us unprepared and overwhelmed with all the things we have to do.  So much so, that we don’t prepare our hearts to worship at Christmas. 206 more words


You Have Greatness Within You

The orchestral conductor helps to bring out the best in the musicians.

As an athlete I have had many coaches. It’s those who have been able to draw out the best of me who I remember the most.

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