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Hi again!

It’s been a while. Thanksgiving sans 30 guests, the growing pandemic, family scattered across the country, long winter days…it has been tough and not much of a swoon-inspiring time. 560 more words

The Thin Line Between Friendship and I'm Sorry

I am an imperfect person. Obviously, right?! We all are, so why state the obvious? Well, the reason is because I’m aware of my imperfections and my need for growth. 446 more words

Gala Serks

Am I Ready?

I’ve known for awhile now that my Knowing has increased. While I am not always able to control it, when it arrives, its accuracy is uncanny. 397 more words

Personal Growth


So many terrible things are going on in the world today. This week I’ve learned several heartbreaking tragedies have happened or are happening to people I know and It just seems like this year keeps growing darker. 775 more words

Lofty goals and big dreams? Here's why your mindset is the key

Welcome to another #WellnessWednesday where we share easy and simple tips to hack your self-doubt and continue pressing towards your goals despite life’s resistance to them.  768 more words

Personal Growth