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Do you feel like your Spiritual Journey is finished?

Well, you’re wrong! Ding! I’m very, very guilty of doing it again and again.

Oh, sorry. I couldn’t resist. my personality has swung round to girl again, bear with it. 934 more words


Daily Positives 11/29/15

  1. I heard from my student who was just in the hospital. He’s out of the hospital now and feeling better. Hopefully he continues to improve.
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Daily Positives

ID Please!

It took me many years to fully appreciate my individual quirks and to realize it is through our diversity that we offer a uniqueness in service to the world(s) we live in; each soulful, authentic person being a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of human interconnectedness. 344 more words

Self Awareness

Advent Devotions on the My Cru app.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Each one of us has a unique combination of sacred and secular perspectives surrounding Advent and Christmas.

For some, this is a wonderful time of year. 443 more words


Mojo Gizmos

Mojo Gizmos

Cowboy Wisdom/Robert A. Wilson

I now feel my mojo gizmos gusto’s brews my attitude of accomplishment crescents my enterprising essence to rise and shine… 828 more words

Cowboy Wisdom

Is it time for an overhaul?

By Steve Wolf

Question the life you were handed vs. the life you could be choosing right now. Consider the sources of the influences on your life… is society so happy and successful, peaceful, healthy and prosperous that we should really be taking our cues from it? 342 more words

Personal Growth

I'm Gonna Love You Like I'm Gonna Lose You

The lyrics of this song hits home hard. I’m glad it was written, I’m glad it was sung, most of all I’m glad it was heard. 199 more words