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Monday Moment: Safe strategy

Oh, there are just so many. SO many of them. All the reasons to not do the thing your heart, your intuition, that little whisper of possibility inside you are all telling you do to. 98 more words


Funnels and Filters

“Why does he do that shit?” My caller, an old friend who has learned that I’ll try to answer any question, no matter how complicated, obscure, or expressed with strong emotion, was truly puzzled. 342 more words

Human Potential

58 Minutes

I love walks in the park but this past winter I told my husband, “I am getting soft”. I just couldn’t handle walking in the cold anymore so I started going to the gym to walk on the treadmill. 95 more words

Day 1967: F-bombs

Friends! When you Feel Frustrated, do you Find yourselF dropping a Fair number of F-bombs? IF so, don’t Fret. Folks who swear are F-ing smart! You can Find that by searching For “cursing studies” on the F-ing web, including… 182 more words

Personal Growth

2018-01(jan)-17-Wed-0230 (entry 2/2)

I want to help everyone grow. To be more experienced, more knowledged, more masterful. 

Primates On Typewriters

Thirty for Thirty: Part 3

Okay, here’s the last 10 on my list!

 21.  Go camping This is a goal for personal growth, because confession: I hate camping. I haven’t done it since middle school. 461 more words


Be Creative in Creating Good Habits to be Successful

I read quite a bit of esoteric stuff from a lot of different places. Why? Because I find it interesting in how knowledge from different unconnected situations can be applied to my own. 590 more words

Dieting Tips