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You Are Not Perfect,and Its Okay.

I find that in today’s society we are pressured to be these perfect beings. And there are some that fall victim to that world. But I’m here to remind you that, no one is perfect, not even you… Hey, hey now, that’s not a positive message. 205 more words

Personal Growth

Feeling Tangled? A Go-Getter’s Guide to Anxiety

Remember that L’Oréal hair detangler spray for little kids? That potent pear-smelling spray you’d spritz on tricky knots of hair, and work through with a comb until the hair is orderly again?   731 more words


Why 'Grounding' is Important

I’ve been thinking about ‘grounding’ for a few days, the practice of embodying total awareness into the here and now. It keeps coming up in my thoughts. 370 more words


The Smart Money Woman By Arese Ugwu

“Broke means, if you lost your primary source of income today, you wouldn’t be able to maintain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to because you have no assets to rely on.” – The Smart Money Woman, Arese Ugwu.  555 more words



“Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.” Rachel Wolchin

Boundaries, yes, that’s this week’s message. What do I mean by boundaries? I ask you, where do you draw the line? 209 more words