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Moving Out

If you´ve read my last post, The Rent Mess, you´ll understand that I´m growing pretty tired of this old place. The rent is too high, the landlord isn´t empathetic – but, and perhaps more importantly – I have outgrown it. 376 more words


Sick Days Stealing My Thunder

Where have I been?  Sick.  Sicker than a dog.  Have you ever had one of those mutant colds that just won’t go away?  Well, I have and the time is now.  200 more words

Personal Development

What are you training for?

Chances are, that’s a tough question to immediately answer for most of us… in fact, I bet if I asked you that question, it might really throw you off guard. 560 more words

The endless struggle

The weekend was a struggle. A lot of feelings. A lot of emotions. A lot of fear and pain and desperation.

I made a point… 959 more words

Personal Growth

God is not...

God is not the being
who closely examines me
but the one who permits me
to be myself to the fullest.

~ Raimon Panikkar


I'm Going to Hell

May I please get some virtual high-fives? Not only do I feel like the south end of a donkey, but a lady at the gas station told me I’m going to hell because I’m wearing a Harry Potter shirt. 124 more words

Personal Growth

Terms and Conditions

When you buy a new cell phone with service or sign up with WordPress, you have to sign a contract called “Terms and Conditions” regarding use. 325 more words

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