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An aside on having it "worse".

If we’re talking about white privilege, don’t make it about how hard your life has been and how you have it “worse”.

If we’re talking about the difficulties of being queer, don’t make it about your dating struggles and how you have it “worse”. 267 more words


Growing up I was so afraid of what the future held, knowing all of the obstacles I had to overcome and having no idea whether or not to face them. 1,009 more words

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A Season of Suffering

There is something about the fall that always speaks to me of suffering, of surrender and letting go. Yes, the leaves are gorgeous! But I sense a hint of sadness as the trees say goodbye to summer and become barren. 734 more words

Suffering & Hard Times

Playing the Glad Game is Being Grateful

As many of you know, I study joy voraciously. In many, if not all, of the books and articles that I read, each author has at least one chapter about how the best way to discover joy is to be grateful. 729 more words

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I have never met a man who loves his flowers and plants more than Dennis Mukupa Chitimbe Snr does; I am still filled with childlike awe when I consider these things. 953 more words

Monday Reservations: Your Own Dialogue

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Monday! Excitement fixates in our brain for every day other than this one. What to change that? Complacency shifts direction into a sort-of negative approach to the start of every week. 560 more words

Using All Four Cognitive Functions as a Writer


Using All Four Cognitive Functions as a Writer

My heart is so full as I write this. So many things going on in the world right now—both good and bad. 2,170 more words