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She will be loved...

She really hopes.

EMDR therapy has a way of exposing these underlying beliefs I’ve been holding. These deeply held, core beliefs that, without my explicit acknowledgment, affect much of my day to day living. 430 more words

Personal Growth

Day 1440: What people remember

Sometimes I wonder what people remember about

  • themselves,
  • each other,
  • their dreams,
  • history,
  • me, and
  • my blog.

What do you remember?   I remember

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Daily Dream Journal - Crumbling house

In the dream, I’m in someone’s house and it is old and falling apart. Tiles are breaking. It’s cold & damp. Everywhere I stepped or looked I saw flaws and areas to be fixed. 155 more words

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Flawed People

Last week I started reading “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow.  I’ve been amazed at what Hamilton was able to accomplish, regardless of his humble beginnings.  156 more words

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Ordinary Life

Ordinary life
is not without
its music, mystery,
and magic.

© 2016 Dennis Ference

My book of original inspirational verses, From the Water’s Edge, is  available from…

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$771 in a bank account - what would you do?

December 09, 2016

There’s $95 in a chequing account.

And another $680 in a savings account.

And that’s it.

I don’t have snow tires.

And I don’t have a legal Will. 328 more words

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