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Don’t let imperfect memory stop you

My husband tells this story. It was a particularly brutal winter in Alaska, with a lot of snow accumulation. Wind had created high snow berms and covered the vegetation. 490 more words

Personal Histories

Worlds Away

The turf, for now at least, is still crispy and fried with drought as spots of desiccated seathrift vibrate in their response to the offshore breeze making its way across the still millpond of the Atlantic. 350 more words

Family Portrait

It’s Saturday night. The family and I are sitting around the dinner table. We are high up in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, in a secluded cabin. It’s our first family mini-vacation where all members are there this year. 786 more words

A Refugee In America

Grandma’s Reel Reminiscence

I am miles away from gran’ma. Away in a city, she’s never been to, a city she fears might change me. “You can always call me Angu. 817 more words

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March 1993.
Bombay was in the middle of a blood bath. Ever since the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, on December 6th 1992, there were riots everywhere. 778 more words

Personal Essays

You're going to get sued for libel

I was volunteering at the Museum of Seminole County History yesterday, and there was a fortunate occurrence. One of the local people came in to do some research. 1,263 more words

"No, no. Please interrupt!"

Have you ever met anybody that you just knew had interesting life stories? I had the privilege to meet two of them yesterday.

Yesterday the main work area was being used for the monthly meetings, so I got to work out there in the middle of the floor.  923 more words