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Facing The Demons

I’ve forgiven him now, the man I held to be the active architect in most of my disappointments through life. The man who remained cold and distant through our tattered and torn, bruised and battered relationship and yet would remain warm and welcoming to his nieces, his sole nephew and his grandchildren, staying everyones favourite uncle, great uncle and grandfather. 1,168 more words

The Story of Two

Translating oral storytelling to a written form isn’t simply a matter of recording and transcribing. Even practiced storytellers veer off on tangents and add asides that make a great verbal story difficult to read on paper. 422 more words

Personal Histories

Your Life: One Story at a Time

When I talk to people about documenting their stories, they like the idea of controlling their own narrative, but most aren’t sure where to start. Some think of a memoir as a chronological telling of an entire life, and they can’t imagine anyone would be interested in theirs. 239 more words

Personal Histories

The Discomfort Zone

I wrote a story I thought I’d never want to tell. It was littered with uncomfortable memories of an awkward time I’d relegated to the past. 363 more words

Personal Histories


Heber sits down on the dusty driveway.

He unties the double knot, loosens his right boot and takes it off.

His woollen sock has a hole at the toe… 222 more words


Bude; Ok, It’s Not Quite Svarlbard...

Moving away from North Helford towards the back-end of 2013 did not prove to be as difficult or as wrenching as I first anticipated; a chance to start again, afresh without the toxic fallout of relationship failure staining my village life. 1,115 more words

Alone (An honest approach)

I have spent too many years walking away from my history, so much so that at times it feels like I have experienced another person’s memory. 548 more words