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Family History Centers and Me

by Ileen Judd Johnson

I have always been interested in family history. As a child I remember with fondness the times relatives stopped by to visit. 1,701 more words

Family History

Someone Up There Loves You

by Elder Boyd K. Packer

Genealogical work has, I fear, sometimes been made to appear too difficult, too involved, and too time consuming to really be inviting to the average Church member. 791 more words

Family History

A Scooter for Two

My Dad’s fatherly lecture to my husband-to-be went something like this: “Keep in mind whose wedding this is. The star of the evening is the bride. 2,652 more words

Personal Histories

Judge Not

Sacrament Meeting talk by daughter Ileen, July 29, 2012

My passion, as most of you know, is family history. All eight of my great-grandparents joined the Church in its early days and made their way from England, Ireland, Australia, New England and Canada to Utah. 1,546 more words

Personal Histories

Footprints shaping...

I am looking at the portrait of the man before me and all I can say is, “…so it is possible… It is possible to live a blameless life before God and men…” It is possible. 475 more words


Footprints meandering...

As I work on this project, collating my findings, fitting the puzzle pieces, and building a trail from the 40s uptil the 90s, I encounter many roadblocks. 375 more words


Footprints beckoning...


Psalm 39:4 "LORD, let me know how my life ends, and the standard by which you will measuremy days, whatever it is! Then I will know how transient my life is." ISV

Another translation says: "...Let me realise how quickly my life will pass."

These are the meditations of my heart as I work out of Ibadan... 218 more words