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A Snapshot of Auld Lang Syne

I always find the time at the beginning of the new year to be particularly poignant. It’s around this time that I turn into an internet detective, in search of the people who were, for years at a time, part of my life and then no more. 657 more words


Sound of Silence for WPC 1/17/18


I love my son…more than anything else…in the way only the single mother of an only child can understand.

He and his sons live with me now. 206 more words

Personal History

Dead Souls & Live Poets: Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 3

The following is a blend of passages from Answer to Lucifer (2007) and my journal from the time (2002); as such, it does not represent my current point of view. 5,658 more words

Personal History

It Started Almost 5 Years Ago...

I have never really been an athlete, or not much of one at least. I played basketball and volleyball in middle school and high school, but we were never particularly good and it was definitely a fun thing and not a competitive thing. 618 more words

Fitness Journey

Silence for WPC 1-17-18


One of my favorite moments of “Silence” is filled with the adrenaline of anticipation of NOISE…I mean BIG noise.

I have been a Blue Angels Fan my whole life! 107 more words


Amanda Parsons Cook

Personal histories are fascinating to me.  When I meet a new person, I often ask questions like, “What’s your deal? Where are you from? How did you end up here?”  I love to know about people and people love to talk about themselves.   940 more words


Weathered for WPC-an embarrassing re-post


This seems like a great picture post for the theme this week, “Weathered”.

But pretty shocking and uncomfortable to share so be kind. (Smiley, winky emoji here!)