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Yesterday I told Albert that I have been worried about him. Most Wednesdays I see him in Chicago on the bridge at Adams between Wacker and Canal at 2:45 PM. 290 more words

How I Roll

Seder or Chaos?, part 2

Sitting in the folding chair, viewing the table with the mystery bowls, holding the thick Haggadah in my hands, it was somewhat of a magical moment. 1,319 more words

Personal History

Seder or Chaos?

Once again I am thrilled to be in NYC. I probably would be here more often, if it wasn’t for the torture of the plane ride, or the tremendous cost of the torture. 985 more words

Personal History

Creative People Are Curious. Are You?

You know them. You’ve seen them. And sometimes you’ve even been annoyed by them, those kids with their hands up the whole class, whether it’s in kindergarten, grade school, university or writing classes. 698 more words


Why Write?

I’ve posted for a solid 3 weeks now. One post, at least 750 words, every day for 21 days.┬áIt’s been a little difficult to write about myself, my past and history and the experiences I’ve had. 799 more words


And another thing..

When I say that my life is an open book, I’m mostly serious. I mean, I’ve never been shy about writing my blog (see my comments about LiveJournal) and I don’t honestly care what people think who read it. 939 more words


Depend on one another

Counting on one another is a critical feature of community. We count on each other to keep traffic moving at a reasonable pace, to stop at red lights, to wait as pedestrians cross. 538 more words

How I Roll