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Oooo, Lightning Bugs!

We have a new cat in our household. My son Will picked her out at the local shelter. She’s acted as if she wants to be an indoor cat and has only rarely gone outside. 48 more words

Personal History

The ivy is choking you - week 180

English ivy is a noxious weed where I live and I hate it. It’s also a perfect fucking metaphor for gender dysphoria.

Left alone to grow, its leaf cover and epiphytic roots will choke trees and understory plants and take years or decades off their lifespans by making them more susceptible to pests and toppling in windstorms. 862 more words


3 | Fear

Some of you know my name and my face because I shared this blog with you through my personal Facebook account.  (I didn’t share with any of my family members, however, so I kindly ask that you NOT share this blog with them if you know any of them.)  A few of you have no idea who I am.   772 more words

Mental Illness

Ted Talks: An AFOL’s Journey to Enlightenment

Welcome back to the third edition of Ted Talks, where friend of the blog and bon vivant Ted Andes tackles topics that are near and dear to his heart. 

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Ted Talks (Author Ted Andes)

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Mike, where have you been?

The Doctor Strange movie came and went, no review.

Guardians of the Galaxy came and went, no review.

The season finales of Supergirl, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Flash … 202 more words

Personal History

Painting Over the Wallpaper

2011.  That’s the last time you heard from me.  It’s gonna be hard to put things into a nutshell for you, but I’m gonna try to get you up to speed.  1,605 more words