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NaBloPoMo 2015 - Entry 26 - Let's Try That Again

So, yeah. Last night after work, I came home, had dinner, messed around for a bit, and then sat down in the recliner and crashed with the laptop, well, on my lap. 302 more words


The ongoing argument between me and fake masculinity

Rebecca Solnit wrote a very interesting little article here, a sharp little critique of Esquire magazine’s regular, and (to me) tiresome, tradition of regularly trotting out their “80 Books Every Man Should Read” book list. 608 more words

Personal History

It's Good to Go Back in Order to Go Forward

Today the almost nine years of my writing journey with the Loyalist trilogy popped into my mind and I decided to look back, something I rarely do in my life. 1,078 more words

Excitement About Writing

NaBloPoMo 2015 - Entry 25 - Called Onna Count of Sleep

Was going to post about the turning leaves, but slept all evening after dinner. I’ll do it tomorrow. Later.


NaBloPoMo 2015 - Entry 24 - More Twitter-style


Sorry, no time. Day’s highlights follow-

Did some prep around the house for Turkey Day.

Went to the Kids’ House, picked them up and took them to the FLGS. 89 more words


past relationships: Rachel (part 4 - things going from bad to worse)

Parts 1, 2, and 3.

It was around this time that our home-buying woes intensified. The main part that seems important to revisit is that watching Rachel acquiesce to Jessica’s demands frequently was really disheartening. 1,526 more words

Personal Polyamory

Angel Wolf

The brisk cold is bone-shattering,  flesh

shivering as I walk along the Wasatch Front

between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

The stars above sparkle and glisten, frozen… 292 more words