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Me? 89? Impossible!

Well, I’ve managed to make it this far in better-than-average shape. What’s more,

it means I’ve lived through the nineteen thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, “Y 2K” (you may begin to remember this), and into the two thousands: – to NOW! 814 more words


The Desert - Spring, 1965

In April of 1965, David Hiser, myself and Harvey Carter went down to the Moab area (which was generally called “the desert” by Colorado climbers) to do some climbing.  251 more words


Aspen - Winter 1964-5

Aspen, Colorado. David and I arrived around Thanksgiving, 1964, and found an $80/month room with the Snyders, at the end of E. Hopkins Ave. He got a job as a breakfast cook at the Skillet, while I resumed work as a ski instructor, also working nights as a waiter at a fancy restaurant – the Steak Pit, located under the City Market on Cooper. 746 more words

Personal History

Uncle Joe, my father, and me

I’m really torn about not being able to be there — the funeral Mass will be starting soon, so final good-byes are being said.

RIP, JPF (1935–2015) 389 more words


Get Ready To Start Your Family History Project ... and Finish It By The Holidays!

Photo courtesy of Jay Phagan via Flickr.

A lot of people complain that stores bring out holiday decorations, music and gift ideas right after Labor Day, and even though I’m  a huge fan of Christmas music, I have to admit even I find seeing the glint of shiny tinsel while I’m still wearing shorts (remember I live in Phoenix) a little disconcerting. 902 more words

Personal History

Autism: epistolary relationships

I enjoy writing and reading way more than talking (most of the time). Even with people I “know well”, talking can be uncomfortable because I don’t know how to keep things flowing smoothly, and/or they persist in talking about things I’m not interested in. 252 more words

Personal History

Climbing - 1964

While teaching skiing in Aspen, I had met a local climber, Harvey Carter, who was on the Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol. His patrol nickname was “Mr. 1,469 more words