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So I Moved To Sweden Part 2 (repost)

September 4, 2014

I spent a good portion of the flight from Newark to Stockholm dozing, and I spent the majority of the three hour flight from Portland to Newark doing the same – not anywhere deep enough to achieve the necessary REM for dreams or real rest, but enough to give me the energy to function once we touched down in Stockholm. 791 more words


The Desert Run [Journal 6-19-17]

Bastion – The End.

It takes me quite some time to get the point of this post. There are just many factors to address. Though perhaps contrary to the evidence on this blog, I’m not one to hinder progress with dramatics. 1,208 more words

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So I Moved To Sweden (repost)

August 28, 2014

So I moved to Sweden. I started thinking about studying abroad just over a year ago, during my spring ’13 creative writing class – you know, the one that brought me back to life and all that. 959 more words


A father figure

A PHONE CALL tonight from Esto reminds me to wish a Happy Father’s Day to U.T. Kirkland, who was a father figure to many of us Esto boys. 26 more words



Can one drive fast enough to catch up with the past? Marcia Orland, on a dare, tries to do just that.

Link to my article, written for SixtyandMe.com, below. 7 more words

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Afternoon Naps

I found this in Mrs. Hoge’s last sketch book.

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The Dragon and The Rose

Publication Announcement!
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The full trilogy

The Dragon and The Rose

Book 1: The Gate of Swords

Book 2: The Gate of Sins

Book 3: The Gate of Souls

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