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Wrestling with writing issues

I’ve been through several revision passes on my book manuscript by now. It’s been a gradual process of successive refinements, and I’ve tried to adopt a patient and methodical approach to this work. 380 more words


What Followed Us Out: My Parents' Memories and My Own

This has been happening more frequently in the past few years. When afternoons that I’m with my family stretch long, we—my parents, my brother and I—turn to reminiscing. 1,061 more words


June 2012... Coming Together

As my bellydance skills improved, I found myself getting more and more involved.  I started drilling at home and in some not so obvious places.  I caught myself practicing 3/4 shimmies while pushing a cart at Walmart… by far not the weirdest thing to ever happen at Walmart, but definitely one of the weirdest things I have done!   739 more words


Being Brief

This week, things are going to be brief. It’s too damned hot to think, especially after being out working in the heat. Only a half an hour about did me in today. 393 more words

Star Wars Fantasy

the future and home-buying (part two)

When we left out, Rob and I had figured out a way for me, Rob, Rachel, Jon, and Lora to live together. We’d buy a home with five levels – the bottom unit would have 3 levels, and the top would have two. 3,814 more words

Personal Polyamory

A Précis of My Horrors

No persona now. No mask. Just some bare and barren truths about my life, my depression, my anxiety disorder. Anxiety is too weak a word of course. 827 more words


Milestones: A deep breath, and I was in

The journey of transition is marked by many milestones, both large and small, and I’ve had two larger ones in as many days—using women’s changing rooms in a department store and the women’s bathroom at the airport. 832 more words