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A visit with a favorite teacher

A HIGHLIGHT OF trips home to Esto is a visit with a favorite teacher, Beth Gavin, who lives nearby. She taught us 10th grade biology — and so much more.


Fearful Lens

I dreaded the days I would encounter your hate
You so rattled my senses I couldn’t think straight
You invaded my space and pushed me around… 266 more words



My big crush on you lasted a full seven years
When it ended I didn’t collapse into tears
You fell from the heavens right into my life… 411 more words


Personal History Awareness Month

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw a captioned photo that claimed most people, today, cannot name their great-grandparents. That statement made me pause and think of my own great-grandparents. 683 more words

Cultural Highlights

Rhododendron Ponticum

The hills are alive with the purple of this Rhododendron. When my favoured route to Tescoville used to run through Slough, this time of year one really was driving through groves of this stuff, purple on both sides of the road. 323 more words


Memories of War and the Homefront

Progress has been steady!  Brian Merritt’s fictionalized memoir of life at sea with the British Merchant Navy and life on the homefront during the Second World War is just about ready for print.   179 more words