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A Story of Return | Thoughts on Home

“We carry each of us an urn of native soil…sweet enough to find the smell of home.” — Malcolm Cowley, “The Urn”

Believe it or not, the song  that provides the storyline for this video was inspired by a 1969 Harmony ukulele, my own uke as a kid. 71 more words


In Celebration of My Beautiful Mumma

When I was in tenth grade, my brother was in eighth grade, and my mom was teaching adults in a different school district, we all had this odd, not-Spring-Break four day weekend in March or April. 1,370 more words


Military Stories #21


So what did I learn from 1970 through 1973? I think the first thing I learned was not to think of it a lot. I told stories to some of my family and some of my friends, but pretty much I just tried to reinsert my self into the life I had. 621 more words

Personal History

Military Stories #20

So now I knew the dark side of the Army, the source of the movie MASH and

Catch 22. Writers wrote about this, even Tim O’Brian wrote about it. 2,797 more words

Personal History

Military Stories #19

There just a few stories that speak of the character of Camp Page. The first two stories were about the annual Focus Lens Exercise. I’m not sure of the timing, I think it may be in the Fall because I never experienced Focus Lens and I never experienced Korea in the Fall. 947 more words

Personal History

The allure of Catholicism

Recently we went to the viewing of a near relation who was Roman Catholic. On the way we prayed about this. When we arrived the van broke down, smoke issuing from near the right front tire well. 228 more words

Pilgrim's Progress Revisited

An EFL 10 year Montage

The Engro Foods culture records our history in montages, which reduces the need for words, gives you small touch points and is easy to view in later years. 476 more words

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