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Some Personal History

I got off work at WLAC-FM at midnight and made my way down to the parking garage. My car was one of only two left on Level 3. 422 more words



Tonight I helped my wife take a load of things to her new apartment and the absurdity of the situation struck me.

Before we married, I joked that I would… 208 more words


What I Wish I Could Un-Know

CW: Abuse

The sun brightens most of the rooms of my family’s house. Mom sits at the table, working on a paper for her college course–an emotional piece, designed to sway people. 120 more words

Personal Story

How My Traditional Marriage Has Liberated Me

Contemporary feminism is predicated on the notion that traditional marriage is oppressive to women and that, in order for them to be free, they must be co-leaders with their husbands or, more often than not, not married at all.  1,380 more words

Womanhood And Feminist Myth

A New Home

I just left one day and never went back. I had already dropped out of my first attempt at college, and moving out seemed the next logical choice. 482 more words

Personal History

"Some Flowers Grow": Songs About Fellow Worker Joe Hill

Joe Hill is probably the most well-known figure from the Industrial Workers of the World’s early history. FW Franklin Rosemont commented in his (pretty much definitive) biography, that even people who had never heard of the IWW knew of Joe Hill. 399 more words

Personal History

Archery And Me

I grew up hunting for meat.  I have done this for over forty years.  Hunting is not sport for me, it is a way of life.   639 more words