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Solutions to World Problems

What is more likely to induce/achieve/promote sustainable world peace?

1) Homogeneous world ideology
2) Widespread social reform (full justice, rights and healthcare)
3) Universally accessible on-demand mystical experiences… 150 more words

"Do you want to be anyone else?" / Memorable Fancies #1358

[“Do you want to be anyone else?” – Jean Baudrillard]

Some answers are:

.. No, I want to be everyone else.

.. No, I’d like to be me, … please? 136 more words


Finding Nemo

As the semester progresses, classes are tough and we begin to seek advice. Check out some Life Lessons to Learn from Finding Nemo.

Kafka's Metamorphosis Turns 100

Micah White in Biography.

Kafka used this grotesque scenario as a springboard to explore the confusion and turmoil he experienced as a human living in an uncontrollable modern world.

33 more words
Philosophical Literature

Experience Machines

Robert Nozick’s experience machine ask us if we would enter a machine that would give us “any experience desired.” Essentially, a virtual reality machine that makes us think we’re writing a great novel, or touring the world as a classical pianist, or whatever. 875 more words

Personal Identity

"Who Are You?" / Memorable Fancies #1350

[“How can it not know what it is?” – Blade Runner]

I’ve overheard them telling each other that I don’t know who I am. That I’m not “authentic.” 36 more words


The Self-Image of the Psalmist

Friday is for Heart Songs

There are six statements in Psalm 119 that have arrested my attention. Each of them speaks to how the psalmist views himself in the world. 393 more words

Friday Is For Heart Songs