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The Narration: Woman+Life= God

This post is a voice over with a combination of other sounds of my poem Woman+Life= God (Please Click the Link)

Voice Narration by Jasmine Holloway.

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The Boy in the Picture

While rummaging through the drawer in my relative’s house, I came across the photograph of a little boy at a garden. It is an old photograph. 591 more words


On The Dissolution Of A Personal Boundary

One of my favorite pastimes when visiting my in-laws in Ohio is to borrow one of the family cars and head to the local cinema to catch a matinée show; it’s how I catch up on the big-screen action I miss out on here in the Big Apple. 464 more words


Mom's Fridge

Get a good grade on your Quiz, Paper, or an Exam? Come see me to put it on Mom’s Fridge! I’m so proud of you all and want to see you do well and share your triumphs!

5 Theses on Tim Tebow's Foray into Pro Baseball

1. This dude is freaking huge. Those bulging muscles. Dang. Kudos to him for working hard. The day I quit playing football was the day I quit lifting, running, and eating right. 290 more words

Personal Identity


Look at a person. Draw an imaginary cartoon picture in your head of the outline of a person. Who actually is that person? What do you know of them? 771 more words

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