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Life Without A Shelter

I consider myself a very calm person. It will take you a lot to rile me up. I mean you have to be the world’s biggest asshole to get my blood boiling. 388 more words


Body, Soul and Personal Identity - Part 3

In the last post I focused on near death experiences and how they support the idea of there being a soul. In this third and final part to the body, soul and personal identity topic, I’ll be covering Richard Dawkins’, Malcom Jeeves’ and John Polkinghornes’ theories about the soul, as well as John Hick’s infamous Replica Theory. 1,894 more words


‘No’ Is The Single Most Powerful Gift You Can Give Yourself — Thought Catalog

God & ManIf anyone ever asked me what the most powerful thing I ever did for myself was, I would tell them it would be learning how to say the word “no”, loud, proud and without letting the look on someone’s face dictate how I feel about myself.

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Personal Branding Online

Personal branding all about marketing yourself as a brand. Your personal brand is your reputation. By promoting your unique thoughts, skills, and experiences, you set yourself apart from the masses and create a personal identity. 528 more words


Tools to help a freelance graphic designer succeed

As a graphic designer, I don’t want to be carrying my portfolio around everywhere I go for the off chance of bumping into someone who might want to work with me. 499 more words