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As I looked around the room, the smoke, the laughing, the cynicism, the lies, the masks, I realized that I was in the wrong place.

My parents were always strict with my when I was growing up. Electronics were limited to one hour’s use per day, I had a 9 pm curfew up until the day I turned 18, desserts were strictly rationed and vegetables were a requirement at every meal. 942 more words

365 Day Challenge

Recognize the Patterns of life, & direct all your Energy to it.

As an individual or personal identity, your role is to simply identify, the patterns of life, and direct your mind, heart and body to it. The mind, heart and body is an energy in different forms. 1,330 more words


Be a Vera Wang dress

Have you ever felt insecure? Have you ever felt inadequate for someone? Ever felt like you were not good enough for someone? Each move you make seems to be a bad one! 368 more words

Personal Identity

Your Ego Interferes, with the Natural Flow of Life.

Everyone carries the individual-identity “I”, as a part of their mind. The “I” relates with everything that is happening within, and anything that happens to him, from outside. 1,018 more words


When Love Is Not Returned

People cannot give you what they do not have. At times it isn’t that our expectations for others are too high, too demanding or out of line with what we deserve… it is that the one we expect it from does not have it to give. 99 more words


 Can't Force Love 

Forcing love just does not work. Specifically, holding onto a relationship that needs to evolve causes pain. It is not beneficial to resist change nor is it the loving thing to do for ourselves or for another. 376 more words


My two mommas

Happy Mother’s Day! Firstly, I’d like to wish all the moms I know a wonderful and blessed day. You’re all really amazing and have made the world such a better place in so many ways. 1,105 more words