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The Problem with Optimism, part 1

Despite my depression I have always thought of myself as an optimistic person, until the day my therapist told me to stop…

People who seem to be the happiest are those that are the most optimistic. 476 more words


Metaphysics: Am I the same person I was when I was a baby?

Introduction to personal identity 

Personal identity is a tricky subject in philosophy. It is tricky because when we analyse what it is to be the ‘same’, we find that very few things remain exactly the same as they persist throughout time. 861 more words


BEDIM, day 22 (oh, what's the point): Being a Beginner...at Everything

We’re lucky enough to be living in a time where having a uniquely personal identity is not only celebrated, but actively encouraged. From more integral aspects, such as gender and sexuality, to the more minor embellishments of diet, hair colour, hair style, fashion, which series you’re binging on Netflix – now more than ever there are so many ways to express yourself and live life to the best of your ‘you’ potential. 483 more words


Walker Percy Wednesday 128

A RECENT POLL ASKED people what they feared most. A majority of respondents agreed in ranking one fear above all others, above fear of sickness, accidents, crime, war, even death. 408 more words

Philosophical Literature

Today has been St. Patrick’s Day. In Japan, however, it couldn’t have been a more standard, everyday kind of day. People hadn’t even heard of it when I mentioned that St.

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UNITY: Coherence of the manifold self (3): Material causes

Aristotle said that explanations should include a material cause. By this he meant whatever substances are needed for a particular event or thing to happen. Suppose I ask the question, ‘What makes you a unitary personality and allows you to persist as a distinct individual?’  Those who are a little science-minded, or a little fond of the obvious, might say: “Well I’m enclosed in this body. 725 more words

Personal Identity

UNITY: Coherence of the manifold self (2): Mental multiplicity

Minds are simply what brains do.-
Marvin Minsky, The Society of Mind

The human brain has a lot to do, and so, therefore, does the mind.

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Personal Identity