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Fruits of Technology

Since April this year, my life has been wholly technology and Internet dependant. My livelihood is LITERALLY lost when technology and Internet are AWOL (Absent Without Leave). 222 more words

Personal Identity

Caution: wear your heart on your sleeve wisely

The phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” has always struck me as convoluted, but striking. Like really what does it even mean to wear your heart on your sleeve? 625 more words

7 Questions That Continue to Shape My Life

Anybody who knows me also knows that I have a deep fascination with questions. Many years ago when I was a youth pastor, we would occasionally have a “Big Hairy Question Night,” where the youth could anonymously ask their Big Hairy Questions (BHQs) and I—with all the wisdom of a 20-year-old—would try my best to offer answers. 1,059 more words

Christian Ethics

State-Space of Background Assumptions

There is a wide number of transhumanist strains/clusters, and we don’t really understand why. How do we explain the fact that immortality is the number one concern for some, while it is a very minor concern for others who are more preoccupied with AI apocalypse or making everyone animated by gradients of bliss? 186 more words

Consciousness Research

RoboLocke: personal identity & RoboCop

In the film “RoboCop,” Alex Murphy is a hotshot police officer who ends up getting shot (a lot). To continue living, Murphy must be transferred over to a robotic body, which will make him nearly invincible at the cost of ostensibly losing his memories and personality. 1,143 more words


Personal Identity Joke

A “psychological criterion” Closed Individualist and an Open Individualist go into a bar.

The bartender is an Empty Individualist.

Bartender: “Hello, gentlemen, how can the personal time-slices of my (illusory)  2,196 more words


Literal Labeling

Last week, it was a friend’s birthday.  Friends have birthdays frequently, but, unless aided by the rare reference to the Birthday Database (read: Facebook), I normally don’t remember.  885 more words