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Searching For a Place in the World

Reading the posts and responses on an autism forum over several days, I have to wonder whether the concept of a spectrum, and its meaning. have been absorbed and internalized by the writers. 426 more words


My Vagina Is Angry

“My Vagina is Angry. It is pissed off. And it needs to talk about all this shit.”

This is the opening of the monologue titled “My Angry Vagina,” performed as part of the… 1,274 more words

Vagina Monologues

Develop Awareness, by observing Your Daily Life.

Awareness is the pure presence in the moment. It allows you to see things, in its natural form. The more you develop your awareness, the more you come closer to the natural laws of life. 1,157 more words

Philosophy And Spirituality

Culture: Its significance to me.

Ever heard the sayingYou have to know where you come from to understand where you are going” ? Culture more appropriately defined is the way of life of a group of people .

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The problem of personal identity

Exams are only weeks away. Perhaps many of you woke up earlier than usual this morning so that, after the usual chores, you could continue revising a subject that you began working on last night. 2,228 more words

Distance Learning

On identity

As I’m playing catch-up, I’m afraid that for I you’re just going to get a quotation. It’s not even a particularly abstruse one, but it’s as close to being a  673 more words

A To Z Blogging

You Were Created for More

What if you realized you were chasing the wrong things in this life? Would you feel despair? Relief?

Often our desires are misplaced as we chase things the world says matter: beauty, popularity, accomplishment, money, status… but what if you found out these things don’t matter? 59 more words