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Guardian Masterclass: Understanding personal identity with Professor Bill Brewer

“From Descartes and Locke to philosophers of the present day, learn how great thinkers can help you to understand who you are.”

Professor Bill Brewer hosted… 21 more words


John Locke on Personal Identity

Personal identity is an interesting philosophical topic that raises a number of thought-provoking questions regarding existence, such as: who am I? What am I? Does life exist after death? 3,436 more words


Do we die every time we go to sleep?

Follow-up to: On Mind Uploading and Personal Identity

On my last post I explained why I think going through a destructive procedure to upload your brain into a machine is akin to suicide. 369 more words

Personal Identity

An evaluation on the 'I' in the continuity of consciousness

Sam Harris has recently become far more involved in debates regarding robots and Artificial Intelligence, and its place in the future. In a discussion with David Chalmers recently, they discussed how some tech developers have been thinking about developing machine brains, or neurally integrated computers. 1,110 more words

On Mind Uploading and Personal Identity

(Assuming that computational theory of the mind is true.)

The idea of transferring my mind to a computer, and living there in a simulation, always stroke me as an interesting ideia. 530 more words

Personal Identity

Book Review: Mind: A Brief Introduction by J. Searle

Below is the text of my Amazon review of John Searle’s “Mind”, an introduction to the philosophy of mind published in 2004. In this book Searle does a superb job of analyzing the structure of our mental processes, but he runs into problems trying to get a handle on free will and personal agency. 618 more words

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