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Walker Percy Wednesday 144 (Or Why Writers Drink)

Why Writers Drink

He is marooned in his cortex. Therefore it is his cortex he must assault. Worse, actually. He, his self, is marooned in his left cortex, locus of consciousness according to Eccles. 3,662 more words

Philosophical Literature

What does community mean when we focus on personal identity online?

Did anyone else see this article in The Atlantic that asks “What is community”? It explores what community comes to mean if we focus on personal identity – in politics, online and in our relationships: 163 more words

Online Behaviour

Here's What You Can Do Today to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Things You Can Do Every Day to Raise Your Self-esteem

Pay attention to your own needs and wants. Listen to what your body, your mind, and your heart are telling you. 971 more words

Cultural Competence

Building The Progressive Utopia For Dummies--How To Program A Nation Part 3

Time To Start Digging, Again….

In Part Two of this series, there is a list of conditions necessary to bring about a managed society. Here it is again, for those who need to be reminded: 1,477 more words

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