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Beneath the Surface

“I only see people, I don’t see colour or gender.” I’ve heard it said countless times, a self-effacing testament to the speaker’s ability to see the… 877 more words


There’s no significant connection between your personality as a teenager and a septuagenarian — Quartz

***Personal Creativity Series: Who Are You Now?***

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          Who was that younger you? And would you recognize yourself if you could turn back the clock today? 117 more words

Objections to Cryonics: The Duplication Problem

In my earlier post, I argued that cryonics is a kind of emergency medicine. As with all emergency medicine, nobody wants to have to use it. 898 more words


Raising the Table Stakes for Successful Theories of Consciousness

What should we expect out of a theory of consciousness?

For a scientific theory of consciousness to have even the slightest chance at being correct it must be able to address-  1,508 more words

Consciousness Research

On Bad Memories And Moving On

A few weeks ago, while stumbling around on Facebook, I found an old ‘acquaintance’ of mine: a man who, over thirty years ago, went to… 482 more words


Perfect Strangers: Seeing And Hearing Ourselves

Here is a familiar phenomenon: we hear an audio recording of ourselves and are surprised and perplexed to find out we are listening to a stranger; we are used to hearing our voices from the ‘inside’; but when we hear a recording, we do so from the ‘outside.’ The timbre and tone of our voice is unfamiliar; we suddenly realize that the impact we imagine our words to have, the physical presence we think we command with our pronouncements, differs from that which we imagined it to be. 483 more words


Who am I? The identity crisis

Annie Komarova reflects on her struggles with identity since leaving Ukraine in 2008

‘Hey, you must be so excited to be going home tomorrow!’ I said enthusiastically as I stepped into Anna’s bedroom. 1,620 more words

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