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Walker Percy Wednesday 137

I will not try to decide here whether what the word apple conjures up in your mind, its signifié, is a percept or a concept, because it is somewhere in between, A percept refers to an individual apple. 711 more words

Philosophical Literature

Share the Gospel of Jesus. You have a bad heart, record, and life. You need a new heart, record, and life.

Last week I shared my testimony of Christ’s life-changing power. After sharing your testimony the next step in the personal evangelism strategy from my book… 568 more words

Christian Apologetics

Sierra Newell’s hair has always served as a marker of her identity. Being mixed-race, she struggled to navigate the meaning behind her mane.

However, by redefining her relationship with herself, Newell was able to harness happiness through her hair. 47 more words


MIND: Identity rides this horse (3)

Inside and Underside

Inside of a person it’s too dark to read. — after Mark Twain

There is another realm of perception — that of internal (bodily) perception.   3,170 more words

Personal Identity

MIND: Identity rides this horse (2)

The BodyMind

These days the mind is rarely considered in isolation from the body.  Even in science fiction, with mind transplants, uploads, and teleportation, they write about how mind and body are entwined, so that new minds adjust to bodies, or they miss the old bodies.  2,092 more words

Personal Identity

MIND: Identity rides this horse (1)

The Mind Map

Personal identity rides the mind.  The mind rides the brain.  The brain rides the body (surprised you there?).  The body rides whatever conveyance (horse, skateboard, car) that the identity chooses.  4,096 more words

Personal Identity

Give Your Christian Testimony! Charlie Liebert’s Example!

I have been teaching personal evangelism to Christians for years. One of the most important parts of being able to witness to unbelievers is to “be able to give an answer for the hope that is in you.” To be effective prepare a short, five-minute, testimony to carry out your obligation to witness to the life-changing power of Jesus. 579 more words

Christian Apologetics