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Interview with Bernard Williams

This from Cogito, Volume 8, Issue 1, 1994, pp. 3-19

Cogito: Perhaps you could start by telling us something about your own philosophical background. 11,103 more words


Unbecoming: fevers, piercings, and flashbacks of New York

I’ve spent the last week battling disease — an icky, sticky virus of some kind. Raw garlic, honey and lemon cough drops, hydrotherapy and literal… 2,038 more words

Aun Aqui

A Restless Gardener of Possibilities

Let me begin with a confession: I’m a bit chaotic. Since being 16, I have had seventeen different jobs and have lived in four countries, moved to five or six cities in England, studied in three different countries, and researched in five subject areas. 1,483 more words


Who Am I?

A recent study released by Barna Group reveals a great deal about the way people self-identify. It startled me, yet it explained many things that have bothered me about news and events in the culture. 1,635 more words

Religion In The Culture

Watching a nightmare unfold before our eyes.

In a superb column in today’s Daily Telegraph Charles Moore lays bare the callous and selfish motivation at play in our culture’s narcissism. Children are the victims and if the narcissism of our generation is not arrested the number of victims is going to increase exponentially. 364 more words

Culture Matters

Is Death Fundamentally a Biological Phenomenon?

James Bernat writes that it’s built into the “paradigm” of death that “death is fundamentally a biological phenomenon.” But suppose humans in the distant future are successful in building an artificial intelligence that has person-level properties such as consciousness, memory, etc. 41 more words

Personal Identity

Who in the world is Fancy?

Who is Fancy sings the new hit single ‘Goodbye.’ If you haven’t heard it yet, you might jam to the song a few times(it’s highly addictive) before you ask yourself the question ‘Wait…Who is singing this?’ Without a doubt Who is Fancy is brand-spanking new to the charts but  217 more words