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About me

I am a senior civil engineering student in the Cockrell School of Engineering, the University of Texas at Austin. My areas of interest are water quality engineering, water resource engineering, and water chemistry. 49 more words

About Me

Here's to Writing More (Life Update)

Perhaps it is a good thing that my deepest writing endeavors end at my precious little WordPress, which has a cult following of maybe one person who actually knows me in my personal life (hey, you rock… whoever you are) and the rest are yet-to-meet friends who just so happened to have pressed “follow” when they found my page (you also are great). 465 more words


What I've been watching: WEBSERIES

I might come back to do  a review on some of them but I just wanted to share with you the webseries I have been watching so far. 428 more words


Cylinder Box

Need a decorative box for gifts? Well now with 3D printing I was able to create one myself. The design of the ribbon on top is a lotus and it represents me. 34 more words

Personal Interests

Ebb and Flow

I associate songs with memories

Because they are more than just ‘music’

Funny the way they resonate

As if they were not just words set to tune… 262 more words

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Samobójstwo każdego dnia popełnia 22 weteranów. Możesz im pomóc

Pearl Harbor, Szeregowiec Ryan, Pluton, 9 kompania, Czas Apokalipsy, Byliśmy żołnierzami. To tylko kilka tytułów amerykańskich superprodukcji, które w dużej mierze kształtują nasze myślenie o wojnie i armii. 757 more words


Inventor of TV: John Logie Baird

After a rich career working in the field of broadcasting and engineering of broadcast facilities, spanning 30 years, there are a few stand-out people that have contributed to the industry and warrant our admiration for invention and innovative thinking that fueled the development of television.  1,197 more words

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