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Top 5 holiday weekend highlights!

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a vacation, but this past weekend I disconnected and headed to northern Michigan to spend 4th of July with my fiance Mitch’s family at their lake cottage. 547 more words

Personal Interests

Kicking off the new month right

Today’s July 1st. A new month. A brand new beginning.

What to do with it?

I personally love that the start of July kicks off with built in vacation. 183 more words

Personal Interests

6 ways I’m rediscovering my own interests

I can’t really tell you what happened to my interests and how I “lost” them. It was only when I read an article about a woman who had to make a speech about her own interests that I realized I couldn’t do the same. 427 more words


Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People

Really, really loving Nahko, recently discovered.

All photos found on nahko.com

An interview with Malcolm Harris, of Huffington Post, will tell you a lot about Nahko Bear and his mission. 1,210 more words


Why Refugees?

It’s an amazing thing to discover your passions. To know deep in your heart that one thing (or number of things, as the case may be) that no matter how crappy the day (Mondays I’m looking at you!) propels you to give your absolute best. 726 more words


Unrelated Experience and Other interests….on the resume…or not?

AUTHOR: David M. Young

You worked through college, you started a business but after 3 years decided you no longer wanted to carry the burden of not knowing what tomorrow would hold as a business owner, you had a small hobby that turned into a money maker while you worked your “day “ job….or, your 50 years old, and there are gaps in your resume because you were “in between jobs” and you substitute taught, or you semi-retired and travelled, or you were a “stay at home mom” or had to care for an ailing relative…WHAT TO DO? 377 more words