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Food & Diet

When I think of the ideal healthy diet I think of lots of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, pasture raised meats and dairy from  local sources, and whole grains. 201 more words

Personal Interests

Yumming The Worms (Early & Now)

So the day started as any other… I’m a horrible liar! Lol, The day started with me wanting! I’m a chronic ‘wanter’ for those who know me best. 677 more words

Island Life

Helpful Tips for New Travelers

When I started out traveling more on my own – as part of an escorted tour or now going by myself – I read a lot of guidebooks and sought a ton of personal advice from people I trusted. 954 more words

Personal Interests

Harley-Davidson- American Gold Standard for Motorcycles- Gone ELECTRIC

June 24th, 2014

This is an old post I am bringing back to life, I am not a hybrid guy, but I love this Harley! 235 more words


MINECRAFT - On The Lookout For Diamonds

GUEST POST: By Cabezítas 7 years old

“Playing Minecraft with my brother is awesome”

The Following Is A Story Told by Cabezítas In His Own Words…

422 more words


Why You Should (or Maybe Shouldn’t) Date a Traveler

Recently a number of stories based on the topic of why you should date a girl who travels have been floating around the web. These pro-dating pieces are on mark but to be fair there can also be counter arguments. 643 more words

Personal Interests