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The Grace in Receiving

When I was (re)reading one of my favourite books recently, I came across this quote.

It is as important to receive gracefully as it is to give unstintingly…

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Regret and Remorse

In the hand that feels,

And the heart that sees,

There is a thought that lingers.

The ripples created at the middle

Always reach the shore, 130 more words

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The Farmer's Almanac

For the 32nd consecutive year, the farmer saw the almanac. Peering closely, he realised that the rains this year would not be kind either. He looked at the distant horizon, watching the young man in the next plot till his land with that huge city import tractor. 244 more words

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Reflections on Stillwater

The sun’s rays fell at an angle on the tranquil waters. Kara looked in, her face reflecting fear but her eyes exuding a calmness she did not feel. 451 more words

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This poem is an attempt to capture the feelings between two fictional characters – friends turned foes. Though it was written with those two specific characters in mind, it turned out that the poem fits other fictional pairs too. 210 more words

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What’s in a name?

There are too many controversies surrounding a name, or an arbitrarily assigned / assumed label. One thing or the other crops up occasionally and for a culture that is as diverse and ever changing as India’s, this can only create confusions and needless arguments. 396 more words

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