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Just Asking... (Do you know a fool utters everything that is in his heart?)

It is amazing to listen to the things people share in order to get attention. They tell the most intricate details of their lives, not because they want to help others, but because they want an audience. 193 more words


Just Asking... (Do you realize your success may be different from someone else's success?)

There are various kinds of motivational materials in the marketplace. If a person needs a nudge to change his life, he can read books, listen to CDs, watch shows, read blogs, attend conferences, etc. 324 more words


Just Asking... (What are you doing with your potential?)

Potential is a tricky word. It denotes that a person has the capacity to become something or accomplish something that is not already in existence. It denotes that a person can do more than he is already doing. 454 more words


Just Asking... (Do you know a braggart will weary his listeners?)

Have you ever met someone who is constantly bragging about his possessions or status? This type person will use every opportunity to tell others how great he is or what he has accomplished. 253 more words


How to Keep a Recovery Inventory Balanced

Step 4: We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

There is lots of talk in recovery about keeping our inventories balanced. It is somewhat confusing. 682 more words

Recovery Principles


Aspiration: (n) a hope or ambition of achieving something.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”

I’ve always found that proverb to be deep and meaningful. For I believe we live in a time when hope is touted as a very powerful emotional yearning which draws us closer to our true goals. 335 more words