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Iventory Control

As I began to think about today’s blog, I kept thinking about the term inventory and was not sure of the direction this blog would take. 743 more words

Filter Please

As much as I try not to use many filters when I’m on social media the reality is that often times we need filters in our lives to keep us respectful and use tact.   826 more words

Tolerant acceptance vs. finger pointing

Acceptance is a key to a happy life. We must accept people like they are. And we must accept life circumstances as they are, or we will never find serenity. 394 more words

Face Page

A New Direction - "Dec 1: My Choice"

I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about this blog. When I first started it, it was all about retrospective… figuring out where the second half of my life would lead. 576 more words

When Was The Last Time You Took An Inventory Of Your Life?

Is it to soon to start thinking about the New Year in the middle of November? I think not. I think every time is a good time to talk about making positive life changes. 1,035 more words

Action Plan

Welcome: A Coming Together

As the days creep toward the holidays, there seems to be a cluster of fluttering moths convening in my center, nervy wings that startle and annoy. 2,217 more words