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WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Confess

Lately, I’ve got a little something on my mind

About how I keep on running just a little behind

It seems that there is something that I must confess… 121 more words

Photographs & Memories

Emotional Inventory: A Sunday Confessional

A few years ago at church service we attended, a well known couple in the church — the pastor called them a “power couple” — shared a little of their journey through marriage counseling earlier in the year. 588 more words


Friday: Personal Inventory

The mail came this afternoon, and I was totally stoked to see my new Adidas kicks were delivered. Not sure if I will shop at this seller again, because of the drama surrounding their method of delivery. 1,013 more words

All About Me

The Basics

Whenever I find myself searching for direction or facing a challenge, I go back to what I know to be true. I check in with my inner compass, my values and beliefs. 294 more words

Love, Fight, Work, Learn: If a Dog, would I be a Siberian Husky or German Shepherd?



This essay is not truly about dogs so don’t be disappointed if you read on. I, rather, was thinking of finding or creating a quiz: when a person has such and such traits, what sort of animal would they be most like? 2,238 more words


Since you are a one-of-a-kind design, be yourself. It cheapens you to try to become someone else.

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