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Exploring Our "Root Sins" - Pride

Having pride is usually considered a virtue, right?  We should have pride when we look back upon our accomplishments or when speaking about our children. Pride becomes a problem when we put ourselves at the… 211 more words

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Take Other People's Inventory Until You Can Take Your Own

A newcomer doesn’t need a sign around his or her neck to be identified as one. Usually they’ve taken a seat in the back of the room. 198 more words

Added Discernment Along Our Journey

Although we never truly arrive in this life, we do have benchmarks and goals to accomplish along the way. As with our New Year’s resolutions, we have great intentions for all of the ways we want to change or improve. 305 more words

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Mismatched & Ashamed

You were ashamed of me.

I was too much truck bed and not enough church pew. Wings too broken, halo missing for too long. I fit too much into the real you and not enough into what you wanted to become. 318 more words


February 15 (Brutally) Honest Feedback

“He who frowns when they say that he sucks shouldn’t smile when they say that he rocks.” Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Today I asked for an honest assessment of who I am from the people who know me best. 158 more words

Iventory Control

As I began to think about today’s blog, I kept thinking about the term inventory and was not sure of the direction this blog would take. 743 more words

Filter Please

As much as I try not to use many filters when I’m on social media the reality is that often times we need filters in our lives to keep us respectful and use tact.   826 more words