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The Never-Ending Wreckage of Growing Up Poor

Today you’d probably lump me in with the middle class, but I carry some residue of having grown up poor. I work with people who work hard to help the poor, but have not themselves ever been poor. 927 more words

Childhood PTSD

Beware: Facebook is a Dangerous Neighborhood!

Like many people with trauma in the past, I loooooove a good bit of drama. I’m not saying it’s good for me. I’m just saying that I have had an inexplicable attraction to things that involve intense emotions — things like seeing babies born, peering at a car wreck, falling in love, pondering the Holocaust,  watching TV shows about medical emergencies, and yes, 595 more words

Childhood PTSD

Election Stress? You Can Calm Your Mind With This Simple, Free Writing Technique

In 1994 I was going through a freak out. One bad thing after another kept happening to me — loss of a loved one, end of a relationship and a head injury from a random gang attack ALL within a couple of months. 350 more words

Childhood PTSD

Day By Day, You CAN Recover From Childhood PTSD, and Other Crappy Crap From the Past

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing lots and lots of information about and answering questions about the effects of childhood trauma on adults. I’ll be talking about the physical, neurological, psychological, spiritual and cultural effects (yes, it’s a culture, for better and worse). 1,404 more words

Childhood PTSD


If You React In The Heat Of The Moment, You May Be The One Getting Burnt.

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Amendment to my POE

Dear Sponsor,

I got on the scale yesterday and discovered an undesirable weight change has crept upon me. Since I haven’t weighed in several months, I am not greatly disturbed by this discovery, but I am prompted to make some changes in… 728 more words


Just Asking... (Are you doing more than cursing the darkness?)

Some people major in complaining. They are quick to spot injustices, errors or mishaps, and they readily tell others about their perceptions of these things. Instead of looking for potential solutions to problems, they broadcast these situations; and most of the time, they make them worse instead of better. 205 more words