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Our Gratitude Is Demonstrated By Our Actions

In recent years there have been a flurry of books on gratitude. Internet self help experts advice people to keep daily gratitude lists to record all that is good in their lives. 183 more words

Just Asking... (What do your hard times reveal about you?)

Hardships will befall everyone. No matter how noble one lives or how careful he is, he will experience periods of difficulty. He may see them coming, or they may come upon him unexpectedly; regardless, hardships are a fact of life. 294 more words


So Long, Suckers

Hi Guys!

I have been off the map for the past ten days while we were MOVING (more on that soon), but I wanted to let you know I have a… 68 more words

Personal Essay

Just Asking... (Are you living up to your full potential?)

Everyone was created with talents and abilities. Not all may be endowed with the same ones, and they may not possess them to the same degree, nevertheless, all of us possess them. 295 more words


Step 9: Letters of Healing & Forgiveness

I’ve been down this road before, through the sometimes grueling task of doing my 12-step work in the safety of a Step Study small group setting.    955 more words

Sharing Our Struggles

"This One is for The Ladies of Recovery" . . .

I  welcome all here to my recovery blog & journey!
I have been graced by another featured article by a wonderful recovery writer, Alyssa Craig. I enjoy having her on my blog. 831 more words

Recovery & Addiction

Loveless Lazy

An old adage:

“Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.” Ecclesiates 10:18

When I came across these words as I stared at a huge hole in my ceiling from a not-recent leak, my mind did get wondering. 623 more words

Ecclesiates 10:18