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Just Asking... (Are you living a life of progression?)

A person’s life is not designed to be stagnant. He was created to proceed through various stages; even the very nature of his physical development validates this principle. 289 more words


What's Next, And Are You Up To It?

Hello Friends and Welcome Visitors,

With my first morning coffee in hand, I look around through sleepy eyes at the monumental job I’ve decided to tackle–go through my whole house, and sort out everything I own. 669 more words

Just Asking... (Are you taking your "good thing" for granted?)

All of us at some point have wanted something we didn’t have. We may have spent days, weeks, months or years preparing for it, visualizing how we would behave when that particular thing manifested in our lives. 351 more words


Just Asking... (When is the last time you turned off everything and talked to your loved ones?)

We live in a unique time. We have the privilege of seeing society change right before our eyes. We experience things that some of our ancestors never thought of experiencing, and we can do things that some of yesteryear said were impossible to do. 340 more words


Just Asking... (How's your attitude when things get tough?)

There’s nothing better than a positive attitude. A positive attitude exudes optimism and positive energy. It is attractive, and it has the tendency to draw others towards you. 346 more words


#step9: the Amends that didn't go my way

I just realized that I never mentioned this in any of my posts. as a child I was molested by my older male cousins. they were also kids at the time, 2 and 4 years older than me which was a big gap when I was 10. 527 more words


Just Asking... (Do you realize your actions have consequences?)

You are faced with a decision. You have to choose whether to act now, wait, choose another route or not act at all. You know whatever you decide will be a game changer, so you put thought into it, get counsel and pray sincerely about what you should do. 391 more words