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Adventure in Staying Home

Recently, I stepped all of the way back and set my boundaries to their default settings. As an inside cat my boundaries are “Stay home. Talk to limited people. 445 more words

Personal Issues

Being the girl who never “belong”

Hey guys! Welcome to my second post! Anyway, I was looking into my old photos and I found this.

I remember that I created and make this picture my phone wallpaper after seeing a 9gag… 652 more words


90 Day Challenge: Day 2-6

Good morning!

It is currently not even half seven yet and I have been up for the last two hours…on a Sunday.  My body is used to its schedule which is both a good and bad thing. 690 more words


Self control

Today I was thinking about self-control and what it means to show restrain. I practice this daily, but also a lot less than I should. I wonder where I lie on the spectrum of how much people show self-control. 70 more words

Adventure in Muscle Memory

Muscle memory, if you don’t know, is when your body locks away an action you’ve done over and over. The way Alzheimer’s patients can play instruments because it still lives in their fingers. 329 more words

Personal Issues

90 Day Challenge: Fresh Start - Day 1

I’m back.

I’ve been away for quite a hiatus due to some personal issues that needed to be dealt with and posting was not a priority as you can very well imagine. 859 more words


Motivational Monday: Dealing With Disappointment And How To Move Past...

Hey everyone,

Taking a break from the usual, today I will be talking about a very common emotion that we all go through. Disappointment! Now I am no expert on the topic, but just wanted to share my personal experiences and the people I have come across during different walks of life. 788 more words

Dealing With Disappointment