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More Help 

Crazy has been extremely helpful.. driving me places, opening bottles, making food, feeding cats, etc. But, things are not getting organized. My handyman wants to start painting but there is still to much stuff, so I am seeking help from other sources. 197 more words

True Life

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Exercises in futility

If you’ve ever played a video game, then at some point, you’ve asked yourself: “How does this affect my future in any meaningful way?”

Answer: It doesn’t.  505 more words

Introspective Bs

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Video games vs "productivity"

That line always takes the wind out of my sails. I’m minding my own business, mindlessly playing my video games, and this bombshell of a line hits me. 678 more words

Introspective Bs

Pain is temporary. Ignorance is also temporary.

Physical is the same as mental pain – it’s all in your head.

If I can dedicate myself to working out, then I can dedicate myself to learning. 686 more words

Introspective Bs


I am sipping wine while listening to classical music. White. Even lit two candles. It feels so grown up, different and weirdly delicious. I played classical music for the kids on Friday while making dinner. 241 more words


The Emotions of Post-Abortion

Women and teens who have lost a child due to abortion can feel captive to toxic emotions, but they do not have to stay there. If you are ready to take some simple steps toward healing from the emotions that remind you of what happened here are some helpful tips using the LOVE Principle: find a listening ear who can validate your feelings and encourage you to seek help. 323 more words



What do Elon Musk, lower penalty labour rates and power company privatisations have in common?  They all offer solutions to significant societal problems that are unfavoured by powerful groups, but all three are solutions that should be persevered with.  874 more words

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