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Adventure in Changing Attire

I don’t like pants. They cut my body weird. They make it hard for me to pull my knees up by my chest. They make me feel uncomfortable with myself. 634 more words

Personal Issues

When Gender Roles Don't Make A Difference

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I’ve been in relationships. Whether I write non-fictionally about them here– well, that’s a different story. But this story is more about gender roles than anything else. 1,405 more words


Getting back to me

In the last five years of my life, I have lost pieces of myself in relationships that I was certain were meant to be until a harsh reality sunk in more and more each day. 678 more words


Launching a ‘Good News’ Publication

I’ve found reading the news over the past couple of months extremely depressing.  The killings of innocent bystanders in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Japan and no doubt other countries, the Brexit shock and its effects on UK and EU politics, the unbelievable election of Trump as a Presidential candidate, the return of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to the Australian Senate in force, the Russian state-sponsored multi-sports doping scandal, the continuing scandal of Americans killing each other en masse, their refusal to address black murders by police, the crushing of democracy in Turkey, the Panama Papers expose of international tax avoidance, sexual and domestic abuse all over the world…the list goes on and on and it’s too much.  1,084 more words


Bullying is Not Welcome Here

The year of 2012 marked a period of time where I consisted of creating an inhuman figure to criticize my true self. In other words, I neglected the idea of confidence and decided to make a public page which regarded in hate comments directed at myself. 555 more words



I generally don’t like being a tourist in a city. I prefer landscapes and natural beauty.  But I’ve just spent 4 days in Berlin and wish I’d spent more time there.  635 more words

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Jon Snow.

Dear Self:

Don’t kid yourself again. You should be over him by now. He caused you this pain and the idea of you and him picking up where you both left off whatever you had last year is intriguing and exciting but the reality is that you know he isn’t ready for you. 180 more words

Moving Forward