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With a group of friends the other day, I was attracted by the bright hair colours of the women.  One had a shock of blue and platinum, another red-brown, two were rich black, two were blonde and only two were natural shades of grey.  572 more words

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Synchronicity - What of it?

I have given up on the idea that I’ll reach a stagnant point of comfort. What I mean by that is that I understand life is another word for constant change and it’s easier to accept that truth than to fight it. 602 more words


Always aware

There is a huge unwritten rule for being black anywhere in the world. You are not welcome. African Americans are not even welcome in Africa by some as if it was our fault that our ancestors were sold and put to work on a land that isn’t ours. 663 more words

Personal Issues

Je Suis Ove (et Don)

Have you ever read a book and thought, ‘That’s me!’?.  I’ve read two – ‘A Man Called Ove’ (which you may have seen as a film) and Don in ‘The Rosie Project’ – and felt this.  919 more words

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I Hate ‘Love’.

I love you’.  I hate it.  Not love, but the phrase.  I hear it so often.  It’s used so frequently it’s virtually meaningless.   A phrase used to fill the gap, make the hearer feel good.    580 more words

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Do Not Ask If...

Seriously, you probably do not really want to ask if we’re trying to get pregnant.

Before we started trying to get pregnant, I would get annoyed… 802 more words

Bumps & Babies


Out walking this morning I noticed that, despite garages becoming much bigger, there seem to be lots more cars parked outside garages than inside them.  Why is that? 583 more words

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