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Questioning legacies.

It’s something people remember of us even when we’ve already left, be it good or bad. It’s a part of us, of our being and of our soul which we leave intentionally or unintentionally to people. 396 more words

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Adventure in the Waiting Game

I saw my new doctor two weeks ago. It was devastating. She hardly said words to me, and when I asked for more information about my MRI results, she led me to check out. 802 more words

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Positivity is Key

Positivity has the power to change someone’s day. Why not read this article and find out how. This isn’t going to be something ground breaking but it’s one of those things that when someone says out loud, or reads, you realise how simple it is. 1,088 more words


PTSD and Relationships

Do you remember when you were little and you first met a friend? Maybe your best friend?I remember just knowing that this person was good, and just knowing we would be best buds. 5,615 more words

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Adventure in Best Practices 

A thing I have to do every night now is this. I have to take a picture of my door, so that I can remember that it’s locked. 331 more words

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Adventure in Where Is the Damn Cereal Aisle

Guess who doesn’t have Lyme Disease! Me. Duh. But no one really thought I did. But now it’s confirmed.

Yesterday, I was getting the most groceries for the least dollars. 261 more words

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Adventure in Actually Losing It

Let’s talk a minute about doctors, patience, trust, an accident, and an increasingly failing brain.

**Spoiler alert: it’s going to take more than a minute** 1,883 more words

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