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You wake up with a knife over your head

Blade-side down, obviously.

You blink a few times. Your arms twitch, but you know better than to attempt some Hollywood disarmament on something that’s inches away from your face. 517 more words

Personal Issues

The most inane shit you could think of

Like, imagine you had a conversation with your cousin’s side of the family. What are you going to talk about? The weather? Really, there’s nothing deeper than that, unless you have some familial issues you need to sort out. 571 more words

Introspective Bs

I feel like something is wrong with me. I always have this feeling in the pit of my stomach and in the back of my head. 197 more words


Competition makes me feel alive

It’s uncomfortable to admit it. It feels like i’m giving in to some primal urge to destroy anything that isn’t part of my territory. It feels barbaric. 505 more words

Introspective Bs

Ice cream is swirling in the sky

TheĀ ground was white today – frost, not snow – but it got a rise out of my lungs anyways. It was a sign of things to come; it was a harbinger of colder days. 521 more words

Introspective Bs

This is nice

Music is nice. I guess what I do now. I guess this is how it feels to put “Listens to music” as a “hobby” in your bio.I suppose consuming art that bad. 493 more words

Introspective Bs

Keeping the dream alive

A sigh. Exasperation. The sound of a suitcase being laid down on the ground. Louder than usual. More aggressive than usual.

“So, Leo. What have you done today?” She nods her head at me, leaning under the doorway. 517 more words

Introspective Bs