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Like a page from a diary: what we deal with

Unfortunately, to start off, like the majority, rather pessimistically, 21st century problems are so reoccurring that everyone is bound to encounter every single issue in some form or another at some point, even if it’s just a matter of hearing it from others. 348 more words

Family And Friends

How's the weather up there??

Hey you tall girl. I do not know how to talk to you. I am going to treat you horribly cause I have insecurities. I am going to spew verbal diarrhea in the hopes that it will make you feel small and me feel tall. 450 more words

Personal Issues

When the Raimi Meows..

I have an adorable black cat by the name of Raimi. Raimi is an extremely fuzzy black cat. I think he is mixed with Maine Coon. 253 more words

Personal Issues

Kuroneko and the Psychopathic Boy


It’s been over a month since I got a cat. I really care for her and as her owner, I want to get her the best she needs. 713 more words

Personal Issues

How do you deal with your ANGER?

There are various ways to deal with your anger and I’m going to point out a few ways I have dealt with my anger and also how I’ve seen people deal with their anger. 796 more words


Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Alt title: It takes a special kind of weird and a total of zero fucks to not be able to fit in at a factory on third shift. 735 more words


I know why Bridezilla is a true term...

Well well well. I am back from 4 days of a wonderful clusterf*&k that was my sister’s wedding. Now before anyone says “but that’s your sister” First I am not calling my sister nor my new brother in law a clusterf*&k. 735 more words

Personal Issues