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The mistress and her lullabies.

With perfect agility and know-
she acts out her part,
wittingly uncaring of the damage she leaves in her wake.

Sonorous, beautiful and sought after, 333 more words

Personal Issues

That time I went to a psychologist and got an eye-opener.

In one of my first blogposts I talked about “Zero life energy”. When I wrote that post, I was already in the 1st fase of a downward spiral. 2,015 more words


The Swipe 19 - Same old, same old

I called Bob the following Monday and Tuesday, but he didn’t answer my calls. He texted me saying that he was going through a cold and was asleep both nights I tried reaching him. 1,005 more words

The Swipe


I have suffered…not your regular “Nigerian” suffering. No. This is the one that has me groaning.

On a Tuesday, I closed from work but just could not find the courage to drag my butt to the door and go and participate in the usual worker’s lust to get home quickly and in a piece, as if my mind was given a memo of events that it failed to communicate to my conscious awareness. 671 more words

Personal Issues

The Trust Issue Palooza

Semi-pathetic Charity who really isn’t pathetic came baaaaack. But this time there’s personal growth included.


It’s a funny word now, isn’t it? Hm. I think so. 1,107 more words

Stop Crying...

…or I’ll give you something to cry about.

That’s a phrase I heard a lot as a kid. Harsh, yes. But it’s made me the person that I am today. 517 more words


Is Life about ‘Me and My Family’…or ‘Me and Society’?

Over the Christmas-New Year period, you catch up with a lot of people.  Perhaps naturally, these conversations focus a lot on how families are doing.  When I mention that I spend a significant part of my week working with my environmental group and as a community bank director, there seems to be no interest.  633 more words