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Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“We all tend to think that our own story is different, more important or special than the next, yet we all have, share, and need the same ingredients and solutions to natural problems and lessons.”  ~ Jon Barnes…

799 more words
Daily Devotional

Would I really bet on myself?

If I could invest in myself like stocks – if my value was determined by how much I’ve accomplished – would I really want to buy more shares of myself? 498 more words

Introspective Bs

Most kinks are fine but "ugly middle-aged male schoolteacher" is absolutely disgusting

I used to think that I was open-minded.  I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this. Not in my world. Not in my spare time.

Bodily fluids are gross. 508 more words


Nobody wants to play ARPGs with me

No metaphors. No deeper meaning. It’s literally just that. No more.

I could try to delve into the reasons why, but it’s not going to suddenly convince any of them to stop what they’re doing and devote their time to me. 512 more words

Introspective Bs

Unrealistic ideas of love

Something about fairy tales – something about the knight, and something about the princess – the dynamic, the characters, the plot; something in the formula just  545 more words

Introspective Bs

She doesn't respond.

He’s waving his hands around, trying to get her attention. It won’t matter if she pays attention or not, though. He’s going to talk no matter what. 557 more words

Introspective Bs


As you know, our new house has been delivered, ready to go, to our beach house block. Only one problem….no electricity and no gas!!!!  So no Christmas, or perhaps even New Year, for us or our friends, who were scheduled to come from all over Australia, as they usually do for the Christmas period.  194 more words

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