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Journal #319

This morning I woke up with an idea for a novelette. After I brewed the idea in my head for a while I got up from my bed and wrote down some notes. 163 more words

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I made a blog

Dear Future Me,

This is the blog we made, for creation and self-expression. It’s to remind us of who we are in the storm of the coming years. 65 more words

Personal Journal

Friday, 16, 2018 - Time: 11:26 PM

Dear Diary

Today was a good day, a fine day perhaps. For the past some time I was in the state of depression. Truth be told, I am prone to depression; I get fed up easily. 304 more words

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Journal #318

Today, I decided to do something different for most of the day.

I got down and spent the last 8 hours drafting, crafting, and editing a short story. 268 more words

Personal Journal

Passing The Time

In this episode DJ learns to pass the time before the next Big Deal
Write to DJ at djstarsage@gmail.com Leave a comment on our page at… 13 more words


Lateral Thinking with a Beam to make one Beam.

I recently boasted in a comment that I was good at Heath Robinson solutions to problems. (In fact, I should show the one I was referring to, some time soon.) 214 more words


Journal #317

It is Chinese New Year’s Eve. I want to take this chance to wish all Chinese a Happy Chinese New Year in advance.

On Chinese New year’s Eve, Chinese families will gather together to have meals, also known as Reunion Dinner. 965 more words

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