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Dear Readers & Followers of The Pen Dragon,

Peace fill Your Hearts and homes and THE LIGHT fills Your days with an abundance of Love, health, Happiness, security, Freedom, prosperity, Liberty and all that You believe is Good for a Millennial Lifespan.  1,086 more words

Politics & Laws

Eight months in

We seem to have progressed to the ‘can’t stay awake’ phase of the pregnancy.


It's bigger on the inside...

Driving back from some Independence Day activities, my eyes did spy an antique chair on the side of the road hugging a “FREE” sign (my favorite kind of sign!). 324 more words

Personal Journal

What don't you understand about copper? It makes perfect CENTS!

So, I discovered recently that I find the appearance of copper aesthetically-pleasing. My interest may have been piqued when we were updating a family heirloom to become my husband’s wedding ring: a 150+ year old 18K gold band that survived both the pogroms and Holocaust before making its way to the U.S. 639 more words

Personal Journal

Escape from Alcatraz... did you know?

“What do you want to do today”, I asked of my youngest boy David.

“Play Settlers of Catan, Mom”, he replied excitedly.

The saw hummed outside the bedroom window – our neighbour was building a new deck. 342 more words


Today's Hike: Training for Dry Mountain

It’s been a while since I’ve been walking seriously – life just sort of got in the way – but on June 1 I started getting out in the mornings again and today I thought I’d head back up the hillside. 430 more words


Really Awful Car-lamity, Exercising Temper-Rants*

Selling cars, the regulation
Calls for forms for registration;
Phoned: ‘We close at half-past-two;’
Went at two the deed to do.        

 Woe! The gates were firmly closed – 244 more words