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The Hungry Mind

February 25, 2013

I am very hungry.  There.  I said it.  I listened to my body and acknowledged the sensations that I am experiencing.  Hunger.  How I vehemently dislike that feeling, and that word.   1,197 more words


Progress Into Hell. [Journal 3-27-17]

Phantom Of The Opera – The Music Of The Night.

My mental state remains stable and productive. I’ve been somewhat physically tired, but I think that’s a combination of less sleep, being preoccupied with the recent breakthrough, and preparing the… 432 more words

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Prepping to Move

In a couple months I’m going to move into my first apartment that I’ll live in all by myself. I picked out the apartment, which is pretty exciting. 295 more words


Stream of consciousness Sunday: Mum's the word...

I’m giving The Accumulator a break this week and using Linda G Hill‘s prompt for SoCS to mark a special day.

Linda’s inspiration for today’s post is; 314 more words


Gotta get lucky sometime. [Journal 3-23-17]

The Seatbelts – Real Folk Blues.

Well I’m confused. The night of my last post, I was tired from the week’s work, yet I only slept six hours. 590 more words

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[Tract] My Stinky Roommate

I used to have a roommate that smelled bad most of the time. We often tried to drop hints to him that he should take a bath more frequently, but he didn’t take the hints. 471 more words

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Listened to this song from the Boss this morning on my walking/ train commute to downtown Seattle:

“I got a coin in your palm
I can make it disappear… 190 more words

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