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Personal Journal: Yun's Fighting Style

After close observation, I’ve noticed that my half-wolf, Yun, has a fighting style.

There was a point he became almost too unruly to live here in the city with me; his ego was too big and our apartment was too small. 795 more words

Personal Journal

Timing... childhood nostalgia

Five posts to write right now – as one post, in the last fifteen minutes of the day… five topics in five minutes – what a dreadful piece of writing that’s likely to make! 712 more words

Daily Post

Really flaming awful rhyme gets under your skin

To hear, ‘Do not attempt to sell,’

Does not sound well to writers;

But light attempts, as I can tell,

May lead to cellulitis!

On Friday I was full of the joys of – er – late summer and romping around with the kids. 289 more words


And a pocket full of chop sticks

So this is coming a little late but I loved this place, during our day trip to London on valentines we visited itsu in Covent garden for a light lunch, nothing too big as we had dinner reservations. 113 more words

Personal Journal

Never Forget. 

You never forget either kindness or unkindness shown to you.

Sometimes this is a strength, and sometimes it is a flaw. In any case, it is who I am and I must accept both its positive and negative roles in my life, the same as I try with everything else.

Personal Journal

Wednesday's Winding Way

Last thing in the day (evening!) again and a reasonably productive day with creative writing and poetry reponses to @storybandit responses- three different responses to the first 99word story prompt… 859 more words

Daily Tasks


Last evening, I attended a gathering at a local shop which serves the metaphysical community. There, one may browse among a range of books on various spiritualities and alternative healing arts, buy from an array of oracle cards or begin a personalized collection of pebbles to use in energy and healing work. 835 more words

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