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The people upstairs.

Ever since Rhonda and Audrey finally arrived from America, three years ago this week, we have lived on the ground floor of a small block of flats. 1,177 more words


How to Spank Your Kids [Video]

How should you go about spanking your kids? This video provides some practical advice.

I made this video due to the overwhelming response to my blog, … 84 more words

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One liner Wednesday: Rant.

The alternative dictionary is taking a week off, so I can rant about the violent, disruptive and unspeakable couple of trailer trash chavs we have living above us. 58 more words


are you lonesome tonight

Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?
Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?

Tired. Stress mostly. She kinda do that to me. 273 more words

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Should I Spank My Kids? [Video]

Spankings have become quite taboo in the world today. In some places, it’s illegal. But should we spank our kids? I’m convinced that the answer is ‘yes.’ In this video, I explain the ‘why’ behind spankings and how proper spankings are indeed good and needful. 63 more words

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Be a Receptacle of Love

Since yesterday, I’ve basically been on the go, from going home to entering Lagos this evening, and I’ve had a couple of experiences that brought to light the beauty of Emmanuela Oruche Tijani recent write-up on “Kindness” and “We’re not all thieves”. 615 more words


Family is Everything

So it was a beautiful Sunday for me, from service to eating fish barbecue (yes! I’m a foodie 😁, thank you to “you know yourself as you read this ☺for treating me to fish barbecue), to travelling home. 651 more words

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