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A friend sent me this story on social media. Within it lies a deep wisdom that can heal at its roots, the current crisis in our Emergency Care system … 373 more words

Personal Journal

Journal Entry 1-18-17

Bjork – Mutual Core.

Attempting to discuss metacognition with the uninitiated is like convincing Europeans in 1490 that the world is round: I can provide endless evidence, but what I’ll almost invariably receive in return is screams about sea-monsters, falling off the edge of the world, and how their magic friend in the sky disapproves – like I wouldn’t be spurred if it existed. 406 more words

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La la Land

Uncanny Saturday afternoon when Jean, Tish and I had to rush to Robinson’s Magnolia, to catch a screening of La la Land. I asked: What? … 696 more words

Personal Journal

Travel Bucket List

I was not a person who was eager to pack my bag and go traveling. I was a lot rather a home person, which in a lot of ways I still am, but traveling is now what I wish to do more. 385 more words

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Journal Entry 1-15-17

Tom Waits – Strange Weather.

I’m improving. I’m reluctant to be optimistic, for it’s happened repeatedly that, in moments precursing dramatic misfortune, I thought to myself how happy I was – with surprise and begrudgement. 444 more words

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My Bucket (To-Do) List

“When my life comes to an end, I want to be sure I did everything I loved, and loved everything I did.”

This is my bucket list – a list of things I want to do, feel, attempt and experience before I die. 1,015 more words

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#246 #48in48 #MorningParagraph

Last night I decided to tackle one of the tubs full of old papers I brought home from Dad’s after he passed away.  There were a handful of pictures in the lot, not many.  402 more words

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