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Reflecting on your organisation

Using the PESTLE model to look at organisation and informal management to get people to do what’s needed.
I am generally aware that people have other pressures but I’m not sure how to handle them when they are beyond my control. 20 more words

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My Short life story. Its my bday Today!

Oh yes Twenty one years ago, a day like today mama brought in another African to this world, me. Of course I don’t remember how the first breathe of independent air felt like. 957 more words


Dear Bro,

Loving means letting him go, if all else fails.

The day we met is just a simple introduction as part of frehman thing/ritual. No fancy meeting.

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What does effectiveness mean to you?

Frankly it means keeping the boss happy first, then key stakeholders in the business, then colleagues who are actually doing the work. I consider suppliers to. 25 more words

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My word of the night

“As life toss and twists us, still we can create a beautiful knot out of it…”

I don’t know how I can explain it further, but the idea of hand-pulled noodles is on my mind tonight.

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This is how horror movies begin...

I have been struggling the last few weeks. I think that I was using the optimism of writing this November as a mask for feeling directionless or overwhelmed in other aspects of my life. 374 more words

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Craving Death

Today I woke up, wished I had let my eyes stay shut for longer. Somehow, I wish i hadn’t woken up, a new day, new blessings, sounds like a screech to my ears and a broken record to my mind and spirit. 513 more words