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The gifts of yarn and words

If you are local to Nova Scotia, you are probably tired of jokes about the weather these days. Honestly, the only reason for my post today is to replace the picture of icy trees and the grey skies on my blog with something else. 387 more words

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I am back

I am back from my home country, Ukraine, that I visited this summer. It was lovely and strange at the same time, like a parallel reality. 136 more words


A new way to share knitting

I have to tell you something strange — recently I almost stopped knitting. I knit some things here and there, but in general I don’t pick up my knitting every free minute, as I did before. 323 more words



Warning: shameless bragging. Please don’t read any further if it might offend you. So here it is — my pattern, My Whole Heart, has been published in a real Canadian craft magazine! 66 more words


Better than typing

In the afternoon, I was getting in my too-hot-to-touch car and thought — it is almost over. These are the last days of summer. And as soon as it cools down, some of us might look for a warm place to sit and chat with other knitters who can… 45 more words

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It's not about socks

Well, it is sort of about socks. My son’s new socks.

I started knitting when I became a mother. I am lucky to have children who appreciate my knitting, and by appreciate I mean that they allow me to dress them in sweaters, hats, mittens, socks and they don’t complain. 252 more words

Personal Knitting

Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day post is for my mom. I love her. She taught me to knit and crochet when I was a child.  And today I would like to share some of… 240 more words

Personal Knitting