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Making Connections

In last week’s post we were talking about the HSE Best Practice Model.  There are many ways we can help our students be successful in the 21st century.  411 more words

Connected Educators

Classroom Design

I currently teach Content and Language and Integrated Learning (CLIL) to a year 5/6 cohort of exceptionally able students.The content is from the History Domain, Post 1950’s Immigration to Australia and the Language  is Italian. 249 more words


Salmons Five Stage Model

My first thoughts about Salmon’s stages  have changed somewhat. Initially i felt that Salmon’s five stage models enabled the E-Learner to ‘travel’ seamlessly within the online learning community to which he/she belongs. 190 more words


Investing in Community: the Long Term Return

I’ve been trying to publish a post everyday this week around the new Change Curve work, but today, a short interlude. Why? Because as i’ve been # 204 more words


What is a PLN?

What is a PLN? is a question I was asking myself when I read the unit outline for this subject. What did i have to create? 252 more words


Search for meaning: What is a PLN?

Now this, I didn’t know. Prior to my involvement in an online unit all about The Learning Space, I’d never heard the term! PLN is a Personal Learning Network in case you were interested! 215 more words

Salmons Five State Model: Stage One- Access and Motivation

Utilising Salmon’s Five Stage Model enables the E-Learner to ‘travel’ seamlessly within the online learning community to which he belongs. Layers of learning, of both content and online, will be ‘unknowingly’ unpacked by the learning community. 46 more words