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Unpacking Authentic Learning in Open and Closed Spaces

This blog post contemplates authentic learning in various degrees of openness. To what extent does openness affect a student’s authentic learning experience? To ground this discussion I searched for a definition of authentic learning. 802 more words

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What the Bible can teach us about Personal Learning Networks: Spermalogos & Twitter birds

Yesterday, while reading Acts 17:18, I stumbled upon the rather intriguing term “spermalogos.”If you’re not up on your New Testament Bible stories, let me briefly set the scene for you. 747 more words

Meet PLN Warrior

PLN Warrior’s  superpower is harnessing the web to create a personal learning NETwork of like-minded heros who will work to build and defend an open learning environment that seeks to benefit all! 245 more words


My Personal Learning Network

Throughout my semester in UNI’s EdTech class, I was able to expand my Personal Learning Network significantly, and find resources that will ultimately help me to become a better teacher. 1,744 more words

Learning at the PLA Conference

I’m so excited to be spending the next few days at the PLA conference which will be held in my own backyard – Philadelphia! This conference is held every other year and I got a chance to go in 2016 to Denver, which was awesome, because I got to visit my sister for a few days before the conference. 52 more words



Tribes, a concept that stems from people gathering with groups of people that share their interests, people that they are drawn to, their tribe. I never thought of myself as being part of a tribe… However I started to list who my tribes might be: my family, the Jule Vera gang, people who knit, people who scrapbook, people who like to do things outdoors, people who like to travel, people who love to learn, people who are interested in online education, people who love music, people who teach music. 256 more words

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Don't Miss This Techie Tuesday Webinar: Blogging, Digital Writing, and Personal Learning Networks

Blogging, Digital Writing, and Personal Learning Networks with Cynthia, Pippa, and Beth

When: Feb 20, 2017, 3:00 p.m

What:  Join HCOS Curriculum Consultant Cynthia Duncalfe, as she gives an overview of how blogging using platforms like our HCOS KidBlog subscription can enrich learning experiences and even serve as a portfolio of learning for your students.  70 more words

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