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It's all about the digital learning...objects

I read these two articles back to back, not sure why, but all I could think about was PLNs, LibGuides, and Wikispaces. All are good avenues to keep up with teaching in this digital age, but the only problem is making sure they are updated.   163 more words

Postcard Reflection #3: Life (and Learning) Beyond the Literature Review: reading, rhododendrons, and running

Life beyond the Literature Review. After months of research on Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), intense, ongoing reading and re-reading of scholarly journals, weeknights and weekends spent cloistered in the graduate study area of the University of Victoria, resulting in a thirty page draft with forty-seven references, I anticipate a different set of 3R’s: reading for pleasure, rhododendrons, and running. 1,361 more words

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The cure for childhood obesity parents will hate


The editorial says schools should make exercise the norm by ensuring that mandatory physical education classes in elementary and high school. But it’s not enough to have physical education.

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A Twitter 101 Slide Deck

I recently created a Twitter 101 slide deck to be used at schools, conferences, etc. The intended audience is educators with little to no experience with Twitter, and the presentation should last 45 minutes to an hour. 279 more words

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Top 5 reasons I'll follow you on Twitter

Everyone’s in a hurry these days.

Time-poor researchers who are encouraged by their institutions and supervisors to ‘get on social media’ are definitely in a hurry. 991 more words

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Top 10 Psych myths debunked -TED Why education gets tricked ..

Cautionary tale. Learning styles are not science. They are myth. How many other themes to we impose on students that are based on narrow self interest, ‘systems’ sales or institutional mythology? 301 more words


Living through the Literature Review: Bringing my Backpacking Basics to Graduate Research

Backpacking and graduate-level writing? Yes, in my experience, they indeed go together, step-by-step, from the planning to the process of completing the trek.

In particular, I’m thinking of a particularly arduous trek to… 964 more words

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