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'Notting Hill' actors, Richard Curtis respond to Emma Chambers' death

Hugh Grant and Notting Hill screenwriter Richard Curtis paid tribute to Emma Chambers, their former colleague who died at the age of 53.

Grant, who played Chambers’ on-screen sibling in the 1999 film from director Roger Michell, called her a “hilarious and very warm person and of course a brilliant actress.” 587 more words


To Love is...

Loving someone is never that easy anymore to me, I did not believe that something has change in term of me seeing an event. I did always believe that I would never change, but then it just happening. 300 more words


To Satisfy One's Needs

Over the past a week or two, I’ve been wanting to eat something out of my ordinary menu. Basically no fried rice, no fried noodles, or anything basic. 467 more words

Needing inspiration

I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I went to therapy again and it felt hollow. I started going for abuse from my past and to deal with it but I wonder if I have. 268 more words


Ockham's razor.

You see.. there’s an ancient principle you hear a lot about medicine: that the simplest, most obvious answer – is usually the correct one; it’s called… 352 more words


A Journey At 26

A couple of years ago, I battled with depression and it nearly took my life. I never told anyone what I was going through. My only witness was my ink and journal. 224 more words


Ode to Little Things

Portrait of Dostoevsky, Klimt & Goya posters, Lorca’s drawings, a voodoo doll, polished shoes, and chapter 1 of Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow.

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