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How to Write Your Personal Manifesto

I got knee-deep and dirty into my book today. I changed my working title from “Amp Your Vibe” to “How to Create a Project-Driven Life” which is really what it is about. 272 more words


Hello World! - Take 2?

As a part of Blogging 101, the wonderful course offered by the Daily Post Blogging University, our first task is to set goals – to write a similar post to the first prompt they ever gave us back at the beginning of our blogging career. 1,135 more words

Day 29: Personal Manifesto

It’s happened again: the weekend came, and I did so many things that I did not write for three days. This seems to be a pattern, and I will either have to adjust my writing expectations as I finish the challenge, or create a posting schedule that is more aligned with my reality. 260 more words

Hello world!

Hello, world! This post is like a chick’s first view of the world just as it has cracked open its egg – there are so many things to do, pages to see, words to write down…. 199 more words

My Personal Manifesto

My biggest problem in my life is my attitude. What I mean by attitude is my general outlook on life, my perspective, and how I deal with things. 512 more words

Putting it All Out There

This week’s topic over at Fit Dish was to create our personal manifesto.  At first, I was really nervous about where to even start and to make sure that what ever I create best represents me.  91 more words


Manifesto 1.0

I’m supposed to write my manifesto.

Man`i`fes´to (n.)

A public declaration, usually of a prince, sovereign, or other person claiming large powers, showing his intentions, or proclaiming his opinions and motives in reference to some act done contemplated by him; as , a manifesto declaring the purpose of a prince to being war, and explaining his motives. 113 more words

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