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The following personal manifesto was presented by Paul V. Beyerl to the 1987 Harvest Moon Celebration in Woodland Hills, California. It was in no way written to represent a set of laws to govern the behavior of others, but only as an open discussion of personal ethics to provoke thought and communication. 564 more words

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Warm it up Kelly...

To hold myself accountable and to express myself in the greatest way I know…here are the rest of my answers to the personal manifesto prompt/warm up questions from… 905 more words

My Personal Manifesto | The Warm Up | Question One

My Personal Manifesto- The Warm Up.

Question Number One: From HERE 

I imagine myself sitting on the back porch…thinking of the right words to say. How do I really see myself? 456 more words

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How To Write Your Personal Manifesto

What is a Personal Manifesto?

A Personal Manifesto is list of what you believe and value. It’s not necessarily who you are now, or how you live your life now. 1,036 more words

How to Write Your Personal Manifesto

I got knee-deep and dirty into my book today. I changed my working title from “Amp Your Vibe” to “How to Create a Project-Driven Life” which is really what it is about. 272 more words


Hello World! - Take 2?

As a part of Blogging 101, the wonderful course offered by the Daily Post Blogging University, our first task is to set goals – to write a similar post to the first prompt they ever gave us back at the beginning of our blogging career. 1,135 more words

Day 29: Personal Manifesto

It’s happened again: the weekend came, and I did so many things that I did not write for three days. This seems to be a pattern, and I will either have to adjust my writing expectations as I finish the challenge, or create a posting schedule that is more aligned with my reality. 260 more words