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Upon reflection of my second year on the graphic communication course at CSAD, my final academic project of the year would require us to think to ourselves as to what sort of designers we wanted to be. 285 more words

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Personal Manifesto

Social Media Design: Personal Manifesto

The brand that I am creating is going to be called The Rexburg Scoop. As you could imagine, it is going to be all about ice cream! 263 more words


My Personal Manifesto

Growing up in this generation, it seemed that everything revolved around the internet. As social media started to expand in popularity, people began to devote more and more time into making their accounts look acceptable and exciting to the world of social media. 634 more words


What's Your Personal Manifesto?

I’ve taken the suggestion of a dear friend and written a “personal manifesto.” Now that it’s on paper, I’m committed to living it out!

I will fight for freedom in this world for myself and others. 145 more words


Your Daily Manifesto: A Free PDF

So many of us settle for less.  So many of us go around believing we are less than who we truly are.

If you’re like me, you’ve put up with crap for too long.   544 more words


Emotions brought to light

When thinking of my personal manifesto It’s hard to think of what I really want to say because there are so many different things I try to say with each and every pieces of my art. 261 more words


My Social Identity Manifesto

I grew up in a small country named El Salvador, I was the youngest of five girls and by the time I was seven years old, my sisters and I were being raised by my mom alone, because my dad took a promising job in another country and the distance took its toll and he ended up forming a new family there. 481 more words

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