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Curious about yourself? 🤔 Know more!

All of us know ourselves well. Really well! We don’t really need someone or some research to tell us the kind of person we are, do we? 101 more words

Personal Musings

Casting Call: Part Two of Livin' A Simmin' Life

Surprise! Another 2nd post today! I’m starting a casting call for Part Two of my Simself’s adventures. It’s hard to believe I’m already into Part Two, and yes, I’ve been playing ahead, because it’s fun and I couldn’t wait.I would love to have your Sim(s) join an already colorful, amazing cast of characters. 330 more words

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Green

On migration, communication and integration

When I was a little kid, I sometimes overheard adults talking about how folks in a remote mountainous village lived their lives, things like they hardly went out of the mountains because of the unavailability of transport and they often inter-wedded their relatives hence the entire villagers were shockingly retarded and unhealthy etc, I couldn’t help but thinking how lucky I was without having to live in that kind of village at that time. 132 more words

When imagination soars, the ground beneath rises.....🌈

Imagination? Let it loose, so it runs, flies, surges! And the outcome? Beautiful dreams take shape. And then? The dream takes a contour. It becomes a reality. 59 more words

Personal Musings

Olympic Achievement Starts With a Dream!

I have been dreaming big and setting goals, achieving all I set my mind to, aiming high, and living life fully since I was a young girl. 1,331 more words

Nourishing Health

It's Never About What You Think It's About

I feel a certain sense of victory when I don’t have to wear a hospital gown for my scans. I don’t know why. I stopped trying to figure out the reasons behind my silly quirks and the odd things that run through my head years ago. 1,022 more words