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Pigspittle Ohio

Meg at Pigspittle Ohio publishes both fiction and nonfiction, as well as politics, nature, and place. Most of her writing is inspired, even in some small way, by the rural town and community in which she lives.


The Story of the Suitcase

On a trip to an antique store, Becci nabbed a $10 suitcase stuffed with another man’s memories. She set out to piece together the history of the man from the suitcase, and shares the suitcase’s origin story here.

Personal Musings

[MUSIC] favorite songs according my url

This was a meme going around in the blog wold, so I thought: Why not? Turns out it’s a lot harder to pick just ONE song for each letter (what you’re supposed to do). 292 more words

Personal Musings

How To Measure Life

Recently, I have been faced with a daunting question: What is life and how do you measure it?

This is not a novel question; individuals find themselves answering it at different instances in their lives. 362 more words

Shame, shame!

I would like to offer a few words in support of shame. In fact, as it is Thanksgiving season, I give thanks for God’s gift of shame. 333 more words

Personal Musings

Dear Dance

One dancer’s thank you letter to the medium that taught her compassion, expression, and self-love.

Personal Musings