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Knackered Life-Size Crochet Doll

In case anyone wants to know what the life-size crochet doll is up to, here’s an update. She’s knackered! The kids are getting into full swing playing with her and it ain’t pretty! 309 more words

Personal Musings

Life Events, Stress and the Color Purple

My favorite color has always been blue. It is calming, and peaceful. The color of the sky, and the ocean. Of heaven. I love it. 908 more words


I love to Travel or do I?

I think everyone on the planet says they love to travel. I suppose going places and seeing new things is exciting but “I love to travel” seems like an unnecessarily vague descriptor so I will  be more precise with my feelings about travel. 156 more words

Personal Musings


Here I am – Participating!

Participation is a key to harmony. I believe we all have the responsibility to participate in the changes that are coming about at this time. 133 more words

Personal Musings

What’s Your Sign?

Signs are wonderful things. They can convey all sorts of important information… to anyone who can interpret the message.

When I visited Italy for the first time and drove the unfamiliar streets, the traffic signs which were meaningful to the locals were confusing… 351 more words

Personal Musings

Finding Ourselves at Montrose Dog Beach

Will on guidance from his dogs: “He raced in one direction . . . then chased a floating leaf, then jumped on a bench . . 25 more words

Personal Musings

Author Blurb and Genres

I have an “About” page that gives general and mostly accurate, somewhat flattering, somewhat in-your-face, and some say an overly smug description of who I am. 1,733 more words

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