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Fire: An Element

I was born into a fire sign, an Aries child in a time of turmoil in the 70’s.  I have always been surrounded by fire symbols and tend to have fire represented in my life in so many ways from passionate exchanges on topics I adore, to a volcanic temper when allowed to erupt.  1,142 more words


She's A Lady

HAPPY  BIRTHDAY MOM!!! She used to love this song by Tom Jones when I was a kid. She’d ask me to play it over and over for her on the record player and I’d have to stop what I was doing and run to the record player, pick up the arm and gently put it back on the record without scratching it!! Those were the days.


It's almost 3 AM

and I just came home from a party. I didn’t cheat on my boyfriend, didn’t get drunk , didn’t smoke (well I took a puff and put out the cigarette). 257 more words


My OCD - Friday Afternoon Repartee (Too Funny)

The joke around our home is that Dad (moi) is a bit like this – I don’t get it, I mean who doesn’t bend over and straighten out the rebellious tassels on a throw rug???? :)


Land, Sky, Sea: Elements from a Druid Perspective

I have a friend who follows a Druidic path in his spiritual journey.  He is often talking about the elements in terms of these three components: land, sky, and the sea. 832 more words


It's Okay to Not be Okay

There are times when you can’t pretend you’re okay anymore. You’re unable to summon the strength and energy required to put a smile on your face and go on as if your heart isn’t breaking or your world isn’t falling apart. 127 more words


Friday Morning Musings

I did my morning meditation on grounding myself today, because I woke up scattered. I was so exhausted when I went to bed last night. Work has been so exhausting this week, spending the days training someone to do my job. 603 more words