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Imagine Eating a Dog on a Plane

Imagine if everyone around you is eating dogs (or your cat, or a horse, or any other animal that you love). Imagine if the culture around you accepts this as “normal.”   If you’re disgusted, this is how many vegetarians and Vegans feel about eating ANY animals. 414 more words



A man with a beard is to me most desirable! A good well-groomed beard brings out the best in a man; to me a good beard can make the most average man look irresistible! 246 more words

Personal Musings

Merry Monday - Nightmare

Well, I’ve come to think my rash is a milk reaction as it’s exacerbated by dairy intake. Even goat dairy.
And guess what?

One of the moisturizers I’ve been using is oatmeal-based. 210 more words



If i don’t have the words

How can I think what I’d like to.

Teach me the words you know

And we can think the same.


HawaiiCon 2016

I’ve been absent for a bit. I think two people noticed and got concerned, and to them, I apologize. 

My last post was a week ago Thursday. 3,204 more words

Writing Stuff

A New Chapter

In exactly one week, in the beginning of October, I will be facing a new job and moving to a new place. Finding good work these days is hard and this is another temporary position. 550 more words

Personal Musings

Are you a digital immigrant or a digital native?

A what? I had no idea that I might be either one. I have been looking into providing teletherapy and possibly some other digital adventures, so I found courses on digital ethics to prepare me for my online journey. 685 more words

Personal Musings