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Times a changing…? Heck yes!

Smart! That’s what one ought to be to match the rapidly upgrading tech world which vomits a new device each day, literally. Does man change at the same speed? 750 more words

Personal Musings

Fortifying Friday - Busy

It was a busy day today for work mocking up web page designs with only the use of Google docs at my disposal and simple tools like paint. 129 more words


Trump's Twitter worries

Kellyanne “Stepford” Conway says Donald Trump will work on Celebrity Apprentice “in his spare time.”

First of all, I think there will be so many messes once he’s sworn in, he won’t have S much spare time as he thinks. 727 more words

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Is Santa Claus dead?

If you keep up with the national news, you are aware of the war being waged by the Freedom From Religion brigade against all things Christian. 269 more words

Personal Musings

Adventures and Misadventures in Worldbuilding and Storytelling

This month, my short story “The Things My Mother Left Me” was published in the special edition of People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy. It’s an effort in worldbuilding and storytelling some five years in the making. 1,937 more words

Personal Musings

Tools for becoming an Ed Art Composer

Tools break down into two areas, so far.


My current hardware that is specific to this is:

  • Moto E cell phone
  • Cell phone tripod (which is a regular camera tripod with a cell phone clamp…
  • 232 more words
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Thoughtful Thursday - Fighting Back

Some days it’s really hard to stay strong. There’s just so much bullshit in the world.

I got a letter from my condo board claiming I owe them money. 546 more words

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