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And Then There Was Blonde...

So, my stylist and I decided with all the red in my hair, we’d go the healthy route and do an all over brown to get rid of the red and heavy blonde highlights all over as well. 44 more words

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A Peek into my "Life To-Do List"

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I have been keeping whatI call a “Life To-Do List” since I was a teenager, and its always growing longer! Many of mine are travel-related, although not all. 355 more words


Tomorrow is the BIG Day

I’m going blonde!

Thanks to all of you who took my poll. Here are the results.

I decided to go for it and I’m so exited. 31 more words

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I had planned on getting an early start today. My schedule at work had me working from 5:45 this morning until 2:45 this afternoon. By 4:00, I should have been here at home, manuscript beside me while I imputed the corrections into my laptop. 699 more words


pucky schmucky

It’s the second hockey season! And you know what that means … the Leather Daddy, Bobbert and I will end up pushing emails out to one another about whatever happens in the world of hockey. 3,116 more words

Personal Musings

What Are You Going Through?

I just read this and thought it was beautiful, and wanted to share it:

“The love of our neighbor in all its fullness simply means being able to say to him, “What are you going through?” Simone Weil

Beautiful right?

Personal Musings

Set Phazers To Grill, The Ovens On The Fritz: Inconsistent Advancements Of Tech In Media

You got a ship full of top of the class space cadets in the year “long ass time from now” where large cumbersome spaceships are the norm. 847 more words