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Merry Christmas, First Family!

I keep getting emails from Donald Trump. At first I was confused. How in the hell did I get on this list? I’m so liberal I make Bernie Sanders look like a Republican. 1,023 more words

December Mini Journals ~ 1

December 1

I joined ashtanga yoga this week and have just returned from the yoga studio to type this. I had given it up for four months to prepare for the civil services exam but I have mentioned it as a hobby in my interview form and God willing if I get an interview call I want to be able to look the board in the eye and tell them how much I enjoy practicing it. 1,633 more words

Personal Musings

December Song

The song
of our deep breathing
and the slow ticking
of our wrist watch,
played that afternoon,
as our eyes exchanged
infinite I love you’s.

Retirement thinking (III)

Most people live an average standard of life and have an average lifespan, which I think it’s good enough. You may have felt miserable in your childhood, struggled in your youth and cried a lot for all sorts of failure. 121 more words

The Struggle to Save Christmas


It’s that time of year, again, when many of us gird our loins to do battle with the dark forces of carefully secular “Happy Holiday” greetings and decorated “holiday” trees. 382 more words

Personal Musings

Magic and Loss: Or Elfhood, Revisited

I did this post a few years ago, trying to explain my feelings on December. They’re many and complicated and sometimes contradictory, but I’m still really proud of this post, and long though it is, figured it deserves a second look. 193 more words

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