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Teenspace: Talented, targeted, troubled teens!

Alarming is the pace

Of an interminable race

In which teens are compelled to take part

Letting go of compassion, the humane departs

Little thought for dignity or grace. 597 more words

Personal Musings

Poet Katherine Allen, the grandmother of my great grandmother

My name is Cindy, my mom’s name is Sandy, her mother is Fran, her mama is Girtha, her ma is Fannie, who is the daughter of Katherine Allen. 1,163 more words

Personal Musings

When Is An Apology Real?

I just got home from a long day trying to prepare the art center for the grand opening tomorrow. Hanging more art, and cataloging all of it, organizing the spreadsheets so that the we can know which gallery each piece of art hangs in. 463 more words


Plain as Day.

Some days stick with you for a while.
Usually the bad ones stick with you harder than the good ones which seem to become distant memories much faster. 453 more words

Personal Musings

How clean are your feet?

Many churches follow the liturgical calendar during the Lenten season, with sermons reviewing the events in the life of Christ leading up to the Resurrection. 230 more words

Personal Musings

Rainy Days

It’s been raining like crazy the past few days and also today. Thankfully I’m off and one of the reason I’m lazy to get out of the house. 240 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Not enough hours in the day.

I will begin by making an assumption.  There is risk in assuming, but I am mildly confident in my conclusions.  After a relatively short period of contemplation, I am willing to infer that most of my readers will be familiar with ADHD, OCD, PTSD and the many other acronyms appearing in pharmaceutical commercials.   959 more words