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Wedding Song

By:  Me for She

I found the song I was working on for our wedding cleaning out my music.  It’s incomplete and well under practiced…it was supposed to sound happier, too.  31 more words


Marriage: Living into Doubt

As the day of thanks winds down, I am thankful for what November 23rd was like for me 5 years ago. My fiancé at the time and I were at a bar with a contingent of our “people”, laughing and clinking beers together, winding down from the rehearsal of the following day, where we’d hold hands and make promises then party with 300+ humans who loved us forward in our next steps together. 830 more words

Engagement Videos--November 23, 2016 Happiest Day of My Life

By:  Me for She

I used to be thankful for your singing.  It was my favorite.  It was off key, uninhibited, loud, and beautiful.

More than anything I loved it when you sang the ending lines to “First Day of My Life.” 209 more words



By:  Me for She

One year ago on the day before Thanksgiving in a cabin at the base of Mount Hood I was the luckiest man alive. 2,330 more words


Dear Mary,

Next month is your birthday month. The final days of your twenty-second year. I can’t remember the last time we saw each other on a birthday. 210 more words


My Journey with Eleanor (and Jeanne):

How a millennial trans woman born in the mid-1980s came to dedicate so much of her life to the study of the most outspoken and independent U.S. 3,611 more words

Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you have regrets?

Sometimes that which does not kill us doesn’t make us stronger. Sometimes it breaks us.

And bad mistakes
I’ve made a few

There’s this thing we’ve all learned to say:

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