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A Story To Tell Of Great Kindness

Even right now while I am extremely angry at the greed of the pathetic and useless American people and American companies, I must still reflect on an important event that happened last night.   502 more words


Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge Day Five: The Parsley Incident

While I didn’t have the language barrier to contend with when I moved to America in the 1980s, I had plenty of new words and expressions to learn. 979 more words

Family Life

Are Latinos Even A Race?

As America enters into the fake election debates, the question of illegal immigration continues to swirl throughout the land.  What isn’t talked about though is whether the Latinos are a race, a cultural people, or just a people who share a common language.   433 more words


Another Awkward Encounter....

Last Friday, I received a call from my mother, completely out of the blue, for me to meet her, my stepfather, my youngest sister, and my stepfather’s sons for lunch.   716 more words


Perfect Nihility Lyrics

Some people have been using my website to spread hatred against many people and to kill others. This doesn’t bother me one bit as a nihilist since human life has no value. 401 more words

Personal Narrative


It is harsh and unsettling to speak these words:

“It has been twenty years since I felt something I would describe as joy.”

But today, I found myself saying this to the crisis diversion social worker who comes to meet with me once a week. 400 more words

Why I Left The Cause Behind

A comrade asked me in my secret group as to why I have left The Cause and yet I still make posts both on my own website and in my secret group exposing Jews.   658 more words

Personal Narrative