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Putting Feelings First with Personal Narratives

This was one of the mantras I wrote about before the year began.  I wanted my students to understand that we all have stories to tell and all of our stories matter. 808 more words

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Are Women Really Smarter Than Men?

This is my last personal narrative for the week and I have decided to take a break from discussing about racialism and have decided to stoke the fears and hatreds of feminists throughout the world. 378 more words

Personal Narrative

Through Autistic Eyes - A Personal Narrative (Inspired by My California Narratives)

The first place people think of when they hear about California is the beach. They envision blue-green waters sparkling as the ever-present sunshine hits the surface. 913 more words


Why I Avoid Black Niggers As An African Man


In the past few years, I have been studying the black problem in western society with regards to the race mixing problem that is slowly but surely getting worse by the day.   529 more words


As The World Turns...

Today I was planning to do a personal narrative about how the black niggers are actively destroying both the black and white races but I will instead proceed with a different topic at hand and will simply post that racialist post tomorrow night.   447 more words

Personal Narrative

Why Narrative Writing Matters

When I first left the classroom to become a staff developer in New York City, I had to learn quickly to adjust to new schools, and new groups of teachers. 871 more words

Personal Narrative

The Myth Of Racism

Racialism is the study that focuses on the different races and their different characteristics.  In these modern times, the discussion and topic of race is considered a divisive tool by the current multicultural advocates who are sowing the seeds of their own demise.   435 more words

The Jewish Problem