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Lucin, Utah ...

… on Pilot Mountain Road en route to the Sun Tunnels.


Stolen Hearts

I wrote this poem describing how the love of my life has stolen my heart and how I hope that she never gives it back to me.   195 more words

Personal Narrative

wired ...

Route 93 about half way between Wells and Ely, Nevada …


A Tale of Few

By Emily D.

May 25, 2016

As a child in the streets that I roamed, I grew up with these two little kids. We all were the same age and all had similar problems. 2,726 more words


Why I Write

I used to keep an Instagram account where I wrote sappy poems under a pseudonym. The poetry I wrote there was never earth-shattering. It was Hallmark stuff. 943 more words


The Math Divide

by Olivia S., Massachusetts

Ever since I was little, I have liked math. Not necessarily loved it, but I’ve liked it enough. My father taught me basic multiplication, so by the time those speed tests at school rolled around, I pretty much knew what I was doing already. 1,283 more words

May 2016

On labor and survival of the species

I’ve had a political reckoning, of sorts.

As much as I hate boxes and labels, I think I’ve finally figured out where my political inclinations actually lean. 3,888 more words

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