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An Interview with Joe Jiménez

Joe Jiménez is the author of The Possibilities of Mud and Bloodline, a young adult novel.  Jiménez is the recipient of the 2016 Letras Latinas/ Red Hen Press Poetry Prize and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.  1,597 more words

Writers On Writing

A brief aside about butterflies

On my way from my car into my office this morning, I got buzzed by a butterfly. Nearly having a beautiful flying insect land on my face pulled me out of my own thoughts and refocused me on the world around me. 183 more words


Recalibrating the Reality of a Mother-Daughter Relationship

Although I have been known as a chronic daydreamer and an outward over-optimistic person, my grasp on reality has always been firm. While this momentarily causes me to be figuratively and literally unsteady while recalibrating myself, it has been the reason that throughout everything that  1,227 more words


The Daily Writing Hour: Portland, not Portlandia

By Neva Knott

Two days ago, a friend reminded me to write for an hour a day…this is what I have to say today…

Last night, we hosted a band, The Screamin’ Geezers, at my bar. 541 more words

Personal Narrative

Is my passion worth an hour a day?

By Neva Knott

My life has been a frazzled mess for a couple of years. Or five years, to be specific. Or the last decade since I made a huge career move not knowing the recession was coming and having not yet totally gotten back to full-time, professional employment. 851 more words


The eyes of the rabbit are upon you ...

By Tamara Enz

Abandoned buildings have long held intrigue for me. Who built them and why did they leave? Where did the builders come from and how did they get there – were they escaping hardship elsewhere or pursuing the dream of their own land? 710 more words


Cogito Ergo

I think of Carl Sagan.

I think of repeating patterns in nature, of the symmetry present in all of biology, of evolution; of how we’re all just borrowed carbon and how, on a molecular level, trees are our first cousins. 339 more words

Personal Narrative