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Captured Memories & Missed Moments

I had such a vivid dream last night. I was in an auditorium with a bunch of people I’ve met throughout my life: childhood friends, college friends, sorority sisters, co-workers from different jobs, etc. 459 more words


Take a Stand and Be Ready to Fight

This isn’t really about writing. It’s about people and ideas.

There are so many options in life, so many beliefs, so many codes of conduct, manners, chivalry, expectations, lifestyles, plans, goals, resolutions, opinions (For the Love of God-So Many Opinions!) , oh and let’s not forget the feelings. 283 more words

My Memoir: ice cream

When I was a kid my grandparents and I would sit on the couch and watch television in the evenings. We had all kinds of favorites.  180 more words

Personal Narrative

Jessica's Song

It has been a difficult week for myself and the love of my life; we have been having disagreements about some matters but thank the gods that we have moved past all of it.   225 more words

Personal Narrative

Lazy Sundays Consist Of...

If ever you needed a legitimate excuse to be a lazy couch potato or bed zombie, Sundays are it. On Sundays all electronics go on “Do Not Disturb” and if they don’t know by now, they’ll learn. 441 more words


The marzipan alligator: what do you have in your fridge?

See also: #legacyfoodstuffs

Back in, oh, let’s call it ’86 (for the sake of nice round numbers), Mom was really sweet and brought me a tasty snack from Haydel’s, as she was prone to do. 193 more words

Personal Narrative

An Exploration of Humanity

As a young girl I would often visit my father in his small office at our local museum, picking up the baubles of people long gone and turning them over and over in my small hands. 357 more words