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"So, do you miss him?" (Or, Breaking Up is Hard To Do)

  • And it was the inevitability of it all, more even than the sense of finality, that hurt the most. That her idea of forever amounted, in the end, to no more than six years of waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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The Agitated Man

So my train stopped between stations, in the tunnel. We were delayed—not enough for it to seem catastrophic, but passengers were starting to cough/crane their heads/express low-level anxiety. 411 more words

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How I Faced Fear

Fear can be defined as an unpleasant feeling emotion caused by the conviction that someone or something is going to cause you harm or pain. The following incident took place when I was quite a few years younger but is one that still resonates with me today. 9 more words


Not Dying Was Easy -- Surviving Was the Hard Part (A Creative Personal Narrative)

Not Dying Was Easy — Surviving Was the Hard Part
by Jason A. Walker

I wonder sometimes what might have been if I’d taken my normal route home; if I’d swerved faster; if I’d not been driving on the spare; but, I didn’t, I couldn’t, and… 3,174 more words


23 Research Things - Thing 6

Just a quick post today, as I’ve not got much time. We’re finishing off the second week of 23 Research Things Cambridge with a focus on creating new content using tools such as… 317 more words

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The monster who lives in the corner of my eye

I see you, who comes to me and says:

“Why are you here? You are so pretty






Why are you here, so far away?” 318 more words

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