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So You Want To Be a Personal Chef...

I love cooking vegan and couldn’t imagine anything else I would rather do for a job. Becoming a vegan personal chef five years ago was a passion project for me– an outgrowth of my own personal journey. 830 more words


A little head bobbing

Part 9. 

The Black Guillemots are back, bobbing their heads, and claiming their nest boxes.

A cavity-nesting bird of Arctic waters, they traditionally did not nest so far north in Alaska. 2,309 more words



It’s not about

If the glass is half empty

Or half full

The point is

There is enough to swallow

That will not let

Your lips and throat go dry


Societal insanity v. a safer world

Part 1. 2015

In 1997 I moved from western Massachusetts to Maine. Several people asked me, “Are you going to get a gun?” I laughed. I thought this was an odd question. 411 more words


Personal Narrative


         You know something that I have never liked is? Being observed. Never. It just stresses me out and I tend to freeze up. Today was the day where I had to teach my first math lesson and I was so nervous, but ready at the same time. 1,780 more words

Personal Narrative


The e-mails poured in as everyone was suddenly struck into a panic. I did what I could to help quell the incessant noise that came blaring from my computer as it continuously chimed for nearly 20 min before an emergency meeting was finally called. 640 more words

Personal Narrative