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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

So last Thursday I did something pretty dumb, I went and bought the Galaxy Note 4 on Amazon.  Now I am a very savvy shopper and usually I get most of my devices on sale.   487 more words


An Education on Love Between Womyn

It started when we left the land. She was riding in her car with her best friend. I was in another car with a friend and my daughter. 2,251 more words


New Horizons For Writing On Queer Sexuality in 2015

I’ve been frustrated by the lack of spaces that exist for queer men to talk about their sexuality in meaningful ways. Often times these are dominated by formal scientific or academic language or, if dominated by the personal, it fails to adequately capture sex we’re having now and sex we want to give in ten years from now. 357 more words


In The End, I Care About Her Too Much....

Last Friday, I got into an argument with someone I cared deeply for but til this day I was unable to fully care for her due to much disagreements with the private nature of her life.   477 more words

Personal Narrative

Forward & Back

It’s a dance on the edge of a cliff I cannot trust will stay beneath my feet and yet I do nothing to move back. 532 more words

HBIC | I Stopped Being Passive-Aggressive and Got My Life

I rose with the sun this morning and I knew that today was going to be a great day. One filled with productivity and lots of inspiration, but what I didn’t know was that I was going to amaze myself yet again in my test of strength. 858 more words


The Differences and Similarities Between Neo Nazis and National Socialists

The term “nazi” has been a very popular term fashioned by Jewish supremacists and Freemasons to degenerate the national socialism movement that spans world wide.  Despite the plans of the Jews, the movement continues to pick up great steam throughout the world.   656 more words

The Jewish Problem