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Designer Talk: Deborah Stevenson and Jane E Bennett

Debbie and Jane are PhD Fellowship students, preparing for beginning PhD next year. Both studied Fine Art Site and Archive MA at UCLan, and both are concerned with memory and experience of space. 307 more words

Practice Of Other Artists And Designers

Personal Narrative, Jerome Triplett

It was June 13th, 2014. I was leaving the movies with my friends. As I was crossing the intersection, I got ran over. I blanked out for about five minutes and when I woke up, I tried to stand up, and when I stood up, my bone came out of my skin. 1,735 more words

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Changing your personal narrative - philosophy

It has been a while coming, but this is the next installment in my “how to change your personal narrative” series. As with pretty much everything I write on this topic, there’s a decent chance you’ve already read something similar to what I write here. 749 more words

The Yearning

This piece was originally published in an anthology titled Home.

It was late February, and I stood perched at my kitchen window, welcoming the sun-streaked curtains, the slightly rising temperatures, and the familiar songs of returning robins in the springtime. 738 more words


"Literary License" and Personal Narrative

I became “literary” lew when I started this blog about six years ago.  I increasingly realize that the choice of that moniker was more astute than I realized.  406 more words

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Dead Beat, Anonymous

The last thing I remember of my dad living with us was when he caught me and my little brother a frog and brought it home for us to play with. 1,936 more words

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From Girlfriend to Fiance.

A few months ago I got proposed to and the rush of feeling that came with the proposal was something that I had not expected. My reaction was not something that I had expected either. 711 more words