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Bloody Coats

I was inspired to write this song the day that humanity tried to rob me of my occupation (of course they failed) but I thought that I should repay their evil with words designed to further kill them.  216 more words

Personal Narrative

Eight In A Million

So, this is my first song that I wrote, it was inspired by the death of one of my neighbors on a wet night in October 2014.  484 more words

Personal Narrative

The Case for Self-Doubt as Self-Fulfillment

I spend 75% of my day under the impression that I feel too much and think too much. The other 25% of the day, I’m sleeping. 1,066 more words

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Of MJ,my vocalists and a telephone booth


What’s in a song? What makes one song last decades in people’s minds while another is easily forgotten soon after its release? 127 more words


A Night Of Glimmering Skies

It was one of those nights where the sky shone a little bit brighter

Where the streets were too vast and too narrow to fit their neverending thoughts… 33 more words

Things just happen.

I have magic powers. I know this to be true. I use them sometimes. Sometimes things happen and it’s because I willed them to happen. Like the time Candy Dovers slipped in her garage and cut her head and had to get stitches. 255 more words


I Am Back.....But For How Long....

For those of us who are very astute, you can see that my webpage is back online and that I was busy making new posts about jews and many other news matters.   486 more words

Personal Narrative