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The Relentless Files -- Week 6

*An essay every Friday in 2016*

Here’s the thing about being unmothered, sometimes that reality sneaks up on you and kicks you straight in the chest, an uppercut to the chin, and straight right to the jaw, so you’re left feeling so distraught, you don’t know what to do with yourself. 3,512 more words

one month in

September 29 2015

I look down and there is an infant in repose on my chest
a sweet limp child with crumbs in his sparse gold hair… 182 more words



January 11th 2014

I don’t know if I am okay, I only know that my mouth is full of glass and I can’t breathe.

There is someone touching my arm. 156 more words


something old

On a day in October, 2012. Clonakilty, Ireland.

I am a leather tramp of sorts, if only temporarily, and if only in guise;

a particular breed of self-righteous university-groomed space cadet am I, the over-privileged Western marauder; we think ourselves worldly and profound because we watched Fight Club and smoked Camels one day in high-school June— 760 more words


The Enablers Of Jewish Supremacy

This personal narrative shall be short and sweet, but it might come as a bit of a surprise as to whom I shall name that is fully helping out to further the evils of Jewish supremacy. 362 more words

The Jewish Problem

When blood-relatives wish for death

By Syed Kamran Ali

I came back home after burying my closest uncle.

In the last moments of his life, he wailed loudly, “My illness would be cured, if I had a child.” 989 more words


The Art of Walking in the Rain

Part 1

Before the holidays, a small group of friends and I stumbled upon The Author and The Politician at a drinking establishment on Capitol Hill. 659 more words